Whiskey Accessories For Every Whiskey Lover

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for whiskey accessories. Been meaning to get around to tricking out your home bar? Want that corner of your kitchen or living room nook to sparkle with bottles, delicious pours, and all the extras? It’s time, y’all.

We’re right. You know we are. Join us today as we look at five whiskey drinker must-haves. These make great gifts to others and to yourself! Get ready to take your space to the next level. Our Prestige products bring personality and practicality. Oh, yes. They deliver on so many levels. You’ll see.

5 Whiskey Accessories You Need in Your Life

Let’s go! You’re going to love these whiskey accessories. We just know it. Today is the day you begin your journey toward whiskey bar greatness.

1. Unique Whiskey Decanter

Bourbon Barrel Whiskey Decanter

Bourbon Barrel Whiskey Decanter with Ship Inside!

They’re stunners. These beauties are at the top of the whiskey accessories list for a reason. We also specialize in personalized engravings. So talk to us about how we can make your whiskey decanter even more customized and amazing. These are perfect for your home bar and superlative as gifts.

Prestige also boasts unique-to-you options! Have a pilot in your life? Are you yourself a pilot or aviation fanatic? We have decanters that speak to who you are and what you’re all about! Check out our Etched Glass Globe Decanter with plane inside right here!

2. Awesome Whiskey Glasses

Barrel Shaped Whiskey Glass

Barrel Shaped Whiskey Glass with Prestige Logo

We have so many styles and designs. We really dig this set of two whiskey barrels, though. Awesome whiskey glasses set your bar apart from the rest. You’re next level. You’ve gone the extra, beautiful mile when you break these things out.

See and believe our entire lineup. Express who you are! Speak your love for golf, football, soccer, the police force, the sea, even diamonds--all with the whiskey glasses of your choice!

3. Essential Whiskey Rocks

Whiskey Rocks

Whiskey rocks can rock your whiskey world! [Flickr]

Whiskey rocks,
stones, ice, etc. You get the idea! They’re important. You and your pals may be
sipping neat. But as the warm months roll into town, look for a cooler
experience. And don’t let melting ice ruin your favorite pour.

Check out this test and demonstration video here! These won’t damage your glassware. They won’t destroy the pure flavor. They’re safe. It’s not ice, but you’ll get that ideal chill!

4. Brilliant Whiskey Decanter Tags

Whiskey Decanter Tags

Our Awesome Decanter Tags

When you check out our online store for whiskey accessories, you’ll find these decanter tags for all of your libations! These can be particularly helpful when you start your collection. Some of our customers are repeats. And all the time, they’re adding to their array of splendid, exceptional decanters. We love it when that happens. Stay organized and on track with these beauties!

5. Other Whiskey Accessories That Make a Statement

Customizable Bar Coasters

Customizable coasters and more!

Here at Prestige, we make it our goal to equip you with the perfect accessories to entertain your guests (and improve your overall drinking experience). And that’s not all. We like for our unique products to creatively represent you! It’s why our coasters and acacia wood bar trays (and more) speak so strongly.

Customize it all to fit you or someone you love today!

Your Whiskey Accessories Checklist

  • Whiskey decanter(s)
  • Whiskey glasses
  • Whisky rocks
  • Whiskey decanter tags
  • Coasters
  • Bar tray

We’ll hook you
up. And for every decanter you purchase, we’ll plant a tree in the world. Our Buy One Plant One promise and mission is important to us. We
use wood every day to create our products. So, it’s important to replenish.
Trees aren’t accessories. They’re absolute necessities.

Can you think
of any other whiskey accessories to include here? Leave them in the comments
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Thanks, as
always, for reading and checking out what we’re passionate about: the good
stuff (we’re partial to bourbon…) paired with quality accessories that make
life grand, fun, and memorable.

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