Unforgettable US Marine Corps Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating recruit training graduation, a promotion, or retirement, you’ll need a stunning gift for the Marine in your life. That’s what we’re here for: at PrestigeHaus, we bring you the best in handcrafted glassware, decanters, bar tools, and more. Our master artisans are dedicated to using their talents to coax the absolute best out of the finest materials. You’ll be thrilled to present your Marine with one of our high-quality products. Made for Americans by Americans, the Marine in your life will treasure this thoughtful gift forever.

Commemorate them in style with one of our unforgettable US Marine Corps gifts, listed below.

1. Engraved Exquisite Glass (Set of Two)

There’s little as relaxing as kicking back with a cold beverage after a long day. It’s made even better with a handcrafted, thoughtfully made, and generously sized glass. That’s what you’ll get with our Exquisite line of glassware, made of lead-free and borosilicate glass by our master artisans. As a bonus, we’ve expertly engraved the Marine Corps emblem on this ten-ounce glass for an extra dash of style. The Marine in your life could use this set of incredible glasses!

 US Marine Corps Gifts - USMC Engraved Exquisite Glass

2. USMC Challenge Coin Holder & Decanter

For the especially accomplished Marine (that’s really saying something!) gift them with this impressive Challenge Coin holder and decanter combo! This spectacular gift honors the hard work of your Marine in a unique and extraordinary way. The mouthblown decanter has been crafted to include a meticulous USMC emblem in the center of its globe. Perched atop the solid wood base, it can spin to display the continental engraving. That base is outfitted with a ledge for displaying their hard-earned Challenge Coins in a stylish way.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Customized USMC Decanter Challenge Coin Holder

3. Engraved Marine Corps Bar Tray

Let them show off the Marine Corps insignia while storing bottles, bar tools, or small daily items like keys and mail with this custom engraved USMC bar tray. Made of water- and stain-resistant acacia wood, each tray is hand cut, carved, and engraved by our master artisans in Kentucky. It comes with cut handles for easy transportation (a happy hour on the deck or breakfast in bed!). This is a tray they’ll be proud to display and use!

US Marine Corps Gifts - Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Engraved Bar Tray

4. USMC Wall Bottle Opener

All they want is to crack open a beer – why should they have to hunt down a bottle opener? This wall-mounted bottle opener stays in exactly the same place, always ready to help them with their drink. Rustic and patriotic at once, the bottle opener is crafted of premium Sapele wood and sturdy cast iron. 100% American-made, they’ll love to hang this in a handy spot. It also makes for a natural conversation starter!

US Marine Corps Gifts - USMC Bottle Opener

5. Bulldog Decanter Set

Sometimes you want to give a gift that’s both classic and personalized. That’s where our square decanter sets come into play. In this case, our artists have engraved the USMC bulldog on our 900ml timeless square decanter and left room for your custom message (up to four lines). With two matching glasses, the complete set is a sight to behold! The decanter is capped off with a ground glass airtight stopper, ensuring the liquor within stays pure and fresh. Add another two or four matching glasses at checkout for a larger gift.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Engraved USMC Bulldog Decanter Set

6. Military Veteran Beverage Insulator

Here’s a cheeky gift that’s sure to put a smile on your Marine’s face. This tactical vest koozie is a tongue-in-cheek reminder of their service that also keeps their beverage cold. Adjustable for all bottle sizes, it can be used anytime! The koozie comes with an embroidered Marine Corp patch for that extra bit of flair. Perfect for the veteran who’s looking to relax with a beer and some memories.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Military Veteran Beverage Insulator

7. Semper Fi Bar Sign

As far as US Marine Corps gifts go, this Semper Fi bar sign won’t steer you wrong. Customized with your recipient’s name and their favorite liquor, the acacia wood sign will look great adorning their home bar, office, or wherever else they enjoy a good drink. Made of sustainable and beautiful acacia wood, the sign hangs easily with our keyhole design. This sign was made by Americans for Americans, and that quality shines through.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Semper Fi Bar Sign

8. The United States Marine Corps Ashtray

For the Marine who enjoys a stogie now and again, give them the gift of a stylish ashtray that honors their time in the military. This Eagle and Globe tray is made of premium wood and expertly carved by our master craftsmen. The bowl is large enough for plenty of ash, so it’s perfect for a get-together or a late night of ruminating over a cigar. Comes with four cigar grooves and plenty of styles.

US Marine Corps Gifts – EGA USMC Cigar Ashtray

9. USA Great Seal-Wrapped Glass

This is a gift they won’t be expecting. Our USA Great Seal-wrapped glass is an impressive addition to any glassware collection. The tumbler itself is made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass with a sturdy base and thick rim (read: durable). Our artisans hand-tooled genuine top-grain leather into shape and then lined it with neoprene to keep your drink at the perfect temperature. With an embossed Great Seal bringing pride to the whole package, this is a can’t-miss opportunity.

US Marine Corps Gifts - USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass

10. Marine Corps Valet Tray

What a quality piece of work! Our Marine Corps valet tray was constructed to hold all of life’s most useful small things – keys, mail, pens, sunglasses, and more – all in one organized place. Made proudly in the USA of premium wood, our master craftsmen diligently carved the US Marine Corps emblem into the tray for a dramatic yet classy effect. This is an excellent way for your Marine, whether they’re on active duty or retired, to show off their USMC pride.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Marine Corps Valet Tray

11. USMC Bulldog Bar Sign (Round)

Here’s a different take on our expertly-made bar signs. This USMC Bulldog round bar sign contains plenty of space for your own personalized text in addition to the detailed Bulldog design. Made of solid acacia wood, the sign doesn’t rely on faulty mechanisms to hang; rather, it goes on the wall easily with a simple built-in keyhole. Acacia wood cleans easily, too, so your recipient won’t have to worry about any bar mishaps!

US Marine Corps Gifts - USMC Bulldog Round Bar Sign

12. Murphy Bar with Marine Corps Emblem

For the Marine that values efficiency and quality (who among them doesn’t?), consider the space-saving Murphy bar. This one is outfitted with the Marine Corps emblem as a special touch. The bar attaches securely to a wall, preserving valuable floor real estate, and easily closes like a cabinet when not in use. Filled with various nooks and compartments, the Murphy bar is perfect for a variety of decanters, bottles, bar tools, and more. The drop-top design will allow your Marine to use the door as a bar top when making their drinks. It’s a clever two-in-one system they’re sure to appreciate!

US Marine Corps Gifts - Handmade Marine Corps Murphy Bar

13. USMC High Seas Glass (Set of Two)

Our artisans love coming up with creative and durable glassware. Our High Seas line features tilting glasses made of lead-free borosilicate glass, complete with thick rims for longevity. Engraved with the USMC insignia, this set of two glasses rocks from side to side but won’t tip over. These stylish glasses are perfect whether on land or at sea! Enjoy a drink within their generous 10-ounce capacity and watch as they gently sway.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Marine Corps High Seas Whiskey Glass

14. The United States Marine Corps Koozie

Keep their drink cold and their hands dry with a koozie made of premium materials. Our the United States Marine Corps koozie is hand-tooled of genuine top-grain leather and embossed with the USMC emblem. Patriotism and style ooze from this koozie! It’s lined with neoprene to keep your drink at the perfect temperature. A handy size, it can fit in a back pocket, beach bag, picnic basket, and more, so you’re always ready for a cool can of something special.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Marine Corps High Leather Can Bottle Koozie

15. Eagle and Flag Square Decanter Set

One of the best US Marine Corps gifts is one that allows your recipient to show off their pride and gives them a safe space to store their favorite liquor! Our Eagle and Flag decanter set is just the ticket. Our classically-shaped decanter is flanked by two matching engraved glasses, both with durable bottoms and thick rims. Likewise, the decanter was mouthblown of the same borosilicate glass and comes with an airtight stopper. This set was built to last!

US Marine Corps Gifts - Eagle and Flag Marine Gift Set

16. American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

There are some things you never leave the house without keys, wallet, sunglasses, and now, this American flag bullet bottle opener. Compact and stylish, the bottle opener is made of the finest materials and displays our flag in gold. It’s an unforgettable gift that’ll make your Marine’s life easier knowing they can pop a bottle cap at any time, wherever they are. With its innovative bullet design, veterans and supporters alike will wish they had one of their own.

US Marine Corps Gifts - American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

17. Customized Grilling Tools Box Set

For the Marine that likes to do it all themselves, consider this customized grilling set. Tucked inside a personalized rosewood box you’ll find expertly-made spatula, tongs, and meat fork for all their grilling needs. The box itself is fashioned with two lines of your own text and a 4” wide Marine Corps crest. They’ll use this set anytime they want some burgers, brats, or steaks from the grill!

US Marine Corps Gifts - Marine Custom Grilling Tools Box Set

18. American Flag Coasters

Protect their furniture from damaging condensation with our handmade American flag coasters. Available in a set of four, these acacia wood coasters are sustainable, water-resistant, and stylish enough for any home decor. They’re hand engraved by our craftsmen, bringing a bespoke air to the set. Highly durable with a smooth natural finish, this set of coasters won’t scratch easily, either. These coasters are built to last – just like your Marine.

US Marine Corps Gifts - Engraved USA Flag Coaster Set

19. US Marine Corps Decanter Set

When you shop with PrestigeHaus, you have your pick of unique decanters and sets. Here’s one more to round out our list of US Marine Corps gifts! This globe set features our mounted world-etched decanter with an intricately detailed USMC insignia set inside. The decanter is topped off with an airtight stopper, guaranteed to keep your liquor fresh and safe. At 1000ml, your new decanter can fit a full fifth of your chosen libation. Four world-etched glasses complete the set. This is an eye-catching gift they’ll cherish forever.

US Marine Corps Gifts - US Marine Corps Bourbon Decanter Set

What do you think of our favorite US Marine Corps gifts?