Scotch Experts to Follow on Instagram

You can find anything on Instagram these days. There are certain accounts you simply can't NOT follow. If you are interested in Scotch, Bourbon or any other liquor there are accounts on Instagram that are must follows for insights, opinions and recommendations on your spirit of choice. Today, I want to give you 7 scotch experts to follow on instagram which will provide you with tons of great content.

  1. SingleMaltDaily
  2. ScotchServedNeat
  3. Scotch_Trooper
  4. Scotch_in_the_City
  5. SingleMaltAlliance
  6. SingleMaltSavvy
  7. TheScotchFather

There are many more GREAT accounts that focus on whisk(e)y, bourbon and other liquor after following these 7 you will no doubt run across many more to follow and down the rabbit hole you will go.