Marine Corps Gifts Ideas

The Marine Corps celebrates its birthday on November 10th, so we’re thinking some dedicated Marine Corps gifts are in order. And we’re excited to show off some of our ideas. If you’re wondering what your Marine will love, step right up. We’ll make some suggestions you’ll dig. And we think your Marine will dig them, too.

The Few, The Proud

The Prestige
family would like to honor this particular branch of the military. We’ll be
raising a glass on November 10th, for sure. But on plenty of other
days, as well. These men and women sacrifice their safety for our own. It’s a
love for the homeland that runs deep. And we respect that with all we have.

Follow this Newsweek link to hear some interesting facts and memorable quotes about the Marines.

Marine Corps Gifts That Make a Statement

We kept this select branch of the United States military in mind as we crafted these designs. Our Marines work hard, to say the least. It’s time to let them know how special they are to you. Let’s serve them, for a change. They deserve a chance to unwind, don’t they?

Eagle Globe and Anchor Decanter

Prestige Eagle Globe and Anchor Decanter

Prestige Eagle Globe and Anchor Decanter

You’d be
hard-pressed to top this gift. It’s a beloved decanter across the nation. Your
military veteran will hold it close. And their bar will never be the same. Of
all the Marine Corps gifts you could wrap up, nothing will reflect bravery and
celebration quite like this one. It’s stunning. And it’s a sure bet when it
comes to thanking your favorite Marine.

It’s more than a simple decanter. It’s style. This is classy. It’s an honor. And it’s unique. It’s handcrafted. You can be certain it’ll be appreciated for years to come.

Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray

Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray + Whiskey Glasses by Prestige

Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray + Whiskey Glasses by Prestige

And just when
you thought we didn’t have any more USMC tricks up our sleeve... Isn’t that
awesome? We’re pretty excited to offer this epic piece of barware in our
collection. Engraved with that symbol of courage, what Marine wouldn’t be happy
to have this gift?

Pair the acacia wood tray with our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses and the decanter above, and we’re rockin’. Gift these as a set or on their own. You can’t go wrong.

Classy Marine Corps Gifts

What do you think of these beauties? They’re Marine-approved. Click here to see our classy Marine products.

Say Happy Birthday, Marines!

They do it up
right. We salute them for all they do and how they party. Not just any old
party, a ball! Drinking, dancing, plenty of food and festivities. We love their
spirit and the way they commemorate history.

Ready to party
with them? Marine Corps gifts are a fantastic way to extend a token of
admiration and thanks to those who protected us, continue to protect us, and
will protect us in the future.

Are you a
Marine? Tell us in the comments below. We’d love to celebrate you and drink a
pour in your honor across the digital miles. Cheers! Curious about the Marines?
Read more about our heroes here.

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Happy birthday,
Marine Corps. Here's to many more!