Rowan’s Creek Review (Absolute Kentucky)

If you’re looking for a Rowan’s Creek review then look no further! We’ve got the most comprehensive review of this Kentucky classic you’ll find on the Internet. We’ll tell you what we think and then go a step further, getting the input of some famous Instagram influencers. So, let’s dive in!

First, let's start with the intangibles. Rowan’s Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bottled by “Kentucky Bourbon Distillers,” which is the name the Willet Distillery puts on their bottles of bourbon that aren’t in their Family Estate line.

Now, Willett
didn’t distill this and we don’t know who did, but the rumors are that it’s
sourced from either Heaven Hill’s Bardstown distillery or Heaven Hill’s
Bernheim Distillery in Louisville.

This bourbon
is bottled at 100.1 proof; however, we don’t know the age. But, from the color
of the whiskey, we can judge that this is no two-year-old bourbon we’ve got on
our hands.

If you can find a bottle of this bourbon it will set you back around $40-$45, so not a bank breaker but a whiskey you should try at a bar, or maybe read a few reviews about before buying the whole bottle.

Rowan’s Creek Bourbon Review

Let’s start
with the bottle. This is a classic wine-bottle-type “tall round” design. It has
a paper label wrapped around it that denotes the location of the actual Rowan’s
Creek. We like the cool connection between the brand and the history of the
area where it was made.

Beyond that, though, the bottle is not the most attractive on the market. This may be a great whiskey to put in one of our fantastic decanters. Take a look at our store. We’ve got a ton of great options to choose from.

But back to
the Rowan’s Creek review. Let’s talk about the whiskey in the bottle.
The color is a pleasing deep, dark amber. 

On the nose,
you get wave after wave of spice and dark fruits. When nosing this bourbon,
expect layers of vanilla and caramel. Also, the 100 proof comes through with a
slight hint of alcohol. It’s not bad, but you wouldn’t want any more.

On the palate, the whiskey is velvety with caramel sweetness. You’ll also get a bit of pepper spice that indicates there’s likely rye in the mash bill. This is a very classic bourbon on the palate.

The finish is long, giving you a nice “Kentucky hug” to remember it by. The longer the finish lasts, the more a unique citrus note emerges. The age here comes through, too, as there are obvious finishing notes of the oak present.  

Overall, this is a good whiskey that any bourbon lover should have on their bar. But don’t just take our word for it!  Check out what experts on Instagram have to say.

Rowan's Creek Review From IG Whiskey Specialists

“One of my very favorite bourbons: #rowanscreekbourbon. Sooooo good.” - @DanCherry’s

“Bringing your nose to the glass and your olfactory is treated to caramel and vanilla layered on herbal and floral notes.“ - @Shamrockwine

“Notes of a mixture of floral and caramel notes, which is a little different than your usual bourbons.” - @TheWhiskeyTales

“Rowan’s Creek bourbon from @willettdistillery for me is like a butterscotch blast with a touch of vanilla and a finish with tobacco.” - @MasterofBourbon

“Rowan's Creek has a long finish that stays sweet and slightly spicy.” - @BourbonGeeks

Consensus: Rowan’s pretty good

Well, there
you have it from us, and others. Rowan’s Creek bourbon is a quality bourbon at
an affordable price. This would be a great bourbon for both seasoned bourbon
drinkers and new bourbon fans looking for something to try in a higher price
range. Have you tried Rowan’s Creek? Let us know what you think by leaving a
comment below. 

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