Remarkable gifts for Scotch lovers

Today, we bring you gifts for Scotch lovers. It’s the name of their game--the center of their liquor-loving universe. Their target. And we know how to help you hit the sweet Scotch spot. Come on, Prestige community. You’ve got a gift to get. And we know exactly what you need to do to make your Scotch fanatic smile.

Gifts for Scotch Lovers

All aboard the Scotch train. It’s an older machine, but it’s well-oiled and one hell of a ride. Prepare to be amazed. And be prepared to have things in your shopping cart shortly. Resistance is nearly impossible. You'll see.

1) Scotch Whiskey Decanters

Gifts for Scotch Lovers - Prestige Magellan's Victoria Decanter

Amazing Gifts for even stunchest scotch loving purists!

Can gifts for Scotch lovers get better than this? We didn’t think so. Whiskey decanters are practical. You can serve liquor to your friends--blind. They have no idea what you’re up to. It's a cool way to drink. “Flavor first. The label later.” That's our motto.

But with these Prestige whiskey decanters, you’ll also be serving liquor in a way no one else can. Our quality, handcrafted products are unique. In fact, they’re unforgettable. Talk about bar flair. Your Scotch fan has never received a gift quite like this before. We have so many shapes and styles. Get ready to find something that speaks to you!

2) Scotch Whiskey Glasses

Prestige Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

Kinda makes each sip of scotch feel a bit classier each time!

you’re shopping for gifts for Scotch lovers. Not yourself. We’re kidding: if
you find something for yourself here, we’re not judging. Not one bit. Our
whiskey glasses collection is not only an awesome deal--it’s just completely

You’re absolutely in store for a delightful treat if you haven't browsed all these top-notch, full-of-personality whiskey glasses yet. Even if you have, it'll still be a treat. Again. You’ll find plenty of options that match our renowned decanters as well.

3) Personalized Bar Trays

Personalized Acacia Wood Bar Tray

Brings the rare elite vibes to every home bar!

If glassware
has been checked off on your Scotch lover’s list, a bar tray may be just the
thing they need. Although, let’s be clear: even if they have decanters and
glasses, do they really have any that bring the ultimate unique factor the way
ours do? Yeah, about that… They need Prestige caliber barware. We’re just

Our acacia wood personalized bar tray is a touch of class for sure. The recipient will never serve Scotch the same way again. Pick up your glass to reveal customized character. If you can dream a design, well, we’ll work with you to make it happen. We also have tons of design options for you to choose from right now.

Make It a Set!

Take all of the above and add some personalized coasters, and make this a Scotch lover’s gift set. They won’t know what has hit them. They’ll be overjoyed at the thought that went into this memorable present.

Pro Tip:

Add a beautiful bottle of the good stuff to your gifts for Scotch lovers! Check out our article on the Best Affordable Scotch. Don’t let the word “affordable” fool you. These are still knockout picks. They just won’t knock out your bank account.

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