17 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

As we get older, birthdays can sometimes lose their glamour and appeal, but that doesn't mean they are any less worth celebrating. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the guy whose tastes have matured since Pin the tail on the Donkey and ice cream cakes, we've got you covered with our list of 17 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him. 


1. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

Give your loved one the gift of the world at their fingertips with our first gift on our list. Our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses are a fun and quality addition to your loved one’s glassware collection while simultaneously adding a bit of whimsy. These glasses are shaped to resemble our beautiful globe. The bottoms of the glasses are rounded, so they spin but never topple over and spin.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him – One-of-a-Kind Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

2. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

There isn’t anything that tops off a day of birthday celebration better than a cigar! The special man in your life will feel like a million bucks every time he puffs away on his cigar with our Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray. This beautiful ashtray is made with premium, exotic, zebrawood. The center of the tray features a cabochon stone that is both a decorative accent and a great place to stub out his cigar.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Handcrafted Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

3. Charging Bull Decanter

Our third pick on our list is truly the kind of treasure that will have everyone who sees it asking “Where did you get that?” The Charging Bull Decanter is forged using hand-blown glass. The bull-shaped decanter can hold up to a fifth of his favorite spirit or wine. The glass used to make this decanter is thick, durable, and 100% lead-free, so it is not only beautiful but a piece that will last a lifetime.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Beautiful Charging Bull Decanter

4. Prestige Glass Wine Decanter

Is the special guy in your life a true wine aficionado? If so, a wine decanter is a must-have for truly experiencing the flavor and body of every bottle. This beautiful decanter holds a bottle of their favorite wine, whether it is red, white, or somewhere in between. The decanter is classically designed with thick and durable glass, and a spout designed to pour the perfect glass every time.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Sturdy Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

5. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

If the special man in your life is a wine aficionado, then this one-of-a-kind piece is a beautiful, handy gift for their birthday. Our Barrel Stave Wine Hanger has the space for 4 of his favorite wine glasses, as well as a hole that uses the neck of his favorite bottle of wine as an anchor. The hanger is made from 100% recycled wood from barrel staves that were once used to age whiskey and wine.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him – One-of-a-Kind Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

6. Round Bar Cart

Our industrial rolling, Round Bar Cart is a fantastic gift idea for the guy who is limited on space, but not in his bar collection. This bar cart is perfectly sized and beautifully made to fit in even the most cramped of spaces. The cart is made with acacia wood that has been masterfully crafted by our in-house artisan craftsmen. The entire cart comes pre-assembled, welded, and ready for organizing!

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Industrial Round Acacia Bar Cart

7. Golf Decanter Set

If your friend or family member prefers being out putting on the green more than he likes to be anywhere else then our 7th gift is ideal for him. Our Golf Decanter Set includes a beautifully, masterfully crafted decanter and two whiskey glasses that are shaped and molded to resemble his favorite ball. The decanter holds up to a fifth of his favorite spirit or wine, and the entire set comes presented on a faux grass tray.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Elegant Golf Ball Decanter Set

8. 3 In 1 Wallet Gift Set In Signature Canvas

A beautifully designed wallet is a classic gift for men that truly keeps on giving. Gift your loved one the best of the best when it comes to wallets with this Coach Boxed 3 In 1 Wallet Gift Set In Signature Canvas. This stunning wallet is made using Coach’s signature coated canvas. It features 8 credit card slots, Full-length bill compartments, and a Removable insert with an ID window and two credit card slots.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Boxed 3 In 1 Wallet Gift Set in Signature Canvas

9. Custom 3D Street Map

Commemorate a city that is near and dear to your loved one’s heart with our Custom 3D Street Map. This awesome piece features a detailed map of the city of your choice. The base layer has cutouts for major bodies of water and parks. The second layer has all of the minor streets accurately engraved into the wood. The final layer includes all of the major roads and highways.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Stylish Customized 3d City Street Map

10. Fancy Initial Whiskey Glass Set

Give your loved one a fancy gift without the fancy price tag with our 10th pick on our list of birthday gifts for him. Our Fancy Initial Whiskey Glasses are made using hand-blow, borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is tough, thick, and durable while still remaining aesthetically pleasing. The glasses are etched in-house by our master craftsmen with your loved one’s initials for a personal and fun touch!

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Fancy Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

11. Vintage Baseball Coaster Set

Our 11th gift is fantastic for the man in your life who is a fanatic of America’s Favorite Pastime. These adorable coasters come in a set of 4. They are made completely using acacia wood, which is not only stunning to look at but a quick-growing tree, which means its use supports renewable forestry. The acacia wood is also liquid and scratch resistant, making it durable and long-lasting.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Adorable Vintage Baseball Coaster Set

12. Diamond Glasses

Treat the special guy in your life with a gift that will make him feel like a million bucks (without actually having to spend a million bucks) with our Diamond Glasses. These best-selling glasses are hand-blown using thick, lead-free, borosilicate glass. They are molded into the shape of stunning diamonds by our master craftsmen. The glasses will make your loved one feel like royalty with every sip.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him – Best-Selling Diamond Whiskey Glasses

13. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Did you know that granite is the ideal type of material for a quality whiskey stone? If you didn’t, you do know. Gift your “on the rocks” drinking loved one the gift of chilled whiskey without the unwanted added odors or flavors that come with regular ice. This set includes six USA-sourced granite stones and a wood tray. The set also includes two of our exquisite whiskey glasses to complete it.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - High-Quality Granite Whiskey Stones Gift Set

14. Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder

If the birthday boy on your shopping list is the type to stay in as opposed to heading out on the town, then our 15th gift is perfect for him. Our Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder brings the fun of whiskey taste-testing home. This beautiful holder is made from reclaimed wood that was once used to age whiskey and wine. The holder comes with three slots for three Glencairn Glasses.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Beautiful Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Holder

15. Personalized Wood Bar Tray Design

Our 15th gift on the list is perfect for the guy who loves to host parties or dinners with friends. Our Personalized Wood Bar Tray Design is perfectly personalized to suit the recipient of this fabulous gift. Our trays are made out of 100% acacia wood, which is then sealed and smoothed for looks and longevity. The face of the tray is engraved with your loved one’s name, favorite saying, or even a date that is important to him.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Beautiful Personalized Wood Bar Tray

16. Upcycled Corona Bottle Candle

Calling all Corona Fans! This Upcycled Corona Bottle Candle is the perfect gift for the guy who already has everything! This candle is made using natural, soy wax, and comes in your choice of a Corona Extra or Corona light 12-ounce cut bottle. This seller has a variety of scents, including but not limited to, peppermint, vanilla, lavender, apple cider donut, or cedar wood.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Up Cycled Corona Bottle Candle Beer

17. American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask

A custom, quality hip flask is a gift he will never know he needed until he receives it! Give your guy the best of the best, with a touch of patriotism, with our American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask. This stainless steel flask is wrapped in genuine hardwood. The hardwood wrap features a carving of the American flag on its face. Best of all, there are no tiny pieces to lose from this flask; they’re all hooked together!

Unique Birthday Gifts for Him - Stunning American Flag Engraved Wood Flask

We'd like to take this moment to wish your loved one a happy birthday and the best of luck in the years to come! We hope our list has helped spark some inspiration for the perfect, unique birthday gift to celebrate his big day!