Hot Toddy Recipes Ultimate guide

Looking for the ultimate guide for a perfect Hot Toddy?

Well you’re in luck! Today I will give you a few of the best Hot Toddy recipes and some whiskeys to try next time you make one.

The Hot Toddy is a classic Fall/Winter cocktail. Whether you’re getting together with family or friends for a holiday party. Or kicking back under the stars. The Hot Toddy is the “soul food” of the cocktail world. It’s home. Kick your feet up, grab a book, watch a movie, chat by the fire. This is the cocktail for that!

What’s so great about a Hot Toddy?

It’s really quite simple. Bottom line? The Hot Toddy brings your favorite whiskey to the playground. It meets up with its buddies: water and honey, as well as some citrus and spices. Since it’s a hot cocktail, it really shines on those chilly, rainy fall days or cold winter nights.

Aside from all that hype, though… The Hot Toddy can heal your heart and body. Water, lemon, and honey are amazing for coughs and cold symptoms. And with the whiskey, you’ll relax and rest easy. If you are looking for relief, don’t overdo it on the whiskey, though. It’s tasty, but hydration is key.

Our Top Hot Toddy Recipes

Hot Toddy Recipe Medicinal Properties Some people swear by the medicinal properties. [Photo cred: Pixnio]

1) @whiskeymoments Hot Toddy

Sometimes you save the best for last. This isn’t one of those times, we have saved the best for first! Seriously. When we asked for one of their favorite Hot Toddy recipes, @whiskeymoments came back with this beauty. Hello, warmth and relaxation!  Your favorite tea, with whiskey, honey, and spices–they are hitting us with the sweet and the heat. You’ll see. Here’s their go-to recipe:

@whiskeymoments Recipe:

2-3 oz. Water
1 Tea bag
1-2 shot(s) Your favorite whiskey
1 slice Lemon
1 pinch Cinnamon
2-3 tsp Honey (Honey Recommendation: All Natural Florida Honey From Bee Friends Farm)
1 pinch Ginger
1 pinch Cayenne pepper

Pour hot water, and let tea (recommended: mint tea) steep for 2-3 mins. Remove bag, and stir in honey till dissolved. Stir in whiskey and add a squeeze of lemon. Then add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper. Stir, and let it sit for 1-2 minutes before serving.


Hot Todd Whiskey Recipe Hello there... [Photo cred: Flickr]

2) Spiced Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy

So yeah, normally the whiskey of your choice goes into the ol’ Hot Toddy. As always, we Kentucky-based folk are going to bring you a bourbon option. It’s just how we roll. This one comes from a blog we dig: the Minimalist Baker, who has a great idea.

With this one, you’ll get maple syrup, red chili, and red pepper flakes. Yes, ma’am. Here it goes:

Spiced Cinnamon Bourbon Recipe:

Half medium lemon (juiced)
3-4 Tbsp Chili Cinnamon Maple Simple Syrup [Click here for the recipe.]
2 oz. Bourbon
Hot water (to fill)
Lemon wedge + cinnamon stick

For a single, add half a lemon’s juice to a mug with 3-4 tablespoons of the Chili Cinnamon Maple Simple Syrup, 2 ounces of bourbon, and hot water to top it all off. Use less water if you desire a stronger drink, of course. The longer you let it steep, the bolder the flavors become. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and lemon wedges.


Woodford Reserve Bourbon-Centered Hot Toddy Oh, honey. Yes. I’ll have a Hot Toddy. [Photo cred: Public Domain Pictures]

3) Apple Ginger Pomegranate Hot Toddy

This one comes from the blog Teaspoon of Spice. They’re all about the health factors and what a Hot Toddy recipe can really do for the body–not just the soul. We’ll take it either way. Cheers for a drink that’s good for us pretty much any way you look at it.

Apple Ginger Pomegranate Recipe:

1 Tbsp Grated fresh ginger (or 1/2 tsp dried ginger)
6 oz. Water
1.5 oz. Bourbon
3 oz. Apple cider
1-2 tsp Honey
1 Tbsp Pomegranate seeds
Apple slices

Add the ginger to your mug. Pour in 6 ounces boiling water, and steep for 3-4 minutes. Then add bourbon, apple cider, honey, and pomegranate seeds. Stir. Garnish with apple slices.

4) Azuñia Hot Toddy

This one is from Azuñia Tequila and features their expertly aged tequila, if you're a tequila fan give this one a try! Here’s their go-to Hot Toddy recipe:

Azuñia Hot Toddy Recipe:
  • 1.5 oz Azuñia Añejo Organic Tequila
  • .5 oz rich chai demerara syrup (recipe)
  • 4 oz hot water
  • Orange peel

Combine Azuñia Añejo and rich demerara in a cup. Add very hot water (tea or hot coffee temperature) to the mixture and stir lightly.  Express the oil from an orange peel over the surface of the drink and discard. ENJOY!

When you’re making a Hot Toddy you need the best whiskey, and here’s why. This may just be the official comforting, feel-better cocktail. It will warm you from the inside out.

Next time you’re grabbing whiskey, keep your eyes open for these three bottles. They’ll help get you through the shorter days. They’ll soothe you when your team misses a last-second field goal. Whiskey is the best medicine, y’all. Our Kentucky mamas taught us that long ago. And we’re sticking to it.

Best Whiskey for Hot Toddy Sipping

  1. Make a Bourbon-Centered Hot Toddy

Woodford Reserve Bourbon-Centered Hot Toddy Woodford Reserve | $26.99

We’re a Louisville based crew here at Prestige Decanters, so, you already knew we were going to suggest bourbon for your Hot Toddy recipe. And here it is, our number one selection. There’s something about that vanilla goodness that marches right in line with honey and lemon. Then that cinnamon and alcohol kick? Top-notch.

You might choose to kick back with Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, etc. We respect your decision. For our pick, we’re giving a nod to Woodford Reserve. It’s bringing some mighty citrus and cinnamon notes and it makes sense here. We like it. Definitely a solid option.

  1. Make a Rye-Centered Hot Toddy

Old Rye-Centered Hot Toddy Old Overholt Rye | $19.99

A buddy of ours swore by this rye Hot Toddy for years. We finally tried it, and we’ve been spreading the rye  gospel ever since. This Hot Toddy is special. In the recipe you make, instead of cinnamon sticks, try fresh ginger. The spicy rye and spicy ginger are an amazing match.

Old Overholt is easy on the wallet. That’s its charm. That nose is crazy for twenty bucks! And there’s something about breathing a Toddy in on a chilly night. The rye dabbles in the cinnamon and citrus elements itself, which we like. Plus, it’s readily available in most liquor stores.

Rittenhouse Rye Bottled-in-Bond is also excellent. It’ll take things to another level on the palate. And we love it for $24.99.

  1. Make a Scotch-Centered Hot Toddy

Best Whiskey for Hot Toddy Glenmorangie Glenmorangie Original | $34.99

What’s more toasty and cozy than a little smoky Scotch? If you’re a Scotch lover, maybe you’re already aware of this fine mix. If you’ve never tried Scotch, this could be a great intro for you. Want to learn more about Granddaddy Scotch? Check out Best Scotch for Beginners right here on our blog!

This one is a no-brainer for us. It’s a Glenmorangie Original every time. Why? We like the sweet and floral palate paired with all that drippy honey. And this Scotch even gives us a hint of lemon. It’s agreed. This warm cocktail is happening soon.

Holler At Us Hotties!

We think you’ll enjoy all three of the recipes above. So, boil your water, break out your beloved whiskey, and savor the warmth. It’s perfect as you head out to face the cold or as a nightcap. Best of all, you can experiment with this cold/wet-weather staple. Add your own favorite spices and fruits.

In your opinion, what’s the best whiskey for Hot Toddy cocktails? We’d like to know your thoughts on the matter. Are we missing a delicious recipe? Share your signature recipe in the comments below. Our community loves to check out what others are up to in their drinking game.