Cutty Sark Blended Scotch

Step right up and get your Cutty Sark Scotch profile and more! We’re setting you up with everything you need to know about the brand. And we’ll even throw some quick reviews into the mix. Shake hands with the fabulous, classic dram that got its start in the days of Prohibition. It’s gutsy booze. We dig it.

Cutty Sark Scotch Profile

First, what is “Cutty Sark,” exactly?

Cutty Sark was a legend. It was a Tea Clipper, which was a ship. And not just any ship. It was a merchant vessel and the fastest of its day. A cutty sark is actually an ancient name for a short nightdress. And the ship got its name from a poem called “Tam O’Shanter” by Robert Burns. In it, Tam is a farmer who gets chased by a witch named Nannie. She wears a cutty sark. What a visual, huh?

A Brief History [1923 - Present Day]

Cutty Sark--the Scotch--was a dream in 1923 London. The plan was to become a whisky
known and loved all over the world. But the U.S. was the initial aim.

A lot went down in 1923. America was in the throes of Prohibition. But Captain
Bill McCoy took to Rum Row. He sold the finest blended Scotch whisky, Cutty
Sark. It became known as “The Real McCoy.” He was caught, but its popularity
increased anyway. In 1933, Prohibition was over, and Cutty Sark was in demand.

In 2013, the Cutty Sark Prohibition was released. We’ll talk about that in the next section. And more recently, in 2018, the Glen Turner Company Limited purchased Cutty Sark.

Cutty Sark Scotch Bottle Specs

By the ‘60s, Cutty Sark was the best-selling Scotch in the U.S. And it went more
than global; it took a ride on the Mercury 9 mission. It’s been in many films
as well.

Cutty Sark Original

Cutty Sark Original

Blended Scotch Whisky (since 1923). Fresh with citrus and balanced with vanilla and caramel.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition | 100 PROOF | $25.99

Blended Scotch Whisky (since 2013). Creamy with honey, toffee, citrus fruit, and spices.

Quick Reviews of Cutty Sark Scotch


“A good time Scotch and inexpensive.” - @whiskeysandwax

“It has whisky from Glenrothes, also with different whisky from all over Scotland. It has a rounded taste with a little bit of smoke. Tip: Cutty Sark mixed with soda and big ice cubes with a slice of orange.” - @maltyspirits

“Did you know that Cutty Sark was President Lyndon Johnson’s favorite Scotch whisky of choice? Johnson did indeed like to unwind with a Scotch and soda while traveling by road or by air around the country…” - @dav_a64


“This powerful blend is underrated… It’s definitely worth a try considering its rather low price.” -

“The whisky is not bad. Quite a tasty one. Simple but not bad.” - @gentlemenswhiskyvault

Cutty Cheers!

We hope the backstory and those reviews help you decide on a bottle. We’re never without our Cutty Sark at the Prestige bar.

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