Christmas Gifts for Boss - Bow Ties

Need a Christmas gift for a boss lady? The boss man? We’ve got several options to at least get your wheels of choice turning in the right direction. All you know is, you’re really glad you work for and with this individual. They definitely deserve a special present that reflects how much you appreciate them.

Remember, as you purchase a gift for this leader in your life, the thought behind the item truly matters. It’s cliché, but your boss is smart and likely intuitive. They’ll be grateful that you took the time to find them something they will truly enjoy.

Keep reading for eight great gift ideas!

Choosing the Ultimate Christmas Gift for Boss or Bossette

1) Portable Standing Desk

Christmas Gifts for Boss - Portable Standing Desk A screenshot of a Portable Standing Desk [Photo credit: Amazon].

If your boss travels a great deal, then consider an adjustable laptop table that gives the option of turning a conventional desk into a standing desk. Sitting down to type and send emails is old news! Being on your legs is all the rage now. It’s a thoughtful gift for the boss on the go.

2) Blue Bottle Coffee Gift Subscription

Christmas Gifts for Boss - Blue Bottle Coffee Gift Subscription A screenshot of Blue Bottle Coffee Gift Subscription Page [Photo credit:]

Do you work for a coffee-holic? Give the gift of caffeine and win them over in an instant. With Blue Bottle, you can choose from a variety of gifts. Opt for espresso beans, single origin, decaf (yeah… probably not), and fun blend assortments. And don’t forget a new coffee mug!

3) Beverage Warmer

Christmas Gifts for Boss - Beverage Warmer The screenshot of a Beverage Warmer [Photo credit: Brookstone.

So, you might combine this with the above gift, but it’s also great for tea-lovers and hot cocoa folks. We’re envisioning your boss’s favorite mug on their new cup warmer. They’ll be able to keep their beverage of choice at the preferred temperature right down to the last drop.

4) Classic Gift Basket

Christmas Gift for Boss - Classic Gift Basket When you get a gift basket, it’s like getting twenty gifts in one. [Photo cred: Berries]

So, a special Christmas gift for the boss, huh? You can’t go wrong with a gourmet gift basket. We’ve linked to Shari’s Berries, but there are plenty of other companies doing good things in the gift basket world. It may seem old school and pretty inside the box, but who can resist a big ol’ bundle of delicious fruits, cheese, nuts, candy, wine, etc.? Have a health-conscious boss who doesn’t even bend for the holidays? Rest assured: there are plenty of healthy gift baskets on the market, too.


5) Luggage Locator

Christmas Gifts for Boss - Luggage Locator A screenshot of Luggage Locator, with some accompaniments [Photo credit: SharperImage].

Have a frequent-flyer boss? This luggage locator would be an awesome addition to their trips. Don’t worry: it’s TSA approved. An app syncs with your boss’s smartphone, and they’re able to quickly locate their bags at their destination.

6) Boss USB Pen & Stylus

Christmas Gifts for Boss - USB Pen and Stylus A screenshot of the USB Pen and Stylus [Photo credit: Baudville].

It’s three gifts in one, really: a pen, a stylus, and a 1-GB USB drive. Perfect for purses, briefcases, day-to-day office assignments, and travel! You can even add three lines of personalization to give the case a unique, memorable touch.

7) Liquor/Wine Decanter

Christmas Gifts for Boss - Prestige Diamond Shaped Decanter The iconic hand-blown diamond shaped decanter from Prestige.

Okay, so, in our humble opinion we’ve been holding out on the best Christmas gift for the boss.  Prestige Decanters’ handcrafted decanters are a delightful, practical token of appreciation that speaks both style and class. Make your boss’s day with a home bar must-have! (As an added bonus, we’ll plant a tree when you purchase a decanter. Check out our blog article Buy One Plant One to learn more about our love for both decanters and trees!)

8) Whiskey Glasses

Christmas Gifts for Boss - Prestige Etched Globe Whiskey Glass This etched globe whiskey glass - from Prestige Decanters - is mighty good!.

Last, but certainly not least, are Prestige Decanters’ whiskey glasses. Your boss is going to absolutely love these gems. They’re handblown by our talented craftsmen. You’re sure to find a set in our online shop that suits your fearless leader.  Throw in a bottle of your boss’s favorite to really express your appreciation!

Because They’re “Boss-some…”

Make your list and check it twice as you prepare to place your orders or hit the stores. We hope you’ll shop with us, but most of all, we want you to feel confident about the gift you select for your boss-some boss!

Hey, Prestige community! What are you getting for your boss this year? Share your ideas with us below in the comments section. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.