Custom Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life who seemingly has everything, you’ve stumbled across the right article. We’ve curated a list of the Perfect Custom Gifts for Him to help you find a gift that he will most certainly never have received before, and will use and love for many years to come.

1. Initial Monogram Bar Tray

Our Initial Monogram Bar Tray is the perfect gift for the man in your life who isn’t interested in anything too flashy but wants something that is truly unique to them. This tray is made from beautiful and durable acacia wood. The tray is customizable, add their last name and initial for a professional, but also an eye-catching piece that is perfect for an at-home bar, or even an office!

 Custom Gifts for Him - Last Name Bar Tray Initial

2. Monogram Initial Decanter Set

This is the perfect gift for the special man in your life who truly appreciates the special, small moments in life. Our beautiful Monogram Initial Decanter Set is handcrafted in the USA by master craftsmen in small batches. Theis set includes a 900ml decanter and two whiskey glasses that hold approximately 10 ounces. They’ll be blown away at the quality of the set, as well as their initials that are specially etched onto the decanter and glasses.

Custom Gifts for Him - Plain Initial Decanter Set

3. Engraved Logo Coaster Set

Coasters may not always be the seemingly most glamorous gift to give, but this gorgeous, handmade, Engraved Logo Coaster Set will change everything the special guy in your life thinks about coasters. These coasters are made from acacia wood, known for their deep brown color and natural grain markings. These coasters are naturally smooth, highly durable, and liquid resistant. Best of all, they’re fully customizable. Add their name or a logo that represents them for a truly unique and memorable gift.

Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Wood Engraved Coasters

4. Train Decanter Set V2

All aboard! Your dad, brother, husband, or whichever guy in your life that’s obsessed with trains will be in awe of our gorgeous Train Decanter Set V2. This durably made set is made using thick hand-blown borosilicate glass which is always 100% lead-free. The beautiful design of the decanter and additional glasses makes this a classic piece to use for years to come, the added and etched train design and customizable text make it a treasure.

Custom Gifts for Him - Train Decanter Set V2

5. Nautical Star Bar Sign

Every at-home bar needs its own Bar Sign. Make it extra special with the number 5 pick on our list. Our Nautical Star Bar Sign is made from beautiful acacia wood, that will compliment any interior design style. Customize the sign with your loved one’s name for a personalized touch. The acacia used to create this stunning sign is taken from the fast-growing acacia tree, which means that by purchasing this sign, you are supporting Prestige Haus’ commitment to using renewable forestry.

Custom Gifts for Him - Nautical Star Bar Sign

6. Lavish Last Name Embroidered Fleece Robe

Wrap your loved one in luxury with our number 6 pick on the list. The Lavish Last Name Embroidered Fleece Robe is customizable and comes embroidered with any name and initial in several different available colors of thread. This lavish and luxurious Kimono-style robe features two oversized front pockets, double-needle assembly, and oversized 3/4 length cuffs for extra comfort. Best of all, this one size fits all robe is machine washable as well, for easy care!

 Custom Gifts for Him - Lavish Last Name Embroidered Fleece Robe Black

7. Fancy Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

Don’t gift the special man in your life just any old whiskey glasses, make sure that they are artisanal level, handcrafted according to the highest of standards. These beautiful, handblown and 100% lead-free glasses are the perfect shape and size for their favorite whiskey. The thick glass ensures that their beverage of choice is protected and kept at the best quality possible. These glasses are fully customized and include the man in your life’s initials etched on the front of the glass.

Custom Gifts for Him - Fancy Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

8. Custom Infinity Bottle Design V1

An infinity bottle is a way of blending different whiskies into one larger bottle. One ounce of each of your almost empty bottles of whiskey is added to our Custom Infinity Bottle Design V1. Not only is the design of the bottle fully customizable, including 4 lines of customizable text, but the contents inside of the bottle are custom as well. The man in your life will go gaga over this infinity bottle and will learn something new in the process.

Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Infinity Bottle Design

9. Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Celebrate this time-old, wonderful friendship between a man and his dog with our Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray. This bar tray features an engraving of the silhouette of the dog breed of choice, along with 2 lines of customizable text placed underneath the profile of the engraved dog. This tray is 16" x 12" and made with acacia wood. It is truly a compliment to any home bar.

Custom Gifts for Him - Dog Breed Bar Tray

10. Nautical Anchor Bar Sign

If you’re looking for a gift for the man who has everything, you may want to check our number 10 pick on our list. The Nautical Anchor Bar Sign is made by master craftsmen right here in the USA, using only materials sourced from right here in the United States of America. They will love the truly intricate engraving of their name on the sign as well as the rustic design that will compliment any at-home bar. 

 Custom Gifts for Him - Nautical Anchor Bar Sign

11. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

The special man in your life will feel as if you’ve truly gifted him the world with our best-selling Pythagoras Globe Decanter. This beautiful, globe-shaped decanter, sits perched beautifully on a wooden display base and is handmade of solid oak. The handblown glass is etched to perfectly resemble the globe. The decanter itself is 1000ml, so it comfortably fits a fifth of their favorite liquor. Add a stainless steel plaque to the base of the decanter to add a personal touch.

Custom Gifts for Him - 1000ml Etched Glass Globe Decanter

12. Custom Design Wooden Mug

This classic and rustic mug is the perfect addition to any man who loves an old time feel with modern quality and craftmanship. Our Custom Design Wooden Mug is perfect for down his favorite ice-cold beverage the old-fashioned way. The mug itself also makes a beautiful display piece and can be used to hold knick-knacks as well. Prestige Haus will apply a custom engraving to the bottom of any mug sold for a custom touch!

Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Wooden Mug

13. Personalized Men’s Wallet

If your father, husband, brother, etc. have a wallet that’s looking a bit worse for the wear, it's time to replace it with something made especially for them. This stunning Personalized Men’s Wallet is made using high-quality, vintage-looking “Crazy Horse” Leather. The wallets come in your choice of leather shade (whisky, walnut, brown, black) and are made to order with custom engraving. Each wallet is completely unique, so it's definitely a gift that will make him feel extra special!

Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Men’s Wallet

14. Custom Engraved Decanter Set

Our Custom Engraved Decanter Set is the ultimate in personalized glassware. This set includes a decanter made from handblown and thick glass, that has a volume capacity of 900ml. Two small shot glasses are included in the set and are also engraved with your text of choice. An added bonus to this decanter set involves Prestige Haus’s commitment to keeping the USA beautiful. For each decanter set sold, Prestige Haus will plant one tree. Not only are you purchasing a treasure for your loved one, but you’re also giving back to the world that we all share.

Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Decanter Set

15. Custom Engraved Beer Mug (Set of 2)

There is nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold beer on a hot, summer day. Start their moment of unbridled relaxation in style with our Custom Engraved Beer Mug Set.  This glass mug, made with thick and durable borosilicate glass is made with the goal of keeping their beer frosty and cold. They’ll love the feel of this beer mug and the ease of drinking their favorite beer from this master-crafted glass. Add a phrase or name of your choice to keep things personal!

Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Beer Mug

16. Whiskey/Wine Barrel Custom Coasters

Change his idea of what coasters are supposed to look like with our Whiskey/Wine Barrel Custom Coasters. These awesome, natural grain, wooden coasters, will make the man in your life actually get excited about using a coaster. Each one of these sets of four comes engraved with a wine/whiskey barrel, and your choice of a name or text inside of the barrel. The finish of the coasters is smooth and liquid-resistant, for a quality that is truly incomparable to any coaster they’ve purchased or received before.

Custom Gifts for Him - Whiskey Barrel Coasters

17. Engraved Octopus Decanter Set

Our Engraved Octopus Decanter Set is truly one of the most unique gifts on our list. This decanter set is truly a work of art, featuring an amazingly etched octopus on the decanter and the two included glasses. Add up to 4 lines of text to make this decanter set completely one of a kind. This gift is perfect for the man on your list who has a bit more of an eclectic style than most. He is sure to treasure this set for a lifetime.

Custom Gifts for Him - Engraved Octopus Decanter Set

18. Custom Engraved High Seas Glass (Set of Two)

To finish up our fabulous list, we would be remiss to not include our Custom Engraved High Seas Glass Set. These glasses are a perfect addition to any glassware collection and are made by master craftsman into a shape that is both comfortable and sustainable for drinking their favorite whiskey or small-batch bourbon. They’ll love the thought and effort that you put into creating their perfect glass, complete with either their name or a phrase or quote that represents them.Custom Gifts for Him - Personalized Engraved High Seas GlassSometimes shopping for men can really leave us at a standstill. Buying something that they will love, but also use, can be extremely difficult, but not with our comprehensive list of Custom Gifts for Him. We know you’ll find something for every man on your list. Which gift would your special guy love the most?