Prestige Decanters Tree Campaign

If you’re one of our avid fans, than you already know how important trees are to our company. At Prestige Decanters, every decanter that’s purchased results in one tree planted in America. We want to do more than just what we can in our company. We want you to have the ability to collaborate with a number of environmentally responsible companies!

Trees At Prestige

We go by the saying: Buy One, Plant One. Prestige Decanters are built on solid wooden foundations. To be blunt, we do it because it makes our products better and that’s what you deserve.

At the same time, we’re also environmentally friendly. We don’t just take and take and take. At Prestige, we give back. To offset wood use, and help restore U.S. forests, we plant a tree for every decanter you purchase.

Every time you buy, we plant a tree that helps replace those lost to natural disasters. Your order helps keep America beautiful while improving air and water quality too. Together our goal is to plant 100,000 trees to do our part to restore Mother Nature.

In keeping our promise, we wanted to create awareness for other organizations who do their part in keeping our forests lush. Thanks to these companies, the fresh air continues to enter our lungs!

Organizations that Plant Trees

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted plants one tree for every dollar donated. Located in Vermont, this nonprofit plants trees in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. They deal mainly with restoration from natural disasters.

Trees Louisville

Planting specifically in the Louisville, KY region, Trees Louisville focuses on building tree canopies within the city. There are several different areas the company is currently focusing on reinforcing the tree population including: Riverport, Lincoln Elementary, DuPont Manual High School, and more.

American Forests

Another leafy company, American Forests, has been restoring and protecting forests for over 140 years. Their goal is to plant 3 million trees this year alone!

National Forests Foundation

National Forests Foundation does more than just plant trees; they also restore National Forests and Grasslands. Their main focus exists to restore these once lush areas and make them thrive again!

International Tree Foundation

This next organization is unique in that they aid in alleviating poverty through sustainable community forestry. International Tree Foundation remains one of the oldest forestry organizations in the UK, beginning in 1924. They provide improved nutrition through their sustainability of forests and trees.

Tree Aid

Tree Aid does an amazing job at transparently showing how many trees they are actually planting. They have a number that pops up as soon as you pull up their website which reveals the total trees overall. They plant a tree every 30 seconds throughout the remote regions of Africa.

Plant a Billion Trees

China’s forests are in danger, which translates to species like the panda and golden monkey facing extinction. Plant a Billion Trees works to restore these forests of China, while also working in Brazil and the United States. It’s important to take into consideration that trees are home to several animals that depend on them for survival.

Trees For the Future

Trees mean survival for humans, too. The Forest Garden Program from Trees For the Future utilize planting fast-growing tree species. Several types of fruit trees, hardwoods, and food crops can change families’ futures. It gives them an income and a purpose.

Global Trees Campaign

Global Trees Campaign takes on yet another approach to restoring our world. They pant tree species that are on the verge of extinction. They knock out two needs in one hit!

Trees for Cities

Urban areas need trees, too. Trees for Cities has planted more than 600,000 trees in urban city areas such as parks, streets, schools, and housing properties. They’re committed to expanding connection to nature.

Trees for Life

Last, but most definitely not least, Trees for Life is yet another inspiring organization that is restoring trees in a lost ecosystem. The Caledonian Forest is their focus in reestablishing homes for beautiful wildlife due to fragmentation.

We hope you found inspiration from at least one if not all of these powerful organizations. Even if you don’t plant trees through us, we challenge you to get involved in a company that’s helping our various ecosystems flourish! Yeah trees!