Fantastic Tequila Gift Sets

Maybe you gave up tequila in college after too many shots, or perhaps you enjoy tequila, but you’re a little lost on how to pick out a great tequila gift set for the tequila enthusiast in your life. Not to worry – we’ve curated a list of excellent gift sets for even the most serious tequila drinker. From customizable glassware to handcrafted flight racks, we’ve thought of it all!

Before diving into our gift guide, let’s break down exactly what tequila is. Tequila is a distilled spirit made from certain species of agave plants in five areas of Mexico. The majority is made in Jalisco, while Guanajuato, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, and Nayarit can also call this spirit tequila. Distilled agave made anywhere else in Mexico is instead called mezcal. 

In its unaged form, tequila is a clear spirit called Blanco. Reposado tequila has been aged in barrels for a minimum of two months, lending a golden hue to the liquor. Aging tequila between one and three years in oak casks creates añejo, a toasty, richer version. Each style serves its own purpose, working in cocktails in different ways. Of course, each can be sipped straight or over ice. 

Keep reading for our recommendations of fantastic tequila gift sets!


At PrestigeHaus, we value excellence in everything we do. All of our glasses are mouthblown of 100% lead-free, borosilicate glass. The quality and durability of borosilicate are perfect for crafting long-lasting, brilliantly bright glassware. We also do all engraving and etching in-house, ensuring the meticulous attention to detail our customers have come to expect. 

We have all sorts of glassware to fit your gift-giving needs, including these stylish and distinctive animal print glasses, featuring four unique animal-inspired prints. Perhaps you’d prefer a tropical theme, such as these palm tree-etched cocktail glasses to complete your tequila gift set. 

Tequila Gift Set - Animal Print Glasses
For the tequila pro, our Aficionado Whiskey Glasses are crafted to bring out the exquisite aromas and nuances of any liquor, including tequila. The slope of the glass gathers all those spicy, herbal, citrus notes straight to your nose for close evaluation. 

Tequila Gift Set - Aficionado Whiskey Glass

Perhaps the only gift that’s appropriate in your case is one that is entirely personalized. We specialize in bringing bespoke future heirlooms to our customers! Since we do all of our etching in-house, just let us know your vision for this set of two fully customizable rocks glasses and we’ll happily work with you to make it happen.

Tequila Gift Set - Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses
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You’re guaranteed the best of the best when shopping with PrestigeHaus. Just like our world-class glassware, our one-of-a-kind decanters are mouthblown to exacting specifications by our artisans to bring you showstopping centerpieces. 

Our classically-shaped square decanter sets feature ground glass airtight stoppers to keep the spirit within as fresh and pure as the day it was opened. They’re also perfectly sized for a full fifth of your chosen liquor!

Like our etched glasses, the decanters are also engraved in-house, giving us a lot of freedom to bring you meticulously detailed, interesting, and fun decanters. They’re paired with matching glassware to make a complete set.

Check out these engraved tequila gift sets for every kind of tequila lover in your life: 

Are you looking for something different? Then our Cullinan Diamond Shaped decanter is the way to go. Inspired by the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, our decanter is brilliantly crafted to honor that 1905 discovery. With a ground-glass air-tight stopper and a generous 1000ml capacity, this decanter is absolutely stunning! It’s mounted on a sturdy wooden base, to which you can attach an engraved plaque bearing your own special message. Add on two (or more!) matching diamond-shaped glasses at checkout to complete the set. 

Diamond Shaped Decanter with Diamond Whiskey Glasses


Even if you don’t know much about tequila, you know that there’s more to its enjoyment than salt and lime. That’s why we’ve made sure to include some must-have accessories in our tequila gift set guide. 

There are so many great tequila-forward cocktails that are easy to make at home, like a margarita and a tequila sunrise, not to mention all the new creations an at-home mixologist can concoct! This cocktail shaker set and tools are the perfect gifts for crafting delicious, professional-grade cocktails. The stainless steel set includes two shaking tins, ice tongs, a jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, and a bar spoon – all of the essentials! Choose between brass and silver finishes. 

Tequila Gift Set - WS Mixology Shaker Tool Set
The great part about so many bar tools and accessories is how they can serve multiple purposes. While our whiskey stones set is named for another spirit altogether, there’s no reason to ignore the possibilities of it when shopping for a tequila drinker! The chillable stones are crafted to seamlessly replace ice in a drink. Ice melts over time, diluting the tequila, whereas our odorless and flavorless whiskey stones simply keep your drink cold from beginning to end. The set comes with two glasses and a wooden tray for storage. 

Tequila Gift Set - Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Some serious tequila aficionados like to taste verticals of their favorite spirit, whether that’s the same style from various producers or trying Blanco, reposado, and añejo side by side (by side!). Our whiskey flight glass rack is the perfect solution! Not only is it useful in tasting multiple tequilas together, but it’s also a beautifully handcrafted piece of home decor they’ll be proud to display! Made of former barrel staves and accented with steel reclaimed from barrel hoops, each rack is unique and comes with three Glencairn glasses for optimal tasting. 

Tequila Gift Set - Barrel Flight Rack
And you know what? Sometimes all they want with tequila really is salt and lime. This gorgeous Tulum shot glass serving set is exactly what the occasion calls for! Six heavy-bottomed shot glasses are perfectly nestled into the crafted dark acacia wood tray, along with a ceramic dish for lime slices and a frosted glass salt shaker. Imagine pulling this out at parties and passing shots around! It’s a head-turning gift with staying power. 

Tequila Gift Set - Tulum Shot Glass Serving Set
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