Gift Ideas for Clients to Show your Appreciation

Your clientele is important to you and essential to your business. Make sure that they always feel appreciated and secure in your business relationship with a special token of your gratefulness. We've compiled a list of 17 Gifts for Clients that they will be sure to love. 

1. Classic Initial Whiskey Glasses

When shopping for clients, it can start to feel as if every gift that you purchase is a bit disconnected from the person themselves. Take the more personal route when it comes to clientele gift giving with our Classic Initial Whiskey Glasses. These lovely whiskey glasses are made using 100% borosilicate glass that is durable and thick, and always 100% lead-free. The front of the glasses features your client’s initials in an elegant but understated monogram.

 Gift Ideas for Clients - Exquisite Classic Initial Whiskey Glasses Set

2. Glass Diamond Wine Stopper

Show your clients just how precious they are to you with our second pick on our list of gifts. Our Glass Diamond Wine Stopper is a small, but meaningful gift that your clients will use for years to come. This stopper is made with stainless steel and features a rubber seal to ensure that no air gets into their favorite bottle of wine. The top of the stopper features the stunning, artisan glass rendition of a beautiful diamond.  

Gift Ideas for Clients - Beautiful Diamond Wine Stopper

3. Gold Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses

If you’re looking for a gift for a golf-loving client that is most definitely a splurge. Then look no further than our Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses. This awesome set is a stunning way to reminisce about warm summer days out on the green. This set includes a 1000ml decanter set that is perfectly dimpled to resemble a golf ball as well as 4 whiskey glasses etched with golf score terms. The entire set comes beautifully displayed on a faux grass tray.  

Gift Ideas for Clients - Stunning Golf Ball Decanter Set

4. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Gift your clients a handmade gift that they will treasure for years to come with our 4th gift on the list. Our Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray is the perfect item for any client who loves to end their day with a premium cigar and a glass of bourbon. This cigar ashtray is made using premium and exotic Zebrawood. The wood is a beautiful light tone with zebra-like stripes and features two slots for sharing a cigar with friends.

Gift Ideas for Clients - Classy Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

5. American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask

Your clients will be able to easily carry around their favorite beverage in style with our 5th gift on our list. Our American Flag Engraved Wooden Flask is a fantastic gift for your on-the-go clientele. This stainless-steel flask is wrapped in elegant hardwood that is carved by our master craftsmen with the American Flag. The flask is completely secure and loss proof, with all of its smaller pieces attached.

Gift Ideas for Clients - Engraved American Flag Wooden Flask

6. Letter Monogram Coaster Set

Here at Prestige Haus, we think that custom, premium, handmade coasters make a great gift that no one will expect, but everyone will love. Our Letter Monogram Coaster set makes a great gift for clients that you may not know as well, but that you’d still like to give something personalized. These coasters are made from eye-catching and naturally liquid-resistant acacia wood. Their initials are carved onto the face of the coasters for a unique custom look.

Gift Ideas for Clients - Personalized Monogram Coaster Set


7. Thank You For Your Business Corporate Gift

Curated gift boxes make a great gift to send to a client in a pinch. This awesome Thank you for Your Business Gift Box is an adorable and simple gift that will make them feel appreciated. This awesome box includes a Fresh succulent in a 2.5-inch pot, Polka Dot Matches, a 4 oz High Five Scented Candle, 2 Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a personalized greeting card!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Thank You for Your Business Corporate Gift Box

8. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Keep your client's whiskey cool without any unwanted flavors or odors with our Whiskey Stones Gift Set. This incredible set includes six granite whiskey stones. The granite is sourced from the Northeast Portion of the United States and is extremely dense, meaning it will keep their drink cooler for longer than any other material. This set also includes two of our best-selling Exquisite whiskey glasses to add to the fun!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Stylish Whiskey Stones Gift Set

9. Custom Engraved Pint Glass Set

Get personal with your clients with our 9th gift on the list. Our Custom Engraved Pint Glasses are an awesome way to make a client feel cherished. These glasses are completely customizable. Add your client's name, their favorite sports team logo, or any other type of custom logo that you can think of. They are hand etched onto our thick, durable pint glasses, that will not only protect the beer inside but look good while doing so.

Gift Ideas for Clients - Sturdy Custom Engraved Pint Glass

10. Custom Design Wooden Mugs

Our tenth pick on the list is a unique and fun gift to give to the client who has an appreciation for older style, more classically designed items. The Custom Design Wooden Mugs are a great and versatile gift. They are perfect for drinking pints of their favorite beer, or even their favorite soda or juice. These custom mugs also make a great desk accessory and are a fantastic and original way to hold their pens!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Custom Wooden Beer Mug

11. American Flag Leather Can/Bottle Koozie

Keep your clients’ hands cozy while their drinks stay icy cold with our 11th gift pick. Our American Flag Leather Can/Bottle Koozie is going to make their boring, foam koozies a thing of the past. These koozies are made with top-grain, oil-tanned leather. The leather is engraved with our American Flag for a Patriotic touch. The inside of the koozie is lined with neoprene to ensure that their drink is always kept at its desired temperature!

Gift Ideas for Clients - American Flag Engraved Leather Bottle Koozie

12. Tassel Wine Charms

Our 12th pick on the list is definitely one of the more colorful and fun pieces from our selection. Our Tassel Wine Charms are a great, boho-inspired, accessory for any one of your clients who love to entertain. This set includes 8 charms with bright and vibrant tassels attached to a simple gold-styled hoop. Attach these to the stem of any wine glass to avoid party confusion in style!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Cute Bohemian Tassel Wine Charms

13. Animal Print Glasses Set

Take a walk on the wild side with our 13th gift selection for clients. Our Animal Print Whiskey Glass Set is a fun and original take on the classic whiskey glass. Each one of the 4 glasses comes in a unique animal print that has been etched onto the glass by our master craftsmen. These glasses are not only great to look at, but they are also durable, thick, and 100% lead-free!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Sturdy Animal Print Glasses Set

14. Prestige Haus Glass Sun Wine Bottle Stopper

Do your clients bring a bit of sunshine to your everyday routine? Show them how grateful you are for their sunny disposition with our 14th gift on the list. Our Prestige Haus Glass Sun Wine Bottle Topper is a small, but awesome gift for wine lovers out there. The stainless steel stopper has an airtight rubber seal to ensure their wine is at its freshest, while the beautiful glass sun topper shines outward and upward.

Gift Ideas for Clients - Decorative Barrel Stave Flight Rack

15. Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray

If your client is obsessed with their dog (how could they not be?) then getting them a gift all about their dog will make their day! Our Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray is a fantastic way to show them you care. This tray is made from naturally beautiful and durable acacia wood. It features a carving of the dog breed of choice as well as space for custom text!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Personalized Dog Breed Bar Tray

16. "Thank You for helping my business GROW" Succulent Gift Box 

Our 16th pick on the list is a fantastic gift for your clients who have a green thumb, and maybe even for those who don’t! The "Thank You for helping my business GROW" Succulent Gift Box includes a variety of succulent gifts such as Mini Succulents, Succulent Assortments, Succulent Wreaths, Succulent Arrangements, and more. Each gift box will include a bi-folding greeting card with a greeting message displayed on the outside of the card and the option to add a brief personalized message to the inside greeting card.

Gift Ideas for Clients - Gifts To Clients Thank You For Helping

17. Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder

Bring the fun of whiskey tasting home to your clients with our Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder. This awesome holder has room for three tasting glasses. The holder itself is made using recycled wood from former barrel staves that were once used to age whiskey and wine. Because they are made from reclaimed materials, each piece is truly one of a kind, just like your client!

Gift Ideas for Clients - Decorative Barrel Stave Flight Rack

We hope your clients are absolutely blown away at the time and consideration that goes into picking out and purchasing every one of these gifts on our list. There truly is a gift for every type of client, and maybe even a gift you might like to keep for yourself. Which gift catches your eye?