Old-fashioned drink recipe using Evan Williams

Today, we’re talking Old Fashioned drink recipe ideas with two experts: James Ashcraft, also known as “The Bourbon Enthusiast,” and the one and only “Bourbon Brotha” himself. These bourbon aficionados will share favorite Old Fashioned twists and tips you won’t want to miss!

Ask anyone about the classic American cocktail, and their answer will probably include the Old Fashioned. It’s our pride and joy, the OG, the granddaddy drink of them all. It’s simple but not simplistic, not to mention gorgeous in the glass.

A Brief Overview of the Old Fashioned

It started out as a morning medicinal concoction and then became the whiskey cocktail. After many titles over the last couple of centuries, we’ve landed at the Old Fashioned. Purists may still cling to only a muddled sugar cube and a few dashes of bitters. More recently, the cocktail is finding itself commonly in the company of both sugar and fruit.

Old Fashioned Drink Recipe Using Orange Peel, and Luxardo Cherry A delicious Old Fashioned garnished with an orange peel and Luxardo cherry.

Source: The Bourbon Enthusiast

Today, there are many interpretations. If you’re a strict, by-the-book Old Fashioned lover, then your drink recipe is simple: bourbon, sugar, and bitters. But what are the variations experts swear by? What truly brings out that bourbon and crowns it as cocktail king? Let’s have a look at the best bourbons, along with a couple of specific twists, techniques, and tips.

Old Fashioned Drink Recipe Secrets Revealed

Here are a couple of takes on the Old Fashioned. We’re not steering too far from the beloved elemental version. A subtle twist here and there seems to complement and even illuminate the bourbon more than overpowering it. We hope some of these recipes and tips speak to you.

From the Bar of The Bourbon Enthusiast

A huge fan of the Old Fashioned, Ashcraft experiments with many different ingredients - from the bourbon to the style of bitters and sweeteners. “I’ve stumbled upon what I believe to be the best and most balanced recipe, which really accents the bourbon used—as opposed to overpowering it with sweetness,” explains Ashcraft. He continues, “Spoiler alert: there’s no fruit muddling, club soda, or sugar.”

Old Fashioned Drink Recipe with Buffalo Trace A Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned, complete with orange and cherry.

Source: The Bourbon Enthusiast

Here’s his “house” Old Fashioned drink recipe:

  • Combine the following ingredients in a mixing glass: 2 oz. of bourbon (90-100 proof), ¼ oz. Luxardo cherry syrup from the cherry jar, and 3-4 dashes of your favorite bitters. He recommends Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Bitters; and notes that the cherry syrup takes the place of the typical sugar or simple syrup. You may add more for extra sweetness.
  • Then fill this mixing glass with ice and stir with a mixing spoon for 15 seconds.
  • Afterward, pour your mixture into a rocks glass over a single large ice cube.
  • Garnish with an orange peel and Luxardo cherry.

Ashcraft encourages trying unique interpretations of the classic Old Fashioned when you’re out.   If a particular place is known for craft cocktails or possesses an extensive whiskey collection, give them a go.

From the Bar of The Bourbon Brotha

The Bourbon Brotha has certainly experimented with the Old Fashioned, incorporating different citrus bitters such as lemon, lime, and orange. He says a nice orange bitters selection makes for a great Old Fashioned.

Further, he’s tested a variety of sweeteners like honey, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and maple syrup. “I’m partial to using brown sugar for its richness…” he says. He recommends a mortar and pestle, suggesting that this takes the Old Fashioned to another level. “It really grinds together the bitters and sugars to make a nice slurry…” he notes.

Is your mouth watering yet? Bring it on, Brotha.

The Bourbon Brotha champions orange bitters, brown sugar, a good bourbon, and a twisted orange garnish for a killer Old Fashioned. And we dig this tip: “The secret is to twist the orange and rub the peel along the rim of the glass.” He says the orange oil and bitters will hit your nose every time you go in for a sip. He’s all about the complete sensory experience of the Old Fashioned, and we love it.

What’s the Best Bourbon for an Old Fashioned Drink Recipe?

We all have our favorite bourbons, but which makes the best Old Fashioned and why? We’ve turned to the experts for advice. Bourbon is their game, so we trust that their suggestions will have us all winning in no time.

From the Palate of The Bourbon Enthusiast

Ashcraft says this is a matter of preference, of course. He offers up Buffalo Trace as an excellent choice and the quintessential bourbon. Its classic flavor profile pairs well with the aromatic components. “At 90 proof,” he explains, “it will yield an overall smoother cocktail.”

Another Old Fashioned Drink Recipe Using Buffalo Trace Another Old Fashioned, made chiefly with Buffalo Trace, makes for the perfect evening. Source: The Buffalo Enthusiast

On the other hand, Ashcraft states if you want more of a bold bourbon flavor opt for Knob Creek. “It’s a 100-proofer that holds up well in any cocktail,” he says.

From the Palate of The Bourbon Brotha

Our Brotha is a big fan of Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, also known as “the white label Evan Williams.” He describes it as quite a bargain for a great quality, 4(+)-year-old bourbon.

He further details the Evan Williams as being “sweeter, oaky bourbon; for its age.” It has a delicious oak flavor that comes forth beautifully in a mixed drink with limited sweeteners, such as the Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned Drink Recipe with Evan Williams An Old Fashioned drink recipe using Evan Williams. Source: Bourbon Brotha

Happy Mixing!

We hope these Old Fashioned drink recipe twists and tips are just what you’re looking for. Prestige Decanters, of course, encourages you to experiment and interpret on your own. Have fun adding your fresh, individual spin on this treasured classic!

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