Great Golf Groomsmen Gifts

They’ve been there for you through thick and thin, and now they’re going to support you on one of the biggest days of your life: your wedding day. For their friendship and commitment, your groomsmen deserve a show of appreciation. We’re here to help you give your best guys world-class, incredible gifts. From mouthblown decanters to customizable bar trays, we provide unique, thoughtful gifts that will really impress your groomsmen! After all, you want the best for the men that plan your bachelor party!

Keep reading for our curated recommendations of great golf groomsmen gifts (say that three times fast!).


Customized glassware makes a great gift for your groomsmen to thank for standing up with you on your special day. All of our glasses are mouthblown of 100% lead-free, borosilicate glass. The quality and durability of borosilicate are perfect for crafting long-lasting, brilliantly bright glassware. All engraving and etching are done in-house, ensuring the meticulous attention to detail our customers have come to expect.

Some snazzy gift options for your groomsmen include beer mugs and pint glasses, like this beer mug etched with a golf bag and clubs. We have a matching set of pint glasses. Both sets are appropriately sized and perfect for any style of beer.

Golf Groomsmen Gifts - Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug and Father’s Day Golf Pint Glass

Maybe some of your groomsmen prefer liquor over beer. Have we got some fun options for you! Consider this dimpled whiskey glass that looks just like a golf ball, or perhaps this unique glass that features a golf ball ‘smashing’ into the glass! We’re also pleased to offer the golf ball and club design on this set of two rocks glasses. Holding up to ten ounces of your chosen liquor, these glasses can work for whiskey, cocktails, iced tea, and more.

Since we do all engraving ourselves, we’re happy to work with you to come up with your own golf-themed, customized design to really WOW your groomsmen! Simply let us know your vision and we’ll work with you to bring it to life on this set of two customizable whiskey glasses.

Great Golf Groomsmen Gifts - Glassware

Decanters and Decanter Sets

At PrestigeHaus, we’re committed to providing the absolute best in decanters and decanter sets. Like our artfully-crafted glassware, our one-of-a-kind decanters are mouthblown to top-notch specifications by our artisans. These world-class decanters make for jaw-dropping gifts!

Our classically-shaped square decanter sets feature highly detailed engraving, like this one with a golfer’s silhouette and matching glassware. Include up to four lines of your personalized text for that special touch. Both it and this fun decanter displaying various golf terms are fitted with a ground-glass, airtight stopper to preserve the purity of a full fifth of liquor! Best of all, you can add two or four more matching glasses at checkout to round out the set.

We’re also proud to present our golf ball-shaped decanter, a brilliantly bright and beautiful decanter that can hold up to 1000ml of your groomsmen’s favorite liquor. The dimpled surface looks stunning in the light! Looking for a set that includes this world-class decanter? This set comes with a tray that resembles a fairway and two golf ball-shaped glasses. For a little more variety, you can have the golf ball decanter, the greenway tray, and four whiskey tumblers that each depict a golf term. Add a stainless steel plague to the tray with your own customized message.

Great Golf Groomsmen Gifts - Decanters and Decanter Sets


Maybe the guys have all the glassware they could possibly need. We doubt it, but we understand! We have fun and interesting accessories sure to delight your groomsmen.

Check out these hand-cut, carved, and engraved acacia wood coasters, for instance. Coming in a set of four, they each display a golf ball and a different golf term. The durable and water-resistant Acacia wood is perfect for resting drinks on and preventing unsightly watermarks on your furniture. And don’t worry: we’ve made coasters that have that golf bag and club design that looks so great on our pint glasses! Pair these coasters with a set of those matching glasses for a truly stand-out gift.

Golf Groomsmen Gifts - Golf Clubs Father’s Day Coaster and Eagle Coasters

Your groomsmen could use a classy way to keep their liquor bottles, decanters, and glassware organized. This 19th Hole bar tray is just the thing. Handcrafted by our master woodworkers of durable acacia wood, each tray adds a personalized touch to your home and looks great on a bar cart, a coffee table, or even hanging on the wall.

Golf Groomsmen Gifts - 19th Hole Golfing Bar Tray

But if you’re looking for a gift your groomsmen can hang, then look no further than our customizable bar signs. You can get each of your groomsmen a golf-themed bar sign that’s engraved with their name. In addition to the personalized engraving, no two signs will be exactly alike because of acacia wood’s varied, stunning natural grain markings.

Golf Groomsmen Gifts - Golf Ball Bar Sign

If you’re trying to relive some wild college days, these tee-shot glasses will put a smile on everyone’s faces! Present these to your groomsmen at your bachelor party and let the fun begin! Or maybe you’re having your bachelor party at a winery. In that case, these natural cork golf-themed wine glass charms are the way to go. Each easy-to-attach charm bears a different design, preventing confusion between whose glass is whose and bringing some casual, relaxing fun to the fore (get it?).

Golf Groomsmen Gifts - Tee Shot Glass Clear

Which of these golf gifts will your groomsmen love most? Let us know on social media!