Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Still struggling to come up with a present for your beloved pops for this Father’s Day? No problem, we’ve come up with some great last minute Father’s Day gift ideas to help you out. These thoughtful gifts take the guesswork out of what to buy when the clock is ticking. Plus, the options are easy whether you’re shopping for your dad, husband, grandpa or father in law,

Best Father’s Day experiences to give your dad

You’ve heard the expression that experiences are better than material things, right? Well, now is your chance to put this theory to the test. You should consider buying your dad an experience for Father’s Day. Maybe it's time to skip getting another boring tool he may never use or tie he’ll never wear. Giving your dad an experience means you’ll give him memories he can cherish forever. And, even better, if you can find an experience you can both enjoy together! Shared experiences are a great way to bond and after all, isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about?

Last minute Father’s Day gift experiences don’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of DIY ideas and affordable options you can pull off if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1) Whiskey/scotch/bourbon tasting

If your dad enjoys a good dram, why not treat him to a liquor tasting experience of his preferred alcohol? You don’t have to live near a distillery to enjoy a tasting experience. These days they’re often offered at local bars, restaurants and in specialized workshops and events. A quick Google search of whiskey, bourbon or scotch tastings in your area should be enough to locate upcoming tastings. You may also find the options to make a booking with a local supplier. Join your dad (or offer to be his designated driver) so he can really indulge in the experience and enjoy an extra Old Fashioned or two.

2) Make a fancy dinner with all dad’s favorites

Got skills in the kitchen? Put them to good use and cook your dad a dinner he’ll never forget. It’ll be cheaper than taking the family out to a restaurant. Plus, it'll be more meaningful as he’ll know you put a lot of thought and effort into it. The best thing is, you can cook all of your dad’s most loved foods and still serve his favorite drinks. If he likes his booze, treat him to a nice whiskey he can sip on before and after dinner. There are some great affordable whiskey options out there for a classy experience at home.

3) Get outdoors

Does your dad love the great outdoors but doesn’t get outside as much as he would like? Think of an experience that can encourage him to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. You could buy him golf lessons or a kayaking adventure. You may also send him ziplining or treat him to a fishing charter. Outdoor activities are also great for families. So, if you’ve got kids, an outdoor experience is a perfect way to get everyone involved in the feast. Think nature walks, camping trips or a day at the beach.

Best last minute Father’s Day gift card ideas

Sure, gift cards aren’t the most personal present available, but there’s no denying they’re convenient to give and exciting to receive. If you put some genuine thought into it and find a gift card for a product or service your dad truly adores, everyone’s a winner.

The right gift card for your dad will depend on the kinds of things he likes, but here are some ideas for the everyday man:

  • Give him a gift card to a boutique liquor store so he can treat himself to a scotch, whiskey, bourbon, port or wine that he loves
  • Get him a gift card for Prestige Decanters, so your dad can add some artisan, high-quality drinkware to his collection. Gift cards start from as low as $20 or as high as $500, with free delivery anywhere within the continental United States.
  • Consider a gift card to your dad’s favorite restaurant, or a restaurant of your choosing (if he could do with some motivation to get out and try new things).
  • Go old school with a DIY gift card if you’re on a budget. You can give your dad vouchers he can redeem for your services at any time. For example, “This voucher entitles you to one free lawn mowing/gutter cleaning/car waxing/home cooked meal.” It’s affordable, helpful and your dad will love the nostalgic element.

As you can see, the best last minute Father’s Day gift ideas don’t have to be thoughtless or pointless. Get it right and your last-minute present can be just as good, if not better than, one you had put months of thought into. Happy shopping!