Best Fantasy Football Trophy Super Legendary

Football season is here, and so is this super legendary Fantasy Football trophy that I'm about to show you! Maybe you’ve looked at trophies for your league in the past. They haven’t impressed you. Well, all that’s about to change. Who could resist a Fantasy trophy that doubles as a decanter? You can try, but you will fail. There’s no way you’re not going to love these options!

Keep reading for all the details on our two best Fantasy Football trophies. Whether you spring for the personal or perpetual, you’re making the right decision for you and your crew.

The Best Fantasy Football Trophies Money Can Buy

Gather your league and vote. Or make an executive decision now. These trophies are better than any trophy you’ve ever laid eyes on.

1) Personal Fantasy Football Trophy

Personal Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter

Personal Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter

From top to
bottom, this decanter trophy is nothing but class. It’s made from real red oak
sourced from Indiana. The craftmanship goes down right here in Louisville,
Kentucky, with lead-free, hand-blown glass, to boot!

And we’ll
engrave it to customize the Fantasy experience. At the end of the season, your
plaque can include the league name, the winner’s team name, and the year. (Or
whatever you like!)

Bottom line? This is a trophy worth fighting for. You’re not going to have league members forgetting to bench players and set their rosters each week. Oh, it’s gonna be ON. Everyone will be all-in as they compete for this beauty.

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2) Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy

Perpetual Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter

Perpetual Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter

We know we’re
partial. But this really is one of the best Fantasy Football trophies of all
time. And we love the concept behind perpetual trophies. This one isn’t for
keepsies--unless you or someone is planning on winning the league year after
year. This trophy makes the rounds. At the end of the season, last year’s
winner has to cough it up.

That’s right,
this stunner gets passed around from home bar to home bar. An additional
winner’s plaque gets engraved and added to the previous list of winners on the decanter
base. It’s the history of your league, preserved!

And we like to throw in this rule: loser has to fill the decanter. Ouch. Yeah, it stings. But hey, the winner shouldn’t have to fill their own newly-claimed fantasy trophy.

Another awesome thing about our decanters? We plant a tree in honor of each decanter purchased. Mother Earth is kind to us. She gives us what we need to make gorgeous barware for our customers. So, we like giving back. Lately, we’ve been planting in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Our products
are American grown and American made. And we like to plant right here on American

Still not convinced? Read our article Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Appeal. We’ll give you ten reasons you NEED such a trophy.

A Trophy That Finally Makes Sense

These decanter
trophies are not dust-collectors like most shiny awards. Let us know which of
these two best Fantasy Football trophies you would pick. Tell us in the
comments below.

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Cheers to you
all! And best of luck this Fantasy season.