19 Awesome Gift Ideas for Pilots

The pilot in your life spends so much time in the air that they deserve fun and creative items for the times they’re on the ground! We know you don’t have time to sift through thousands of gift ideas for pilots, so we’ve compiled a curated list of 19 impressive gifts they’re certain to love. At PrestigeHaus, we empower our master craftsmen with premium materials to design only the best in bar tools, glassware, and more. We guarantee excellence from start to finish so you can give the pilot in your life a truly spectacular gift, any time of year.

Take a look at some of our favorite gift ideas for pilots below.

1. 51 Mustang Decanter

This decanter is the perfect gift for a pilot that’s also a history buff! Our artisans have meticulously recreated the WWII hero plane, the P51 Mustang, within this classic globe decanter. Mouthblown of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, the 900ml decanter is safe and gleaming. It’s mounted on a solid wood stand and can gently spin for the best views. The pilot in your life will love keeping a full fifth of their favorite spirit within this artistic decanter! It’s capped off with a ground-glass airtight stopper, so the liquor will stay fresh and pure.

Gift Ideas for Pilots - Stylish P51 Mustang Globe Decanter

2. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

Thoughtful gift ideas for pilots are ones that remind them of the incredible work they do. This set of two spinning globe whiskey glasses is an homage to their career cruising around the world. The mouthblown ten-ounce tumblers are masterfully engraved with an eye-catching effect. They tilt and spin without spilling a drop! With thick rims, these beauties are sturdy and reliable. Add two or four more matching glasses at checkout for an expanded set.

Gift Ideas for Pilots - Exquisite Spinning Globe Whiskey Glass

3. Retro Pilot Chronograph Watch

What a stunning gift! This retro chronograph wristwatch is constructed of stainless steel with mesmerizing details. With an eco-friendly and comfortable leather band, it’s a stand-out present for your pilot friend. Choose between chocolate, midnight, and deep sea for the face of the watch. You can also get the watch engraved to add that special touch. They’ll think of you whenever they check the time!

Gift Ideas for Pilots - Retro Pilot Chronograph Brown Eco Leather Watch

4. Classic Wine Decanter

The gentle swoops and elegant curves of our Prestige wine decanter will remind the pilot in your life of the bliss of sailing above the clouds. This gorgeous work of art was designed to bring grace to any dining room table, bar cart, or wherever else a bottle of wine could use some air. Mouthblown by our talented glassblowers of borosilicate and lead-free glass, it’s a shining example of honest craftsmanship. With a generous 1750ml capacity, the decanter will help your wine meet its full potential for an incredible night in.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Pilots - Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

5. Instrument Panel Coasters

Why settle for boring, flimsy coasters for your pilot friend or family member when these incredible coasters are just a click away? Made of water-resistant acacia wood, these coasters are then expertly engraved with detailed instrument panel readings. Not only do these coasters do an amazing job of keeping their wood furnishings free of damaging watermarks, but they’re also distinctive and unique, adding flair to any room! Entirely hand-cut, carved, and engraved just for you.

Engraved Gift Ideas for Pilots - Wooden Pilot Instrument Panel Coasters

6. Customizable Airplane Bar Tray

Here’s a fun way to celebrate the pilot in your life! Choose their favorite airplane and add your own personalized message for a gift that says “I get you”. Our craftsmen will take it from there, engraving their plane and your message into the water- and stain-resistant, naturally smooth acacia wood to create a one-of-a-kind bar tray. They can use this tray to serve drinks, store barware, or collect small daily items like mail, sunglasses, and more. A useful and beautiful gift, all in one!

Customized Gift Ideas for Pilots - Airplane Bar Tray

7. 767 Decanter Set

Our artisans are always looking for new ways to personalize our classic square decanter. For amazing gift ideas for pilots, check out this 767 decanter set. Expertly engraved with a detailed 767 soaring through the sky, the decanter also has room for up to four lines of your own personalized text for a message that’s just for them. The set is complete with two matching ten-ounce whiskey tumblers. All glass is mouthblown of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, meaning every part is durable, safe, and bright.

Customized Gift Ideas for Pilots - 767 Aircraft Decanter Set

8. Personalized F-16 Bar Sign

Looking for a gift for a member or veteran of the Air Force? Our F-16 customizable bar sign is just the thing. Made of distinctive and sustainable acacia wood, the bar sign features their name, two F-16s, and their favorite liquor expertly engraved into the wood. The sign is easy to hang thanks to our simple keyhole design, so your recipient won’t have to fiddle with faulty hanging mechanisms. Every bar, whether it’s just a couple of bottles on a countertop or an elaborate bar cart, could use a unique bar sign!

Gift Ideas for Pilots - Wood Engraved F16 Bar Sign

9. Palm Tree Cocktail Glass (Set of Two)

They go all over the world, but do they really get to enjoy it? The pilot in your life could use a little rest and relaxation. For the times when the closest they’ll get to a faraway beach is flying over it, these palm tree cocktail glasses will put them in vacation mode. Handcrafted of safe and shining glass, this set of two ten-ounce glasses is perfect for any kind of beverage. Designed for frequent use, they’ll be drinking out of these well-constructed and lovely glasses more often than any other in their collection!

Gift Ideas for Pilots - Sturdy Palm Tree Cocktail Glasses

10. Private Aircraft Coasters

You don’t have to fly commercial jets to be a real pilot! Here’s a coaster set for private aircraft enthusiasts! Made of sustainably harvested acacia wood, these hand-engraved coasters are a special addition to any room. They’re durable and sleek with a naturally smooth finish. Choose between a round or square design to fit your recipient’s needs. They’ll never ruin a piece of wooden furniture again thanks to these water-resistant coasters!

Wooden Gift Ideas for Pilots - Private Aircraft Coaster Set

11. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

There’s little worse than a watered-down drink. But who wants to drink warm whiskey? The solution: these chillable whiskey stones. Made of smooth granite, simply pop these stones in the freezer for a few hours before using them in place of ice. They’ll perfectly chill your drink without diluting it! They’re odorless and tasteless, so you’re left enjoying perfectly strong, perfectly delicious drinks from the first sip to the last. The set comes with two mouthblown tumblers and a wooden storage tray.

Functional Gift Ideas for Pilots - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

12. Aviation-Themed Wine Charms

Looking for cheeky gift ideas for pilots that love having fun? Our aviation-themed wine charms are perfect for parties! Made of natural cork, each of the eight charms features its own design. Partygoers choose the logo that they want to represent them for the evening and then easily attach that charm to their stemmed glassware. No more confusion around whose glass belongs to who! At the end of the night, the charms come off as easily as they went on without damaging the glassware.

Cute Gift Ideas for Pilots - Aviation Wine Charms

13. Etched C-130 Decanter

Honor their flight accomplishments with this jaw-dropping C-130 decanter, depicting one of the most incredible military vessels to date. The history, integrity, and majesty associated with this plane can be felt immediately upon looking at this 900ml decanter. It’s a testament to American ingenuity! Keep a full fifth of their favorite liquor fresh and pure inside it, protected by a ground-glass airtight stopper. The handcrafted solid oak base keeps the entire work of art secure.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Pilots - C130 Globe Decanter

14. Pilot’s Wings Bar Tray

They spend their time taking thousands of people to their destinations day after day. Why not honor that flight time with this personalized Pilot’s Wings bar tray? Masterfully engraved, the naturally smooth acacia wood is a delightful material to display and use. With so many ways the tray can be used, the pilot in your life will always have you on their mind! Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Personalized Gift Ideas for Pilots - Aviation Pilot Wings Bar Tray

15. Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Sometimes it’s best to just go the classic route when you’re shopping for a pilot. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are about as classic as it gets! These timeless sunglasses are available in a range of colors for personalization and can be fitted with prescription lenses. You can also choose from a variety of lenses and tints for the best results. What’s more, these innovative Smart glasses include a dual 5mp camera, audio and voice control, and so much more!

Gift Ideas for Pilots - Ray Ban Stories Wayfarer

16. Vino Hangar

Looking for something whimsical for your pilot? This wine holder features a brightly painted soaring airplane that can hold two standard 750ml bottles at its base and up to four stemmed wine glasses along its wings. They’ll feel as though they’re flying along with this wine holder in their home! It is a cute and functional piece of decor that’ll bring levity and joy to any space. Made of premium materials by master craftsmen.

Unique Gift Ideas for Pilots - Airplane Wine Glass and Bottle Holder

17. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Not all cigar ashtrays are made the same. We’ve designed a beautiful future heirloom from exotic zebrawood, polished to a high shine and set with a cabochon stone in the center of the wide bowl. This cigar ashtray was created to bring sophistication to an office, lounge, or anywhere else they may enjoy a relaxing stogie. It features four hand-carved grooves to hold cigars, so they can easily smoke with friends.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Pilots - Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

18. 737 Coaster Set

What can we say – we like our personalized coasters here at PrestigeHaus! This 737 coaster set features a large commercial plane among the clouds engraved beautifully into sustainable and distinctive acacia wood. With four of these water-resistant coasters in a set, your recipient can spread these throughout a room to protect all manner of furniture from ugly watermarks. Because of the color variations available with acacia wood, no two sets will be exactly alike. Choose between a round or a square design.

Wooden Gift Ideas for Pilots - 737 Commercial Airplane Coaster Set

19. Copper Spirits Infuser

Give them something to look forward to when they’re on the ground. Our spirits infuser is a fun way for them to stretch some creative muscles and enjoy bar-quality drinks all at once! It’s easy to get started: simply place an ingredient, such as an herb, spice, fruit, etc inside the easy-to-clean filter. Fill the reservoir with a complimenting spirit and allow the two to steep for as much or as little time as desired. Before long, they’ll have their own bespoke infused spirit! An impressive and fun gift they’ll use again and again. Also available in silver.

Best Gift Ideas for Pilots - Copper Spirits Infuser

Did you like these gift ideas for pilots? Let us know which was your favorite!