Top Gifts for Your Favorite Scotch Lover

It’s that holly jolly time of year, and that means shopping! Do you have a scotch lover you need to shop for this holiday season? Even if you don’t know much about scotch, we’ve made it easy to find gifts your whisky aficionado will love.

Below is a guide with everything you need to make the scotch drinker in your life light up like a Christmas tree.

A Classy Decanter

It can be perched upon a bar cart or gracing a special corner of a kitchen countertop. No matter where it is, a decanter can elevate any scotch from a pour out of the bottle to a special dram. There are all kinds of decanters to choose from, as well, meaning you can tailor your choice to exactly the things your recipient loves most in life.

Do they adore all things nautical? Then consider this decanter, with a ship delicately balanced in the bottle. The gold rigging is an especially nice touch.

Barrel-shaped Liquor Wine Glass Decanter with a ship inside

For sports fans, there are decanters that cater to their game of choice. This handblown golf-themed set includes a tray that looks like a greenway and two golf-ball tumblers. For the NFL fan, choose this attractive football-shaped decanter. It comes complete with its own wooden stand and engravable plaque.

Personal Fantasy Football-shaped Decanter

You can bring some glam to their collection with a diamond-shaped decanter, letting them know they are worth every penny.

Take a look at our other best-selling decanters for more options. They range all the way from patriotic, to aviation-themed, to animal-shaped vessels.  Your giftee will be proud to display their favorite scotch in style.

Great Glassware

Scotch is aged for years before ever making it into bottles. So we think it deserves beautiful glassware that’s as well-considered as what is being poured into it.

A classic set of two whisky glasses (appropriately named “Exquisite!”)can be easily dressed up with customized designs for:

…among others, including an option to personalize with your own design.

This High Seas glass, a rocking, rounded tumbler, can also have personalized engraving! Or maybe they’d prefer a unique barrel-shaped whisky glass to remind them of the time their scotch spent in barrels, being aged to perfection.

Eye-Catching Bar Accessories and Decorations

Let your scotch-drinker know you really get them with bespoke accessories and decorations.

Gift them a handcrafted three-glass flight holder made to look like a barrel stave. This would make for an attractive addition to any table, desk, or bookshelf.

Perhaps they could use a personalized wooden bar tray to display their bottles and glassware. Choose from any number of engravings or get one customized, such as:

…and many more options.

Bar Tray with Last Name Monogram Design

Worried about water stains on your antique dining room table? Kindly drop a hint with an engravable set of wooden coasters.

Keep it Cool

Many scotch drinkers are divided on whether to add water to their scotch.

Eliminate any worries about watering down their libation with a beautiful set of whiskey stones. They are made of dense, cooling granite that won’t leave any unwanted flavors behind in the glass. Simply store these stones in the freezer and then use one to two of them to chill whisky. The stones have smooth, rounded edges, which prevents your glassware from getting scratched. When you’re finished, just rinse them off and pop them back into the freezer for next time.

Branded Whiskey Stones

For a gift that packs a one-two punch, this set comes with six granite whisky stones, a wooden tray to hold them in, and two classic tumblers.


Whiskey Granite Rocks with Tumblers

Take the Guesswork Out of Gifting

This holiday season, PrestigeHaus is here to help you choose the best gift for the scotch lover on your list. You might be looking for a big statement piece like a decanter or something practical like whisky stones. Whatever you have in mind, PrestigeHaus has everything a whisky drinker could want.

For other gift ideas this season, don’t forget to take a look at the list of Christmas gifts we’ve compiled. We have the rest of the year covered, too. From anniversaries and birthdays to other holidays--PrestigeHaus is here for all your wine and spirits accessories!

Cullinan M/ Decanter in a PrestigeHaus Box