Unique Birthday Gift for Husband

We know it can be stressful to look for a unique birthday gift for your husband. There are so many sites to choose from, and who knows what kind of quality they offer? With PrestigeHaus, you’re guaranteed excellence every step of the way. Our talented master craftsmen bring their years of skills and experience to create stunning works of art he’s sure to cherish. From handcrafted bar trays to mouthblown decanters, our team only works with the finest materials.

We aim to make your search as easy as possible so you can enjoy your husband’s birthday, too. Take a look at this curated list of some of our favorite gifts for husbands!

1. Personalized Flasks

The man on the go needs a stylish way to stay hydrated. At PrestigeHaus, we have a variety of high-quality premium flasks to surprise and delight your husband on his birthday! Made of stainless steel and wrapped either with genuine wood or hand-tooled leather, our flasks are customizable to detail his favorite city. With an attached cap, he’ll never have to worry about losing what makes the flask portable, to begin with!

2. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

Whiskey enthusiasts, rejoice! Our talented artisans have created this beautifully hand-crafted flight rack using reclaimed barrel staves from former bourbon and wine barrels. The rack is then accented with galvanized steel from barrel hoops for added character. The rack comes with three classic Glencairn glasses, the perfect glassware for thoroughly enjoying the complex aromas and nuances of delicious whiskey. The rack makes a gorgeous addition to any study, office, lounge, or wherever else a dram (or three!) of whiskey will be enjoyed!

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Beautiful Barrel Stave Flight Rack

3. Charging Bull Decanter

Inspire some passion this year with the exquisite charging bull decanter. What a unique birthday gift for your husband – this incredible 1000ml decanter is unlike any other. Made of mouthblown clear and colored glass, the bull’s defiant and strong stance captures attention at every turn. It holds over a full fifth of his favorite spirit with ease, protected by an airtight stopper. Anyone who sees it will want one of their own.

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Elegant Charging Bull Decanter

4. Man’s Best Friend Coaster Set

Man’s best friend deserves a highlight, and when’s a better time than when celebrating your husband’s birthday? Our handcrafted dog breed coasters are just the thing to give Fido a little much-deserved recognition. Made of water- and stain-resistant acacia wood, these coasters are hand-cut, carved, and engraved by our team of master craftsmen. We have a variety of breeds to choose from. Don’t see your pooch? Let us know! We’re happy to help you bring your vision to life.

5. Houdini Electric Corkscrew

For your wine-loving husband who just can’t open a bottle of vino quickly enough, we suggest the Houdini electric corkscrew. With just the touch of a button, this incredible stainless steel device effortlessly pulls any kind of cork from a bottle with ease. No more fumbling with winged or double-hinged corkscrews! All it takes is some batteries and before you know it, you’re enjoying a glass of wine with your very happy husband!

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Houdini Electric Corkscrew Silver

6. Compact Bar Cart

Help him keep all of his bottles, decanters, and bar tools organized with this compact bar cart. With everything in one place, that five o’clock martini tastes even better. This rolling cart fits seamlessly into any room and any decor, with its stylish and timeless design. Made of water-resistant acacia wood and welded steel, it’s durable enough to last a lifetime. Wheel it from room to room for a party or to make more floor space – it goes wherever you’d like!

 Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Stylish Industrial Round Bar Cart

7. Gone Fishin’ Decanter Set

If he loves to spend time out on the water in the early mornings reeling in the big ones, a unique birthday gift for your husband is our Gone Fishin’ decanter set. Made of lead-free borosilicate glass, this set features a 900ml decanter and two matching whiskey tumblers. The decanter and tumblers sport a creative fishing design, and the decanter itself has room for up to four lines of your own personalized text. The decanter also comes with an airtight stopper to keep the spirit fresh and pure.

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Sturdy Gone Fishin Decanter Set

8. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Holder

Here’s another beautiful wine tool to add to his repertoire! Why pay for gorgeous, distinctive glassware to just tuck it away in a cabinet? Our barrel stave wine glass holder allows you to show off up to four of your favorite stemmed glasses as well as a beloved bottle of wine. It’s simple: just place the ring of the holder around the neck of a wine bottle and then balance wine glasses along the length of the stave. Easy, compelling, and creative.

 Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Stylish Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

9. Spirits Infuser

Give him the gift of expressing his creativity (or perhaps inner mad scientist!) with our spirits infuser. It’s a fun and easy way to bring mixology into the comfort of your own home. Simply place an ingredient like an herb, spice, fruit, or whatever else you wish into the filter and then fill the reservoir with a spirit. Allow the two to marinate together for as much or as little time as you’d like, and voila: you have your own bespoke infused spirit! Comes with a recipe booklet to get the creative juices flowing.

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Stunning Silver Spirit Infuser

10. Zebrawood Ashtray

A unique birthday gift for your husband is the one he’ll least expect, like a well-made ashtray. Far too many out there are ugly and utilitarian. Not so with our zebrawood ashtray. Handmade of gorgeous exotic wood, this ashtray is hand-cut, carved, and polished to a high shine by our artisans. They then placed an eye-catching cabochon stone into the center of the generously-sized bowl for good measure. With four appropriately-sized grooves for cigars, he can kick back with his smoking friends any day of the week. 

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Beautiful Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

11. Constellation 1797 Decanter

Here’s a showstopping gift your husband is sure to appreciate: the Constellation 1797 whiskey decanter, mounted on a beautiful stand with an unbelievably detailed glass ship inside. Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass by our glassblowers, this stunning decanter is an homage to the first vessel put to sea by the US Navy, the USS Constellation. Featuring both an airtight stopper and a leak-free stopper, the decanter can hold up to 1150ml of his favorite spirit securely and in style.

 Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Elegant Constellation 1979 Decanter

12. Customizable Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

Everyone loves a personalized gift! Our master craftsmen have created this set of two customizable whiskey glasses. Your husband’s initials will feature prominently on the front of these glasses in a stylish script befitting of his birthday. The glasses are mouthblown of lead-free borosilicate glass so they’re gleaming and safe. 

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Fancy Initial

13. Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

In a sea of gifts online, it can be difficult to find a truly unique birthday gift for your husband. This barrel staves cigar and Glencairn glass holder, we believe, is unlike anything he’s seen before. Made of reclaimed barrel staves and accented with galvanized steel rescued from the barrel’s hoops, this one-handed solution to a two-handed relaxation tool is just what he wants this year! He can enjoy a stogie and a dram of whiskey with some old-world sophistication now, thanks to this one-of-a-kind gift!

 Unique Birthday Gift for Husband -High-Quality Barrel Cigar Holder

14. Whiskey Stones

Whether your husband drinks whiskey or likes to keep his beverages a little lighter, he’ll agree that the enemy of a delicious drink is the melting ice. Swap ice for these odorless, tasteless whiskey stones in any drink! Made of chillable granite, the stones won’t dilute a drink as ice will, and they act as a sustainable substitution to boot. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a few hours and use them in place of ice. Give them a rinse when you’re done, and back in the freezer, they go!

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Beautiful Whiskey Stone Set

15. Marble and Brass Wine Chiller

He deserves an element of sophistication, style, and distinction in his life. That wine-drinking husband of yours is beyond chilling his wine in the fridge – no, he needs this gorgeous marble and brass wine chiller! Made of hand-carved natural white marble and accented with an antiqued brass finish, this is a unique present he’s sure to use frequently. Holds a standard 750ml bottle easily and looks great on a bar cart (hint hint!).

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Beautiful Marble and Brass Wine Chiller

16. Customizable Bar Tray

Here’s another opportunity to give him something totally customized for his birthday! Our personalized bar trays are always a hit, featuring his name and first initial expertly carved into the beautiful and sustainable acacia wood tray. The water- and stain-resistant material is perfect for this application, making it a great tool for breakfasts in bed, Friday night cocktails, or collecting small daily items like mail, sunglasses, and so on.

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Personalized Bar Tray with Monogram Initial

17. Bond Martini Glasses (Set of Two)

Make him feel like a secret agent with this set of two Bond martini glasses. We don’t care if he likes his drink shaken or stirred – either way, these glasses are perfect for sipping a delicious martini in style. Sleek and stemless, they’re made of shining and durable glass so they can keep up with daily use. Why settle for a boring set of martini glasses when these are well within reach? With just one sip, he’ll feel just like 007 in the comfort of his own home.

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Exquisite Martini Glasses

18. Leather Glass Wrap

For the patriotic whiskey drinker, only the finest American-made gift will do! This leather-wrapped glass features the Great Seal and is handmade to our exacting specifications by proud American craftsmen in Kentucky. Hand-tooled, top-grain leather wraps precisely around the mouthblown glass to bring him an All-American gift worthy of a salute. This is the glass he’ll want to use all the time, whether he’s drinking whiskey or lemonade!

Unique Birthday Gift for Husband - Quality USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass

Which of these unique birthday gifts for your husband caught your eye?