Top Twitter Whiskey Accounts

There are hundreds of whiskey accounts on Twitter, but which are the ones worth following? Truth is, we’re partial to mixing it up. Thus, we love and suggest following a variety of whiskey accounts. In doing so, you'd get a blend of expertise, product info, reviews, cocktail ideas, and fun.

But before the search leads you into the black hole that is Twitter, be sure to check out the following accounts. They definitely get our vote for the title of "Best Whiskey Accounts on Twitter." And for more social media recommendations, see some amazing Instagram cocktail accounts.  

Best Whiskey Accounts on Twitter For Reviews

Interested in what the connoisseurs are drinking at the moment? Do you want insider information and unbiased reviews about the best whiskeys to buy? Connecting with the following whiskey experts on Twitter can sharpen your knowledge and help you discover your next dram.

1. The Whisky Viking @whisky_viking

The Whisky Viking has been rating and reviewing whiskeys since 2012. To date, this account has accumulated more than 600 reviews and 1,000 tasting notes. It's worth a follow if you want a regular dose of concise, educational whiskey reviews with photos to match.

2. Tom’s Whisky Reviews @TomsWhisky

Tom is a Scotland-based whiskey enthusiast who also enjoys gin, cider, and rum. Follow Tom on Twitter for entertaining reviews, and snapshots of his latest drams and their stylish bottles. We love his insanely descriptive and in-depth tasting notes. Not only are they informational, they'll also put a smile on your face.

Whiskey-Related Accounts For News and Product Info

Are you interested in new releases, product launches, meet-ups, and things of that sort? These Twitter accounts will keep your finger on the pulse.

3. Whisky Magazine @whisky_magazine

Whisky Magazine has been celebrating the whiskeys of the world since 1999. It now has one of the most popular whiskey accounts on Twitter. It regularly churns out all the resources and whiskey-related news you could want. Followers get access to online articles, the results of recent whiskey awards, and information on upcoming events.

4. Whisky Advocate @WhiskyAdvocate

The Whisky Advocate is America's leading whiskey publication. It’s a premier source for whiskey information, education, and entertainment. You’ll find all the latest news about the USA whiskey and alcohol industry. Additionally, you’ll learn of new releases, recommendations for the best whiskey bars, complementary recipe ideas, and so on.

Best Whiskey Accounts on Twitter For Cocktail Ideas

Finding cocktail accounts to follow on Twitter is easy. Yet, finding cocktail accounts with a focus on whiskey is a whole different ballgame. Cocktail enthusiasts tend to favor more versatile white spirits like gin, vodka or rum. So where do you turn when you want a good whiskey-based cocktail recipe?

5. Redemption Whiskey @RedemptionRye

Redemption Whiskey is a beverage company serving up 95% premium rye grain whiskey. Their Twitter account teaches the correct blending of mouth-watering whiskey-based cocktails. The recipes generally use Redemption Rye as the base. But, of course, you can easily substitute other whiskey brands.

The Wonder of Whiskey-Themed Twitter Accounts

Whether you’re interested in the detailed reviews, the latest news, or the tastiest cocktail ideas, there’s an account for you. Maybe it’s on this list of recommendations. In any case, we’d like to hear about your favorite whiskey accounts on Twitter and why you love them. We invite you to tell all in the comments!