Scotch For Beginners Who Aren't Scotch Woke

It’s all about Scotch for beginners on this National Scotch Day! We’re excited to welcome some new kids to the Scotch block. Maybe you’ve been shaking in your whiskey boots for a while. You’ve been staring down the bottles in your local liquor store, wondering about the best beginner’s Scotch. We’ve been there before. So we’re here to offer some advice.

What should you
buy? What can you expect? How can you ease into this historic and dreamy-dram-y
realm of whiskey? Get some ideas right here. And good luck to you. We really
think you’ll find a new way to unwind and enjoy your evenings, weekends, and
once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

What better day to give it a whirl than National Scotch Day, right? Right.

Scotch: An Ongoing Education

Some people
never approach Scotch. It’s a dare they won’t take because it’s more expensive
than our hometown, backyard bourbon. It’s coming from a signature part of the
world. It’s aged. And it’s making its way to you--complete with taxes and
duties behind the scenes. Drop your Scotch dollars with understanding. You’re
purchasing something truly magical.

When we say
Scotch is an ongoing education, we mean it. It’s a subject to learn. Consider
yourself a pupil. Go back to your Scotch school (your whiskey glass) often. Appreciate the history. The trial
and error. The patience. The fine-tuning. That undeniable flavor. The earthy
components that yield an eighth wonder of the world.

And appreciate
the community that makes and enjoys this treasure. Even Scotch veterans return
to their first bottles every now and then. They’re open to memories and maybe a
few subtleties they missed before. Bottom line? Never give up. Scotch is a big,
beautiful, ever-giving force of liquor.

Discover more in our Scotch Beginners Guide to Learning the Basics. We think you’ll be amazed. Look for our upcoming ultimate Scotch guide as well. You’ll get to know the process: from Scotland earth all the way to your glass at home. Follow our blog and Instagram @prestigedecanters, and be sure you don’t miss what’s ahead!

Scotch for Beginners: Recommendations

Step into the family, and meet the Glens. Any of these would be fantastic for your first pour. If any old fans and friends of Scotch are reading, be sure to leave your recs in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. And these beginners would probably love to as well. (Thanks in advance!)

Glenmorangie 10 “The Original” - $27.99; Single Malt

Glenmorangie 10 The Original

Glenmorangie 10 “The Original” - $27.99; Single Malt

“... You can't mention great Scotch whisky without someone mentioning Glenmorangie.” - @thescotchaddict

We agree. It’s a sweet, clean dram. As a beginner, you may just be getting used to alcohol. Steering clear of those wild and spicy finishes may be a good idea at first. You may be tempted to reach for Glenlivet, but we advise this Glen instead.

Glenfarclas 12 - $52.99; Single Malt

Glenfarclas 12

Glenfarclas 12 - $52.99; Single Malt

Another Glen for you. It’s spicy, but you also meet with some fruit. It’s a sherry cask to the face! We love it. We think it’ll suit a newbie pretty well. You’ll find yourself coming back to this bottle again and again.

Glengoyne 10 - $49.99; Single Malt

Glengoyne 10

Glengoyne 10 - $49.99; Single Malt

Choose this bottle for a great value. It’s no-peat. And it’s not overpowering in the sweet department. Some of you might appreciate that.

A Scotch for Beginner Similar to Bourbon...

We’re Kentucky-based, y’all. And we know that bourbon is America’s spirit. So, we’re offering up this additional recommendation to our bourbon fam out there. You can be a bourbon snob, but we highly suggest you expand your horizons. How will you know what you truly love unless you experience it all? Embrace the Scotch! And get this bottle:

Highland Park 12 - $46.99; Single Malt

Highland Park 12

Highland Park 12 - $46.99; Single Malt

“If you like big, robust bourbons, Highland Park might be just the thing for you.” - @whiskeywash

We’re nodding our heads over here. Yes. It’s a bit of peat. So, if you’re looking to start with that, who are we to stand in your way? We do recommend easing into the peat scene, though. This is a fine, smoky opener.

Scotch Cocktails For Beginners?

Want to glide into the Scotch game with a cocktail instead? Hey, it’s cool. Whatever gets you excited about Scotch works for us. Our favorite is the Rob Roy. It’s often referred to as the “Scotch Manhattan.” Get the recipe and more in our article on Scotch Cocktails!

Scotch and Style

Don’t forget to
mention your own Scotch for beginners recommendation in the comments below. You
might even share what your first bottle was and a little about your experience
as a Scotch kiddo.

We hope you’ll
all connect one of our whisky decanters to your personal drinking experience. We
customize, and everything is a handcrafted work of art. These make great gifts.
They’re surprising and certainly memorable. It’s definitely a present for that
guy or gal who seems to have it all. They probably don’t have anything quite as
unique as this. Check out our online store. Prepare to be amazed.

Oh, and we’ll
plant a tree somewhere on the planet for every decanter you buy. Pretty sweet,

Thanks for
joining us. We hope you’ve been inspired to head out and purchase your first
bottle of Scotch. And if you’re already a Scotch lover, we hope you’ll return
to that initial dram that once filled your glass and your soul.

Cheers, and
happy National Scotch Day!