Heartfelt Military Retirement Gifts

Retiring from any position or job can be an exciting, but sometimes scary, time in life. However, retiring from the military is an event in one’s lifetime that comes with a variety of mixed emotions. Celebrate your loved one’s retirement from the military with a meaningful gift that they’ll treasure forever with our list of Heartfelt Military Retirement Gifts.

1. Air Force Murphy Bar

If your family member or friend has recently retired, or is planning to retire, from the United States Airforce, there is no better way to honor their selfless service than our Air Force Murphy Bar. This murphy bar is completely compact but packs a huge punch when it comes to storage. The murphy bar is able to be mounted on the wall, for maximum optimization of space. The front of the bar features a stunning 3D Air Force Metal Emblem.

Military Retirement Gifts - Army Bottle Opener

2. Army Bottle Opener

Our Army Bottle Opener is a truly unique and practical gift for the retirement of a US Army Service man or woman. This bottle opener is made using two keyhole hangers for easy and convenient attachment to any wall. The base of the opener is made from sapele wood material, which is a lovely, warm brown color that is a compliment to any interior décor style. The wood is also engraved with the United States Army Emblem, as a special memorial to the retiring service member.

Military Retirement Gifts - Army Bottle Opener

3. Coast Guard “O” Tray

This stunning Coast Guard “O” Tray is the perfect gift for the retiring Coast Guard Member in your life. This tray is handcrafted in the USA using high quality, sealed, acacia wood. The large text on the tray itself reads “Coast Guard” with the o being the official United States Coast Guard Seal. The retiring service member in your life will also wholly appreciate that all of Prestige Haus’ Products are hand crafted right here in the United States.

Military Retirement Gifts - Coast Guard O' Tray

4. Semper Fi Bar Sign

The Semper Fi are a sign of strength, no fear, and freedom. Your loved one will be able to proudly display their Marine Corps Pride for long after they retire with our Semper Fi Bar Sign.  This masterfully crafted wooden sign is made with sustainable and durable acacia wood. This sign is perfect for the Marine Veteran who has an at home bar, or just wants to display their Semper Fi spirit.

Military Retirement Gifts - Semper Fi Bar Sign

5. Nautical Navy Decanter Set

Prestige Haus’ decanters are truly more than a vessel for your favorite liquor or wine, they are a treasure that will last a lifetime. The Nautical Navy Decanter Set is the perfect gift for the Navy member in your life who is celebrating their retirement. This beautiful set includes a 900ml decanter and two shot glasses. Each piece of the set is etched carefully with the Nautical Navy logo and has room for personalized text.

Military Retirement Gifts - Nautical Navy Decanter Set

6. Personalized Compass Gift

If you’re looking for a gift that will tug at any veteran’s heart strings, look no further than our number 6 pick on our list. This one of a kind compass is made from brass metal and comes with a 13 inch  long chain. This company personalized each compass, so you can add a heartfelt message to the underside of the compass itself. The compass also comes in a stunning gift box, to add to the presentation. 

Military Retirement Gifts - Personalized Compass Gift for Men

7. Air Force Bullet Bottle Opener

Our number 7 pick on our list is the perfect item if you’re looking to gift your loved one a gift that they’ll always use in their daily life. Our Air Force Bottle Opener is a unique bullet shape with the US Airforce Logo masterfully engraved on it. This bottle opener is 100 percent manufactured in the USA in small batches by master craftsmen, so you’ll have an item of impeccable quality that you can feel good about purchasing.

Military Retirement Gifts - Air Force Bullet Bottle Opener

8. Coast Guard Wooden Mug

Our Coast Guard Wooden mug is truly a wonderful gift for the Coast Guard Member that has everything. They will love this handsomely made wooden mug featuring the Coast Guard Logo at the bottom in gold detail. This is a multipurpose mug. They can use it for their beer, cocktails, or regular old water. These mugs also make great desk accessories as well, perfect for holding pens and other tools.

Military Retirement Gifts - Coast Guard Wooden Mug

9. Army Cigar Ashtray

Help the military retiree in your life show off their US Army Pride in every aspect of their life, even when enjoying a cigar. This beautiful wooden Army Cigar Ashtray is engraved with the Army Logo, for a truly unique ashtray that is a piece of usable art. This ashtray is made using genuine hardwood by master craftsmen right here in America.  Prestige Haus prides their products on their quality and longevity, and you can truly feel that in this ashtray.

Military Retirement Gifts - Army Ashtray

10. Marine Corps Beer Mug - Engraved (Set of Two)

The Marine Corps retiree will absolutely love and cherish our awesome set of Marine Corps Beer Mugs. These mugs are made from hand-blown borosilicate glass, making them thicker and more resilient than other. The thick glass always ensures that the beer inside stays frosty and delicious, the way it is intended. The mugs are carefully etched in house by craftsmen who pride themselves on their attention to detail and dedication to quality.

Military Retirement Gifts – USMC Beer Mug

11. US Navy Leather Can/Bottle Koozie

If you’re looking for a Navy retirement gift that’s both unique and budget friendly, we highly recommend our US Navy Leather Can/Bottle Koozie. This stunning koozie is made using Top Grain Oil Tanned Leather sourced and made in the USA. The koozie is lined with neoprene, to ensure that your bottle or can is properly insulated at all times. The US Navy design is proud carved into the koozie, so that it will always be on display.

Military Retirement Gifts - Navy Koozie

12. American Pride Coaster Set

Our number 12 pick on our list is perfect for any member of the United States Military. The American Pride Coaster Set is a perfect gift for any military retiree who enjoys hosting or party planning. This set of 4 coasters is made using highly sustainable and beautiful acacia wood. The 4 by 4 inch coasters come engraved with gorgeous design featuring the American Flag and the historical symbol of America, the Gold Eagle. 

Military Retirement Gifts - American Pride Coasters

13. The History of The U.S. Army Cold-Cast Bronze Sculptures

There is truly no better way to honor a member of the United States Army than by sharing in and learning the history of their branch of the military. This set of statues depicts the history and progression of the US Army, masterfully cast using cold-cast bronze and hand-painted with the multi-patina finish of traditional bronze. The historical progression is emphasized by the lyrics of "The Army Goes Rolling Along" carefully displayed underneath the statues.

Military Retirement Gifts - History of The Us Army Sculpture

14. Air Force Engraved Exquisite Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

This set of exquisite whiskey glasses is a phenomenal way to honor the retiring member of the United States Air Force. The set is made using hand-blown borosilicate glass. The glasses are masterfully crafted in small batches right here in the USA. The Air Force Logo is etched, not painted, so they are truly made to last and to be used, no matter the circumstances. Your loved one will be enjoying a drink in no time while displaying their pride of serving in the Air Force.

Military Retirement Gifts - USAF Exquisite Glass

15. Army Challenge Coin Holder Decanter

Our Army Challenge Coin Holder is truly a special gift and it is one that will be treasured for a lifetime. The stunning wooden base of this decanter has a special ledge to proudly display any coins that the retiree has earned during their time of service. It also comes with the option of adding a stainless steel plaque to the base with the Army Veteran’s information engraved. The decanter holds 900ml of their favorite liquor or wine, and the hand blown glass features the US Army Logo.

Military Retirement Gifts - Army Challenge Coin Holder

16. USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass

Exceed your gift recipient’s expectations of what a whiskey glass should or shouldn’t look like with our USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass. This glass comes wrapped with a Leather Embossed with U.S. Eagle Seal. The wrap around the hand-blown glass is made using top grain oil tanned leather sourced and made in the USA. This glass makes a perfect gift for any of retiring member of the military who always loves to showcase their pride and love for their country.

Military Retirement Gifts - USA Great Seal

17. Navy Seabees Coaster Set

The United States Navy Seabees members of the military can often be overlooked. This branch of the military is an essential part of the Navy and should be celebrated and honored as such.  This acacia wood coaster set is a perfect, understated way for the Retiring Seabees Member in your life to showcase their pride in their branch of the military as well as their years of hard work to protect our country.

Military Retirement Gifts - Seabees Coasters

We hope that our list of specially curated Military Retirement Gifts has helped you narrow down the process of finding the perfect present to symbolize your love for and pride of the retiring military member. These unique and memorable gifts are sure to be treasured by your loved ones for a lifetime. Which gift is first on your list of purchases?