Cool Corporate Gifts - Businessman presenting a gift to colleague

If you’re looking for a gift to bring to an upcoming corporate event, it can be difficult to find a present that is both professional and impressive. With our List of Cool Corporate Gifts, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone in your corporation that will dazzle and impress them. Celebrate the pride in your corporation with our specially curated list of 17 cool corporate gifts.

1. Custom Logo Corporate Gift Set

As a corporation, it is always important to think ahead. Your employees will definitely get the feeling that you are always paying attention to details, even the smallest ones. Our Custom Logo Corporate Gift Set is the perfect gift for corporate lunches or get-togethers. This set of 4 coasters is made from durable stunning Acacia wood. They are resistant to liquids and will keep their beauty for years to come. Add your company’s logo for a personal touch that everyone will love.


Cool Corporate Gifts - Corporate Coaster Gift Set

2. Fancy Initial Whiskey Glass Set

Your employees will feel extra spoiled when you gift them this gorgeous set of Fancy Initial Whiskey Glasses. This set of two glasses comes personalized with the monogram of the recipient etched masterfully on the front. Gift your employees or employers a gift of the high life with these hand-blown borosilicate glasses. The elegant font style on the glasses adds a special touch and truly make these glasses a perfect gift for anyone who savors every moment.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Fancy Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

3. Tassel Wine Charms

Our number 3 gift on the list is perfect for corporate parties or get togethers. Our Tassel Wine Charms add a fun and colorful atmosphere to any get together where wine is served. The tassel wine charm set features 8 unique and vibrant colors on a simple hoop that attaches easily to the stem of any wine glass. With the recent spread of COVID-19, these charms add a layer of protection from cross contamination, by preventing any glasses getting mixed up!

Cool Corporate Gifts - Colorful Tassel Wine Charms

4. Magellan’s Victoria Decanter

The Magellan’s Victoria Decanter makes a unique and memorable gift for any member of a corporate team. This beautiful decanter is master crafted from hand-blown glass. The inside of the glass globe decanter features an intricately designed glass replica ship. The decanter itself holds 1000ml of the recipient’s preferred liquor or wine, and it is mounted on a beautiful base of acacia wood, oak wood, rustic metal, or our Atlas Base.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Magellan’s Victoria Decanter

5. Golf Decanter Set

You will definitely score a “hole in one” with this amazing and fun Golf Decanter Set. This set comes beautifully displayed on a faux grass tray, and the decanter comes perched on top of a golf tee. The decanter and two included glasses are both designed to look like golf balls. The decanter itself is made to hold 1000ml of liquid and features an airtight seal that will protect the liquor inside for as long as it is needed.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Golf Ball Decanter Set

6. 12 Classic Cookie Gift Box

Our number 6 pick on the list is the perfect gift for your hard working, remote, corporate employees. Treat them to a sweet treat with Insomnia Cookie’s 12 Classic Cookie Gift Box. This adorable gift includes 12, gift wrapped and ready to send cookies for your favorite coworker. Choose from a selection of their 12 scrumptious classic flavors including, but not limited to, chocolate chunk, sugar, and white chocolate macadamia nut. 


7. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

We believe that corporate employees should be celebrated and admired like the true gems of the workforce that they are. What better way to show your appreciation for your employees than our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter?  This beautiful decanter is carved out to resemble a stunning diamond. The glass diamond holds approximately 1000ml of any classy drink, and comes with an airtight seal and a ground glass stopper to ensure the drink inside is always top notch.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Cullinan Diamond Decanter

8. Custom Engraved High Seas Glass (Set of Two)

Your corporate team will appreciate the thought that you put into our number 8 gift on the list. Our Custom Engraved High Seas Glasses are the perfect gift, especially for employees who enjoy a nice glass of whiskey after a day at the office. These whiskey glasses are made to last, and are hand blown and master crafted using the best, 100% lead free borosilicate glass. The personalized logo or phrase is etched, not painted, to ensure that the logo is always on display and in great condition.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Custom High Seas Glass

9. Monogram Initial Home Bar Tray

Our Monogram Initial Home Bar Tray is the perfect gift for someone who loves to entertain and host parties, or someone who just needs a bit of extra, personalized, high class organization. Our beautiful trays are made of solid acacia wood, and engraved with the design of your choice. The trays are highly durable and have a naturally smooth finish. The rustic look of the acacia wood adds something special to any style décor.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Home Bar Tray Initial

10. Glass Holiday Wine Bottle Stoppers

Cover all of your holiday gift-giving bases with our quirky and adorable Glass Holiday Wine Bottle Stoppers. This set features four beautifully hand crafted glass wine stoppers with vibrant colors that add a bit of sparkle wherever they are. The four stoppers include an Easter Bunny, a Halloween pumpkin, a turkey for Thanksgiving, and of course, the big man himself: Santa Claus.  These stoppers add a bit of artistry to any even or party.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Holiday Wine Stoppers

11. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Your employees always stay cool under pressure. Keep their whiskey cool without adding any unwanted odors or watering it down with our number 11 pick. Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set is made from American granite sourced from the Northeast USA. These thick stones will keep cool much longer than other whiskey stones, and they have rounded edges to keep the quality of the whiskey glass and prevent any pesky scratches.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

12. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

For the corporate employee who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, we highly recommend our number 12 gift on this list. Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar holder is an effortlessly cool gift that is here to impress. The Holder itself is made from reclaimed barrel staves that were once used to age and distill whiskey and wine. The recycled wood of each product ensures that each holder is perfectly unique, just like the person receiving the gift!

Cool Corporate Gifts - Barrel Cigar Holder

13. Appreciation Plant Cube - Thank You For Your Thyme

If you’re looking for a more affordable gift for corporate employees, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, we definitely recommend our number 13 pick. This adorable Appreciation Plant Cube surely will plant seeds of appreciation in the gift recipient’s head! This gift set comes with a wooden box made completely from pine wood, a seed packet, and peat pellet. We love the Cube that proudly displays “Thank you for your Thyme”.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Plant Cube Thank You for Your Thyme

14. Copper Colored Liquor Infuser

Let your employee’s creative side shine through with our Copper Colored Liquor Infuser. This infuser quickly, easily, and efficiently mixes exciting new flavors into your favorite liquors. This sleek and sophisticated infuser adds a bit of style to wherever it is at. The infuser comes with an ultra-fine stainless steel filter so that the infusing process is effortless and delicious. It includes a book of instructions to get inspired and get started!

Cool Corporate Gifts - Copper Spirits Infuser

15. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Take in the moment with all of the senses with our Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray. This ashtray is hand crafted to perfection using exotic, premium Zebrawood. This perfectly sized ashtray comes with 4 grooves to hold your premium cigars while you’re deep in conversation or sipping on your craft cocktail. Not only is this ashtray beautiful, but it is hand crafted in the USA using all of the finest materials.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Zebrawood Ashtray

16. Monogram Embroidered Coaster Set

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for your coworkers can seem impossible. Give them the gift of convenience, beauty, and protected furniture with our Monogram Embroidered Coaster Set. This set of four coasters made from acacia wood will exceed their expectations of everything they know about coasters. The set is hand crafted in the USA and sourced using renewable forestry, so it’s a gift you can definitely feel good about giving.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Monogram Embroidered Coaster Set

17. Tomoka Gold Decanter

Give the gift of opulence with our Tomoka Gold Decanter. This eye catching decanter is more than something that effortlessly protects your favorite liquor, it is a piece of art.  The decanter is made from strong glass and features an intricately detailed ship inside. The stainless steel spigot ensures that you have the perfect pour from your decanter, and not a drop more than desired. Everyone who sees this decanter will be in awe at the sheer detail of the amazing work done by our master craftsmen.

Cool Corporate Gifts - Tomoka GoldWe hope that our list of Cool Corporate Gifts has helped you find the perfect present for your coworkers, employees, or even your employer. There is truly something for everyone on our list that will make them feel as special of an asset to you as they are to your company. Which gift will you be purchasing?