Personalized Grandparents Gifts for Every Type of Grandparent

If you're lucky enough to have wonderful grandparents in your life, this is your sign to celebrate them. Grandparents are simply great parents that have graduated onwards, and we love them for that. This holiday season, celebrate your favorite family members with a gift from our list of Personalized Grandparent Gifts.

1. Dad Promoted to Grandpa Decanter Set

Our first gift on the list is definitely a store favorite when it comes to gifts for grandfathers in particular. Our Dad Promoted to Grandpa Decanter Set is a heartfelt tribute to celebrate grandpas and their beloved children and grandchildren. This set includes a glass decanter that can hold up to a fifth of grandpa’s favorite spirit or wine, as well as two shot glasses. Both the shot glasses and the decanter list the names of grandpa’s children and grandchildren, a gift he will always cherish.

 Personalized Grandparent Gifts - Engraved Dad Promoted to Grandpa Decanter Set

2. Glass Holiday Wine Bottle Stoppers

Holidays just aren’t the same without your grandparents. Show them your appreciation for how their loving presence makes the holidays special with our Glass Holiday Wine Stoppers. These stoppers are made with a base of stainless steel and rubber, to keep the wine as fresh as possible. The artisan-styled,  glass figurines on top represent each one of the four main American holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

Unique Grandparent Gifts - Cute Holiday Wine Stoppers

3. Sewing Mom Coaster Set

Is your grandmother (or grandfather) a wiz at the sewing machine? Then they will love our Sewing Mom Coaster Set. These gorgeous coasters are a great way to express your grandma’s personality in a simple, classic way. The coasters are made with acacia wood, which is liquid and scratch resistant, and they feature a unique sewing design on their face. This set comes with four 4x4 inch coasters that will complement any room they are in.

Unique Grandparent Gifts - Engraved Sewing Mom Wood Coasters

4. Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses

If your grandparents are avid golfers in their spare time, then we highly suggest our 4th gift on our list for them both to share. Our Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses is a unique and fun gift that they’ll love to use any time drinks are served. This set includes a golf-shaped decanter as well as two golf-shaped whiskey glasses. Both the decanter and the glasses come presented on a faux grass tray.

Personalized Grandparent Gifts - Beautiful Golf Decanter with 4 Engraved Glasses

5. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Grandparents are a gift in life that should be treasured infinitely, even more, treasured that a precious gem. Celebrate the gift that is your grandparents with one of our best-selling gifts. Our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is a stunning piece that is made with thick, hand-blown glass. The glass is molded into a genuine diamond shape and the decanter features a ground glass stopper. The entire decanter sits elegantly on top of a red oak base.

Best Gifts for Grandparents - Stunning Cullinan Diamond Decanter

6. Gone Fishin' Glass Set

What grandfather doesn’t like fishing? If this applies to your grandpa or grandma, then our Gone Fishin Whiskey Glass Set is an awesome gift for them this holiday season. Our whiskey glasses are made from durable, thick, always 100% lead-free borosilicate glass. The faces of the two glasses feature the words “Gone Fishin’” in adorable font as well as a simple but adorable fish-on-the-line design.

Unique Gifts for Grandparents - Exquisite Gone Fishin Glass Set

7. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Give your grandparents the gift of sleek, sophisticated, and sustainable home décor with our Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger. This gorgeous hanger has room to hang four of their favorite wine glasses as well as a place to put them on top of their favorite bottle of wine. This hanger is made from recycled wood that was once used to make barrel staves to age whiskey and wine.

Perfect Grandparent Gifts - Beautiful Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

8. Beach Wine Charms

Are your grandparents “snowbirds”? You know, the type that moves south in the summer to be as close to the beach as possible? If so, then they are going to adore our Beach Wine Charms. These adorable wine charms come in a set of 8, all-natural cork charms. Each charm features a unique and individual beach-themed design. These charms are a great way to avoid needless party confusion where wine is served.

Perfect Grandparent Gifts - Cute Beach Wine Charms

9. Nautical Star Bar Sign

If your grandparents have a designated hang-out spot or at-home bar in their home, then they will need our 9th gift on the list. Our Nautical Star Bar Sign is a fun and unique way to christen their bar or lounge area. Our signs are made with naturally beautiful acacia wood, which comes in a variety of shades of brown and red.

Personalized Grandparent Gifts - Engraved Nautical Star Wood Bar Sign

10. Gratitude Gift Box

Although our 10th pick on the list borders more on the feminine side, we think there are treats in it that grandpa can enjoy as well. This adorable Gratitude Gift Box is a fun surprise that grandparents will love. The gift box includes 1 scented Soy Candle, 1 Handmade Bar of Goat’s Milk/Oatmeal Soap, 1 4 oz Milk, Bath Salts, 1 3” Hanging Glass Terrarium with string, 1 Air Plant, 1 Bag of White Pebbles, 1 Box of Matches,  2 Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1 Greeting card.

Personalized Grandparent Gifts - Unique Gratitude Gift Box

11. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

To some, our grandparents are our whole world. Show them exactly how much they mean to you with our 11th gift on the list. Our Pythagoras Globe decanter is a durably made and classically designed borosilicate globe decanter that can hold up to a fifth of their favorite spirit or wine. The decanter comes on a base of your choice acacia wood, oak wood, rustic metal, or our Atlas base.

Customized Grandparent Gifts - Stunning Pythagoras Globe Decanter

12. Dad Promoted to Grandpa Pint Glass Set

Does your grandpa often enjoy a pint of beer after a long day of grandpa activities? Then he will totally adore our Dad Promoted to Grandpa Pint Glass Set. This set of classically designed pint glasses is made using thick, durable, and 100% lead-free borosilicate glass. These two glasses are customizable; add the names of his children and grandchildren for a gift he will be proud to use for years to come.

Customized Grandparent Gifts - Sturdy Dad Promoted to Grandpa Pint Glass

13. Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

If your grandparents are wine fans, no matter what flavor or color, they need a well-designed wine decanter. That is where the 13th gift on our list comes in. Our Prestige Classic Wine Decanter is an elegant and sleek decanter made with thick and durable glass. The simple design ensures an easy pour of their favorite wine every time and guarantees that it always tastes as flavorful and fresh as possible.

Beautiful Grandparent Gifts - Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

14. Last Name Monogram Bar Tray Design

Our 14th gift is perfect for the grandparents who are avid entertainers of guests in their home. Our Last Name Monogram Bar Tray Design is a wonderful, personalized gift perfect for serving drinks or hors d’ouveres to guests. Our bar trays are made from 100% acacia wood that has been smoothed and sealed for comfort and longevity. Add your grandparent’s last name and last name initial for a custom gift that keeps on giving.

Personalized Grandparent Gifts - Wood Bar Tray with Engraved Last Name

15. Animal Print Glasses Set

The 15th gift on our list is a great option for grandparents who love to take a walk on the wild side. Our Animal Print Glasses set is a unique and fun addition to any glassware collection. This set comes with four of our exquisitely designed whiskey glasses. Each one of the four glasses features an individual and fun animal print that has been masterfully etched onto the glasses.

Unique Grandparent Gifts - Cute Animal Print Glasses

16. Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan

Cookies from our grandparents' house just taste better, in our opinion. If you love sweet treats from grandma and grandpa’s house (no matter what your age is), then add this super sleek baking accessory to their repertoire. The Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan is a kitchen superhero: bold and colorful in appearance, but the custom nonstick ceramic coating allows for a quick, easy, and drama-free cleanup.

Unique Grandparent Gifts - Holy Sheet Pan

17. Home is Where the Heart is Coaster Set

Home is where the heart is, and for a lot of us, our heart is at our grandparent's house. Show how much you love spending time with your grandparents with our Home is Where the Heart is Coaster Set. These adorable coasters come in a set of fou4, 4x4-inch coasters. They are made with natural-grained acacia wood, which is very durable and liquid resistant. The coasters are engraved with the sweet saying "Home is Where the Heart Is.".

Personalized Grandparent Gifts - Engraved Home is Where the Heart is Coasters

A gift doesn't always feel like enough when it comes to expressing how much love you feel for your grandparents, but we think the gifts on our list do a pretty good job trying. From whiskey glasses to sheet pans, there's is a gift for grandpa and grandpa individually, or as a couple. Which gift will you be purchasing?