Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Okay, lovebirds; ready for some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day cocktails around? (Even if you despise the idea of smooches and cards, stick with us, because, booze.) Sometimes we enjoy cracking jokes about the holiday dedicated to Cupid and love itself. But the truth is, you better have a hot and steamy game plan up your sleeve. We’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find a few cocktail recipes that will assist you on this day of hugs and kisses. Whether you’re out navigating Valentine’s watering holes or staying in for a candlelit dinner, you’ll need cocktails that speak the language of love. Take notes, Sweetheart.

Hosting a Valentine’s Bash, Singles? We Got You, Boo!

We’re talking about the kind of bash where you spend the evening figuratively bashing love. Hey, we’re not here to judge. Rock on! Ignore all the mushy crap below and drink the night away. Curse the breakups and bust out the voodoo dolls. Do it all with one (or two) of these cocktails in hand.

Two Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Make at Home

There’s nothing super difficult about these cocktails. You can do it! And it’s a special day, right? Do something a little extra for your lady love (or muffin man). Bourbon is our first love, so let’s start there, shall we?

Valentine’s Day Cocktails - a cocktail for two

Cocktails for two. Or three. Or fifty. Whatever. [Photo cred: Pixabay]


Hello there, Honey! So, roses are traditional, right? How about a little Four Roses action? That’s the plan with this one. Does it get any more romantic than bourbon? (You’re talking to Kentucky kids. It’s the only love we truly know.) Check out Honey and Birch’s cocktail recipe here. It’s quick, simple, and elegant: Four Roses, honey liqueur, and fresh blood orange juice. Yes. Just yes.


Box of chocolate-covered strawberries this year? Well, sure. But also, how about a cocktail inspired by those romantic treats? He or she will certainly remember this flavorful gem. Martinis are perfect if you’re thinking of dessert. Viktoria’s Table has a recipe here that we know you can handle. Fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, vodka… oh yeah. And those glasses dipped in chocolate are so very sexy. Let’s go!

Going out? Two Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Order

We want to give you two traditional cocktail suggestions here that more than likely will be options wherever you go on your Valentine’s date. Actually, a lot of bars and restaurants are going to have a V-Day menu for you. So, cut loose, spend big, and make it a night for the books!

Valentine’s Day Cocktails - Say Hello To Romance


If you’re out and about, order a traditional Sidecar but add rum to the equation. Boom! You're suddenly “Between the Sheets.” (You can make this one at home as well.)


This classic is Campari red, the color of the holiday. The color of lipstick, rose petals, and hearts (even bleeding ones). Order a Negroni, and you’ll be sinking into the romantic world of gin. This is also a very quick and delicious cocktail to whip up if you’re staying in for the evening.

Happy Valentine’s Day, You Saps!

Truthfully, these romantic Valentine’s Day cocktails are good anytime. February can be raw, so for more cocktail ideas, check out our blog on Warm Cocktails. And certainly, share your Valentine favorites with us below. We enjoy hearing your comments.

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