Unique and Fun Gifts for Golf Lovers

Surprise your favorite golfing buddy with a gift from our extensive list of unique and fun Gifts for Golf Lovers. You’ll find a little bit of everything on this list, so get ready to shop till you drop. You’ll be sure to score with the golf lover in your life.

1. Golf Decanter Set

We think our number one gift may be the ultimate gift for golf lovers. This awesome decanter set is truly one of a kind. The entire set comes displayed on a faux grass tray d the decanter comes sitting perfectly on a golf tee. Both the decanter and the glasses are made from sturdy and durable borosilicate glass, to ensure that your liquor or wine of choice is always kept in the best condition. Both the 1000ml decanter and the two accompanying glasses are made to resemble a perfectly dimpled golf ball. You can’t beat that!

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Ball Decanter Set

2.  Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Golf “know it all” in your life, look no further than our Golf Terms Square Decanter Set. The beautiful, hand-blown, glass decanter and two shot glasses are skillfully etched in house by our master craftsmen. The golf terms we’ve all come to know and love are proudly displayed on the front of each piece in the set.  This decanter set will be treasured for years to come by even the most particular golf enthusiast.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

3. Golfer Bar Sign – Rectangle

Our number 3 gift on our list is perfect for any golf enthusiast who has a home bar. Our Golfer Bar Sign is made from acacia wood. Acacia wood is super durable and extremely resistant to scratching, which means that these signs will last and uphold their quality for years in the future. Acacia wood is also liquid resistant, which by default makes it resistant to fungus. People will be asking you where you got your stunning sign for years to come.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golfer Bar Sign

4. Golf Wine Charms

Stay within your budget, but also be the hit of any party with our number 4 gift on the list. Our Golf Wine Charms will add some real “charm” to the party after a long day out on the course. These charms are made from all-natural cork and feature 8 unique golf themed images. The simple hoops easily attach to the base of any wine glass stem. You’ll never mix up your glasses again!

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Wine Charms

5. Golf Ball Bar Sign – Rectangle

Help christen their at-home bar with our Golf Ball Bar Sign. This stunning, acacia wood sign is both scratch and liquid resistant, so it will last for many years. This sign is also customizable. Add the golf loving gift recipients name to the sign so that no one will ever mistake whose home bar they are walking into. Engraving is all done by Prestige Haus’ incredibly skilled staff, so you never have to worry about quality.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Ball Bar Sign

6. Single Golf Organizer

The truly dedicated golf connoisseur will go absolute gaga for this industrial, yet stylish Single Golf Organizer. The organizer is made with Chrome-plated steel frame with stainless steel panels, and easy-clean plastic shelf liners. It also has side rings to comfortably hold golf clubs. This organizer is designed to hold golf shoes, extra clubs, towels, and boxes of golf balls. So, it is truly a one stop shop for all things golf.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Organizers

7. Square Engraved Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set

Celebrate the solemnity of the 19th hole (if that’s what you want to call it) with our Square Engraved Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set. This stunning set is an item that will be treasured for years to come by whoever receives it. They decanter itself is appropriately sized at 900ml. The decanter and glasses are all made with durable and 100% lead free, borosilicate glass, so you’ll always drink without any worry. 

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Square Engraved Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set

8. Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, Par Golf Coasters

Keep their furniture protected in style with our Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, and Par Golf Coasters. These coasters are actually a set that the golf lover in your life will actually use. This set of four coasters features an engraving of four different golf terms, as well as the classic ball, featured on the acacia wood coaster. The acacia wood is highly liquid resistant, so you never have to worry about any fungus or mold developing on these classically designed coasters.

 Gifts for Golf Lovers - Eagle Coasters

9. Golf Glasses

These may be the coolest glasses that the golf connoisseur in your life owns. These glasses are designed with a heavy bottom to prevent spills, and a unique dimple design to perfectly replicate your favorite golf ball. The glasses are extremely durable and made from hand-blown, borosilicate glass. The glasses are made in-house by the best of the best in master craftsmanship. You will feel a sense of quality and history in every sip.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Glasses

10. 19th Hole Golf Bar Tray

Bring the spirit of the 19th hole home with you with our 19th Hole Golf Bar Tray. This 16" x 12" tray comes equipped with handles for maximum comfort and ease. The tray is made out of rich brown, natural grain, acacia wood. The phrase 19th Hole is boldly, but stylishly engraved in the center of the tray, for an understated golf reference that is very sleek and extremely stylish.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - 19th Hole Bar Tray

11. Golf Ball Decanter

Our number 11 pick is sure to be something that the person you are purchasing a gift for has never received or seen before. Our Golf Ball Decanter is a truly unique product. The decanter itself is quite large, measuring in at 1000ml, perfect for a fifth of any liquor. The decanter features an airtight, ground glass stopper. This stopper creates an airtight seal to last a lifetime; keeping the quality and purity of your favorite liquor up to standards always.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Ball Decanter

12. Golf Lovers Coaster Set

Finding a cool coaster worth of gifting to a golf loving friend is not an easy feat. Get them a coaster set that they’ll actually use with our Golf Lovers Coaster Set. This 4 piece, acacia wood set is resistant to liquids and scratches, so it’ll last for years to come. The simple design engraved on the face of the coasters is a compliment to any home décor.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Lovers Coasters

13. Golf Bag Tag

Our number 13 gift will always carry their bag in style. This Golf Bag Tag is perfect for the golfer who loves to accessorize. The golf tag is 2.75 inches and includes a tee strap to keep your golf tees secure. There are 6 awesome golf style designs to choose from, so you can cater to everyone on your list. Add your loved one’s name or monogram to the tag and they’ll be playing their favorite sport in style!

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Bag Tag

14. Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses

This decanter set comes dressed to impressed and is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever gifted anyone before. This unique decanter set comes on top of a faux turf tray to keep in the golf theme. This hand-blown, lead free decanter holds a perfect fifth, or 1000ml of your preferred liquor or wine. The 4 glasses truly make this a set that gets you the most bang for your buck. Each glass comes with a golf score term etched carefully on it.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Engraved Golf Ball Decanter Set

15. Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug (Set of 2)

Don’t let the name of this gift fool you, this beer mug is not just for fathers. Our Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mugs are the perfect beer mugs to enjoy after a hot day on the golf course. These mugs are made using thick, lead free borosilicate glass. There beer will always stay ice cold and frosty in these classically designed mugs. Whether you enjoy an IPA, a lager, or even a stout, you’ll love drinking them out of these awesome mugs.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug

16. Home Bar Golf Decor - Bar Tray

Prestige Decanter’s custom bar trays are not only a great place to store or serve your favorite beverages, they are a piece of décor that compliment any room in your home. Prestige Haus pledges a commitment to using renewable forestry, and these trays are no exception. The Home Bar Golf Décor Tray is made using extremely quick growing acacia wood, to keep our forests lush and green and the air crisp and clear.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Golf Home Decor

17. Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter Set

Our final pick on the list is the perfect gift for the golf fanatic in your life who has everything. Our 900ml decanter and glasses are made to fit a perfect fifth. The front of the decanter itself features an eye-catching crest a well as four full lines of customizable text. Add your favorite golfers name or their golfing catchphrase to make it as personal as possible. They will cherish this set for a lifetime.

Gifts for Golf Lovers - Square Engraved Golfers Emblem Crest Decanter

We know you’ll score a hole in one with our list of Gifts for Golf Lovers. From Golf Ball Bar Signs to bag tags, there’s a bit of something for everyone on our list. Which gift do you think the golf fanatic in your life would love the best?