Fall Cocktails - A Dreamy Kind of Autumn Punch

If you love fall, and you love cocktails, then how can it possibly get any better than fall cocktails? We’re happy to bring some delicious boozy creations to those of you who live for this time of year. As soon as we feel those temperatures dropping and smell the leaves burning, we’re in fall mode. How about an autumn cocktail to keep warm at night (or whenever)?

Join us in welcoming four of our cocktail enthusiasts: Natalie @beautifulbooze, Brendan @mydrinkinghobby, Matt @cocktailchap, and Stacie @gardencocktails. We asked about some of their favorite fall cocktails, and they certainly delivered. Follow them on Instagram now and you’ll meet with some fantastic beverages on the regular.

Okay, guys and gals. Let’s go!

Fall Cocktails to Take the Chill Off

Snuggling up has never felt so right. Whether you’re with friends, that special someone, or even kicking it solo--these fall cocktails bring those autumn flavors we love. Go ahead and bookmark this article; you’re going to be coming back to it all season long!

1) Spiced Negroni 

Fall cocktails - fireside cocktails

Fireside cocktails are where it’s at. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Natalie says:

“Fall is one of the best times for cocktails as the flavors get bolder and you play around a lot more with the classics as well as punches. I think the Negroni is the perfect fall cocktail and the variations are endless.”

See the “perfect” recipe here! This cocktail will put you in a cozy cabin state of mind.

2) The War of the Roses

Fall cocktails - pouring Pour it like this, please. [Photo cred: @mydrinkinghobby]

Brendan says:

“I think of lots of different things when I think of fall cocktails. Seasonal ingredients like apples and pears come to mind, as do the bolder flavors you find in whiskey and ‘winter’ spices, but something more unique that comes to mind is herbal. Something with complexity and layered vegetal/earthy flavors like those found in an Amaro, Chartreuse, or Pimm's.”

He goes on:

“We start to get over all the light and fruity cocktails that summer brings out, but I usually am not fully ready to dive right into all the eggnog, punch, and Christmas flavors that are sure to be upon us soon. Herbal seems like a solid middle ground. This cocktail was created by Mike Ryan at the Sable Kitchen and Bar in Chicago and has a really unique flavor. It combines tartness, sweet floral notes, and lots of the herbal Pimm's liqueur.”

Get the recipe here!

3) Pumpkin Spice Alexander

Fall cocktails - pumpkin spice Pumpkin spice and everything nice. [Photo cred: @cocktailchap]

Matt tells us:

“I have a slight obsession every year with trying to recreate the taste of pumpkin spiced lattes as a cocktail. The pumpkin-spiced latte seems to be the drink that everyone regards as ‘the coffee of autumn,’ and when coffee shops introduce it again each year, most people seem to take it as the definitive indication that the seasons have changed! So, I always create a very nice pumpkin spiced vodka infusion to use every year to mark the occasion.”

We appreciate your great recipe, Cocktail Chap!

Check out more from the Cocktail Chap in our festive fall article:  Halloween cocktails.

4) The Smoked Persimmon Tree

Fall cocktails - bringing the smoke Bring on the smoke. [Photo cred: @gardencocktails]

Stacie says:

“When fall rolls around, my go-to cocktails shift to drinks using autumnal-feeling ingredients. Maple syrup, persimmons, cardamom, cinnamon, and husk cherries are some of my favorites.”

Catch some of those very ingredients in her recipe here, and stay tuned for more of her cocktail wonders below!

5) Persimmon Margarita

Fall Cocktails - Delightful Pair What a delightful pair these two make. [Photo cred: @gardencocktails]

In this one, Stacie jumps into fall flavor and cultures collide. We love the way she merges her American heritage with other walks and ways of life. Also, tequila? Yes. Welcome in any season, we’ll certainly take it in the autumn months. Find the Garden Cocktails recipe here.

6) Husk Cherry Pisco Sour

Fall cocktails - husk cherries Husk cherries - what a marvel! [Photo cred: @gardencocktails]

Happy harvest to us all! Stacie believes in the harvest and in trying new things. We love that she discovered husk cherries and had to create something new with this curious ingredient. May we, too, benefit from her creativity. Try the recipe here! She inspires us to look around our local farmers' markets and find those special, overlooked gems out there.

Fall Cocktails for Gatherings

Last but not least: here are some fall cocktails for all those gatherings on the holiday horizon! Whether you’re playing host or taking drinks to a party, these are going to serve you (and your friends) well.

7) Caramel Apple Butter Punch

Fall cocktails - a gold medal worthy punch This punch deserves a gold medal. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Beautiful Boozes tells us:

“This one encompasses everything ‘fall’ and is super delicious.”

She hasn’t led us astray yet, so we’re taking her word for it. We know one thing for certain: Natalie’s name doesn’t lie. This is truly beautiful booze. Check out the recipe right here.

8) “Falling” for Sangria

Fall cocktails - oh yes! Oh yes. We’re falling for you. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

We love the “punny” title of this cocktail. Once again, who in their right cocktail-loving mind wouldn’t drink this beaut? Wine, apple, lemon, honey? Yes, please. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s refreshing. Great for a fall holiday party or small get-together! Find the recipe here, and hang onto it for upcoming gatherings.

9) Pomegranate Mule Punch

Fall cocktails - punch speaking loud!This punch is speaking loud and clear: MAKE ME. TODAY. [Photo cred: @beautifulbooze]

Sheesh. Natalie is the cocktail enthusiast that just keeps on giving! Pretty spectacular, right? We’re putting this recipe on the fall and winter lists. Beautiful Booze notes, “It’s a punch!” So, yeah: it’s ideal for work parties, family dinners, and serve-yourself-style banquet tables. Relax and enjoy! Get the details here.

Autumn is Cocktail Season

Prestige fam, are you excited for fall cocktails now? Maybe we’ve left off a favorite autumn delight. Let us know about it in the comments section below. You make our community better. We love hearing from you. Don’t forget to follow our enthusiasts: @beautifulbooze, @mydrinkinghobby, @cocktailchap, and @gardencocktails.

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