Japanese Whiskey Bottles For The New Year

We think your New Year’s Eve should include the top Japanese whiskey! We’re entering a brand-new decade, so let’s party like it’s 2019.  If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on some of this stuff, the year 2020 sounds like a perfect time to make it happen. It’s special--no doubt. It’s better than fireworks.

Join three of our Prestige brand ambassadors as they dive into some of their favorites. And give them a follow: @singlemaltvault, @caskandstill, and @whiskyaficionado. Thanks to you all for your passion. And for the word on these awesome bottles!

And honestly, ladies and gents, these Japanese gems are hard to scoop up. Look for a bar with them! That’s our best advice. If you snag one of these big-time drams, consider yourself lucky as hell. And get to sipping. That’s an order.

Top Japanese Whiskey

Here are the top Japanese whiskey bottles to look for. (Well, they’re our top. So much majesty lies within the realm of Japanese whiskey! It’s the truth.)

Hakushu Sherry Cask 1989

Hakushu Sherry Cask 1989

Hakushu Sherry Cask 1989 | 124 PROOF

Dry sweetness with licorice, blackcurrants, prunes, and pepper.

“The Hakushu Sherry Cask 1989--simply phenomenal. I’m so glad I’ve already tried it as prices continue to rise.... It is a lot, but you will definitely find a sherry dram of the highest quality.” - @singlemaltvault

Hakushu 25

Hakushu 25

Hakushu 25 | 86 PROOF

Big sherry and big smoke with fruit, nuts, and mint.

“One of my personal favorites... the Hakushu 25 Year Old, which is truly stunning. Suntory brought their ‘A’ game…” - @SingleMaltVault

Yamazaki 18 Japanese Whiskey

Yamazaki 18 Japanese Whiskey

Yamazaki 18 | 86 PROOF

Creamy but balanced with citrus, spices, and rich fruit syrup.

“Still one of the best around... the Yamazaki 18 is a staple for every home bar!” - @SingleMaltVault

Hibiki Japanese Harmony - Master’s Select

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select

Hibiki Japanese Harmony - Master’s Select | 86 PROOF

Wood, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and citrus.

“My Hibiki Master’s Select ‘Japanese Harmony’ is going to need a refill soon…” - @whiskyaficionado

And here’s another vote for Harmony as the top Japanese whiskey!

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Hibiki Japanese Harmony | 86 PROOF

Succulent oranges and apricots with spices.

“Just tried Suntory Whisky’s Hibiki. It was awesome! Super stoked I found this one for retail. This one was super sweet and smooth, and that bottle is unreal! This was the perfect after-dinner whisky.” - @caskandstill

Japanese Whiskey Greatness Continues…

our Japanese Whisky Reviews for a few more bottles to look for. Harmony
makes another appearance, and we highly recommend it. But you’ll note some
others that are amazing as well.

about you? What would you say is the top Japanese whiskey? Let us hear from you
in the comments below. Your opinion matters here. We’re all growing and
learning in this Prestige community.

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hope you get your hands and palates on some bottles, samples, or bar pours this
year. Your New Year’s resolution should definitely include one of these
Japanese beauties.

Sayonara, gang! Best of luck in the New Year and in finding the bottle of your dreams.


[Cover photo credit: Scott Edmunds, @Flickr]