Spectacular Cognac Cocktails

Ready for some Cognac cocktails, or what? It’s National Cognac Day! And we’re celebrating here at Prestige with these three beauties. We’re keeping it simple and highlighting the good stuff. If you’re a Cognac fan, stick around. If you’re new to the Cognac game, today is the perfect day to try out the greatness.

A Little Bit About Cognac…

You’ve probably
heard of Brandy before. It’s the umbrella term in this department. All Brandy
is defined as a distilled spirit coming from fermented fruit juice. Apple
juice, pear, grape, and more—they’re all fair game. Basically, you’re drinking
distilled wine.

Cognac itself
is a type of Brandy that comes from a very specific part of the world. Cognac
is a French wine-based Brandy. A Brandy produced in the Cognac region of France
bears the official title of “Cognac.” And with Cognac, we’re talking grapes.
Delicious, double-distilled white grapes.

It’s a little copper pot and oak cask magic. Cognac is nearly always blended. It must be at least 40 percent ABV. And that’s the skinny on what fans often call the sweet and subtle Cognac. We won’t lie--it looks even sweeter in our unique decanters.

Now, for the Cognac cocktails!

The Must-Try Cognac Cocktails

Let’s start off with a classic. You’ll see this on a ton of cocktail menus.

1) Sidecar

Cognac Cocktails Sidecar

The sidecar can be our sidekick any day. [Photo cred: Wiki Commons]

You’ll run into it at restaurants. And you’ll certainly want to serve it at your National Cognac Day party. (Are those a thing? They are now.)

This is easy. You’ll need Cognac, fresh lemon (or any citrus) juice, and Triple Sec. Some people like adding superfine sugar as well. Check out this Epicurious recipe here. Drink up! It’s traditional, simple, and super fantastic.

2) Cognac & Ginger

Cognac Cocktails - Cognac and Ginger

One is probably not enough. [Photo cred: Wiki Commons]

Once again, we’re
keeping these Cognac cocktails quick and painless. If you’re throwing together
a last-minute party to honor the day, you can do it with these! Grab some
Cognac, ginger ale, and lime for this one.

You can try Food & Wine’s recipe right here. They’re all about this classy highball. And we think you’ll love sipping it yourself. (And if you’re sipping it from one of our whiskey glasses, we won’t mind at all. They’re so full of charm and character, you’ll want to drink everything from them.)

3) Vieux Carré

The Vieux Carré Cognac Cocktail

The lighting isn’t the only thing that’s good… [Photo cred: Flickr]

Amp that Manhattan
up with some Cognac, why don’t ya? You’ll need rye whiskey, orange liqueur,
sweet vermouth, and bitters. And don’t forget the all-important Cognac. This
one was invented down in New Orleans at the legendary Carousel Bar.

Get the full recipe here at Liquor.com. It’s stirred perfection. In fact, we’re convinced this will become one of your home bar staples. Because everyone is going to dig it.

Cognac Cocktails or “The Water of Life”?

That’s right.
The French call it l’eau de vie. And
in our Kentucky accents, we call it that, too. Thinking of any Cognac cocktails
that we missed? Let us hear from you in the comments below. We’re always
looking to add to our base of booze-y knowledge on the blog.

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Enjoy National
Cognac Day the right way, folks. Tag us on Instagram @prestigedecanters with your cognac cocktails and memories!
We’d love to see how you party.