Corporate Gift Ideas

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, it’s a great time to start thinking about corporate gift ideas. Wondering what would make a good present for the folks who work so hard to make your business what it is? We’re here with some options the office would love for the holidays this year.

Many of you are throwing end-of-the-year parties, dinners, and socials, and you understand that your employees expect (and certainly deserve) a token of appreciation. Join us for a gift guide that will, at the very least, get your wheels turning. Whether you’re thinking fun or practical (or both all wrapped into one), we’ve got you covered.

Fun Corporate Gift Ideas 

They’ve spent the year with their noses to the grindstone.  Some days they’ve hardly been able to come up for air. Much of their life is committed to ensuring the success of your company. Don’t you think your employees deserve a little fun?

1) Wine

We’re not going to be shy about our love and admiration for wine and liquor around here. Not sure what they’ll like? Look into local venues that deliver wine flights, offering your employees a fun wine-tasting experience.  Or check out companies like Vinebox that offer gift boxes and memberships. Either way, you’re making your staff really happy--especially if they’re wine enthusiasts.

Tip: If you do go with the membership, consider having some wine accessories like wine bottle stoppers, wine glass charms, and other items wrapped. Everyone wants to open something around the holidays, after all! This is about fun.  And you can include the membership card inside as well.

2) Movies & Popcorn Bucket (DIY)

Encourage your employees to go have some fun on you! A night on the town may be exactly what they want. Purchase some cardboard or plastic popcorn containers from your local party supply store. Fill them with grown-up gourmet candy, popcorn packs, and Fandango gift cards! If you’re feeling super generous, include another gift card for a favorite restaurant in town. Dinner-and-a-movie is a classic delight and go-to date night for most, so spoil your workers with delicious treats and the gift of fun for themselves and their special someone.

Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Think practical gifts have to be boring?  We don’t.  Some of your employees would probably prefer this option. And we don’t blame them. Give them something they can immediately put to use on the job, at home, and beyond.

3) Goodie Bags (No really, actual bags...)

Bags are often a necessity. And they also come in a variety of styles with a variety of purposes. So, we’re offering up a few practical gift bag (er, bag gift) ideas. These could be exactly what your employees will appreciate simply because they can use them! Some folks would rather have a present that they can put to work than, say, chocolate or a fruit basket. You might opt for briefcases, laptop bags, purses, side-satchels, cooler bags for camping/vacationing, totes, monogrammed beach bags, or luggage. You can always stuff these “goodie bags” with some of your employees’ favorite things--candy, holiday ornaments, gift cards, desk supplies, and more!

4) The Gift of Music

Whether it’s rock, rap, country, jazz, or classical, people love their music. They love to listen, feel, learn, relax, and be inspired. Narrow down the list of potential gadgets you could give by contemplating where your employees are most likely to listen to music. What might they need in order to do so? Consider a floating waterproof bluetooth speaker, regular bluetooth speaker, headphones, or wireless earbuds.

Pro Tip: Throwing in a Spotify gift card would really complete the package on this one!

Fun and Practical: Corporate Gift Ideas that are the best of both worlds

Looking for the corporate gift that’s both fun and practical? Look no further.

5) Whiskey Glasses

Prestige Decanters whiskey glasses make a fun and practical gift. They’re great for both men and women and guaranteed to be the highest quality craftsmanship. Our glasses are hand-blown and true works of art. And if you want to be the best boss in all the land, round these out with a bottle of top-shelf bourbon. We’re thinking single-barrel. And we’re thinking this will be a hit all the way!

Pro Tip: Add some whiskey rocks to the gift! Check out our recent blog article, Whiskey Rocks: A Few Crazy Options You Should Try.

6) Liquor and Wine Decanter

Take gift-giving to the next level with any of our Prestige handcrafted liquor and wine decanters. Imagine the holiday cheer and appreciation that will flood the room when employees tear into this beauty! Above is our Diamond Decanter. It's certainly a best seller, but we have quite a selection right here. Pair the decanter with some decanter tags for a little something extra as well.

Happy, Practical, Memorable Holidays!

Whether you’re thinking fun and hip or handy and useful, we hope we’ve inspired you to give the right way this holiday season. Above all, think of your employees as the people they are. Considering what they would truly appreciate will get you headed in the best gifting direction.

If you have any other great corporate gift ideas or tips, share them in the comments below. Maybe you received a really special present one year at the annual office holiday party, and you’ll never forget it. We’d love to hear about it!