18 Slam-Dunk Business Gifts for Clients

When you’re running your own business or accounts, we know you have enough on your plate as it is. But it’s important to show your clients how important they are to you! That’s why we’ve curated this list of eighteen amazing business gifts for clients. You don’t have time to sift through pages and pages of gift ideas that may or may not impress. Instead, by shopping with PrestigeHaus, you’re guaranteed a timeless, handcrafted gift they’ll adore. Whether it’s a stunning decanter or a personalized coaster set, we have everything you need to thrill your clients this holiday season.

Keep reading for our favorite business gifts for clients!

1. Barrel Stave Cigar and Glencairn Glass Holder

Do you have a one-of-a-kind client that deserves a one-of-a-kind gift? You won’t find this cigar and Glencairn glass holder anywhere else! Made of reclaimed bourbon- and wine-barrel staves and accented with galvanized steel from the hoops, the holder is a perfect one-handed solution for a two-handed hobby. Our artisans carved two perfect grooves – one for a cigar and the other for a Glencairn glass – so each can be enjoyed in style. What a way for your client to kick back!

Unique Business Gifts for Clients - Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

2. Decanter Tags

We love the organized style and clean look of matching decanters on a bar cart. But how do you tell tequila from vodka at a glance? Bourbon from brandy? Here’s another opportunity to keep it all uniform AND informative with a set of silver decanter tags. Featuring eight of the most common spirits (vodka, brandy, scotch, tequila, bourbon, rum, gin, and whiskey) these tags easily hang around the neck of just about any-sized decanter thanks to adjustable chains with clasps.

Unique Business Gifts for Clients - Engraved Silver Decanter Tags

3. Charging Bull Decanter

You’ll do anything for your best clients. Show them your dedication to protecting their interests with this incredible charging bull decanter! Mouthblown by our master artisans, this decanter channels the spirit of the fierce and relentless bull. Your client can keep up to 1000ml of their favorite spirit in this unique work of art. With its defiant stance and whipping tail, it’s an amazing addition to any space. They’ll be astounded by this gift!

Best Gifts for Clients - Stunning 1000ml Charging Bull Decanter

4. Initials Whiskey Glass Set (Set of Two)

Some of the best business gifts for clients are the ones that are personalized without being too personal. You can walk that line easily with this set of two whiskey glasses that feature their initials. It’s a wonderful way to show that you care and also value your working relationship. Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, these tumblers are sturdy and safe. They’re also shiny and masterfully engraved with your client’s initials. With a generous ten-ounce capacity, they can use these glasses for any beverage – from lemonade to a dram of whiskey.

Perfect Business Gifts for Clients - Customized Whiskey Glass Set with Initial

5. Tequila Tasting Board

For the life-of-the-party client, we present this tequila tasting board. This birch board is cleverly carved with wells for tequila shots and spots for limes and salt. This all-in-one board is also engraved with a beautiful agave plant as well as labels for each expression of tequila. Each board is handmade so no two will be exactly alike! They’ll be so excited to pull this board out at any party and, by doing so, they’ll always associate you with fun!

Perfect Business Gifts for Clients - Beautiful Tequila Tasting Board

6. Whiskey Stones

Whether your client drinks whiskey or not, they could use an alternative to melting, drink-diluting ice in their favorite drink. These granite whiskey stones are an odorless, tasteless way to replace ice in your drink without missing out on a refreshing chill. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a few hours and voila: perfectly chilled, perfectly strong drinks, every time! The six stones have rounded edges so no need to worry about scratched glassware. A wonderful gift any time of the year.

Functional Gifts for Clients - Beautiful Granite Whiskey Stones

7. Engraved City Map Flask

Let them show off a little hometown love with one of our meticulously engraved city map all-beverage flasks. Made of stainless steel and wrapped with genuine wood, these flasks are unique and thoughtfully made. The screw-on cap is attached to the flask itself, so no need to worry about dropping or losing it! We have a number of city maps already represented – San Antonio, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, and more – but if you don’t see your city, just reach out! Our artisans are happy to work with you to bring your vision to life!

Wooden Gifts for Clients - Engraved San Antonio Wood Flask

8. Corporate Coaster Gift Set

Do you know what will really knock their socks off? A personalized coaster set that has their logo on it! Imagine their surprise when they unwrap these coasters that weren’t made by their own design team. Handcrafted of sustainable acacia wood, the coasters are naturally smooth and water-resistant. They’re then expertly engraved to your specifications before they’re securely shipped to you or your recipient. With four in a set, they can protect multiple furnishings from damaging watermarks.

Wooden Gifts for Clients - Customized Coaster Set with Logo Engraved

9. American Flag Leather Koozie

Looking for a small, portable gift for your client they’ll use again and again? Our hand-tooled leather koozie is just the ticket. Crafted of top-grain oil-tanned leather, this premium koozie is then lined with neoprene for temperature optimization. It fits easily into a back pocket, purse, beach bag, and more, so your client is always ready to enjoy a cold drink! It’s a comfortable way to sip in style.

Unique Business Gifts for Clients - Quality American Flag Leather Can Koozie

10. Customized Beer Mug (Set of Two)

Don’t disappoint them with generic business gifts for clients. Instead, let our artisans go the extra mile for you with this set of two customized beer mugs. They can engrave your client’s logo, mission statement, name, or whatever else will you think will put a smile on their face! Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, the sturdy and safe mugs are a gleaming way to enjoy a beer. The included handle keeps their hands dry from condensation and prevents their body heat from warming their beer. Win-win!

Customized Business Gifts for Clients - Sturdy Beer Mug

11. Wine Themed Wine Charms

Small gifts can be big on personality! For the wine-loving client, consider these wine-themed wine charms. They’re perfect at get-togethers for guests to tell each other’s glasses apart. Each guest simply chooses one of the eight distinct charms to easily attach to their own stemmed glass. No more swapping glassware (and spit!). At the end of the night, these charms come off as easily as they snapped on. Made of natural cork, they’re also easy to clean.

 Unique Business Gifts for Clients - Cute Wine Charms

12. Holiday Wine Stoppers

What better way to say “happy holidays” than with a considerate, handcrafted work of art? It helps if that art doubles as something useful, like these holiday wine stoppers. Mouthblown by our team of glassblowers, each of these four stoppers is a thing of beauty unto itself! Your client will be able to celebrate year-round with a stopper for Easter, one for Halloween, one for Thanksgiving, and of course a jolly Santa for Christmas. They’ll be delighted by the vibrant colors and details of these stoppers!

Unique Business Gifts for Clients - Cute Holiday Wine Bottle Stoppers

13. Globe Decanter

Let your client know their business means the world to you with our classic globe decanter. It’s one of our best-sellers for a reason! Handcrafted of safe, sturdy, and shiny glass by our master artisans, this 1000ml decanter features engraved continents to a beautiful effect. It is securely mounted on a hand-carved wooden stand in which it can gently spin. Over a full fifth of your client’s favorite spirit can be kept safe and pure in this decanter’s depths thanks to an included airtight stopper. A truly showstopping gift!

Best Gifts for Clients - Stunning Pythagoras Globe Decanter

14. Hammered Cocktail Shaker

We all know how important that end-of-the-week cocktail can be! What better way to make it a Friday ritual than celebrating with a beautifully hand-crafted stainless steel cocktail shaker? With a hammered design, this shaker is a sophisticated way to whip up a cocktail or two. Made of durable materials and thoughtfully designed, your client will be able to use it, again and again, to kick off their weekend in style for years to come!

Best Gifts for Clients - Beautiful Stainless Hammered Cocktail Shaker

15. Golf Ball Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

We all know real business gets done on the golf course. For the times the two of you can’t be out on the fairway, remind your client of the good times you’ve had (and will have!) with this set of two golf ball-shaped whiskey glasses. Handcrafted of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, these tumblers look like the real deal, down to the dimples. With a generous ten-ounce capacity, they can enjoy a pour of whiskey or a full cocktail in these glasses!

Best Gifts for Clients - Exquisite Golf Ball Whiskey Glass

16. Personalized Bar Tray

Keeping it professional is the name of the game when shopping for the best business gifts for clients! Speaking of their name, why not gift them with a professionally-engraved personalized bar tray? Perfect for their office or at home, this acacia wood bar tray is hand-crafted and ready to serve up cocktails or organize daily items like keys and mail. The naturally smooth sustainably harvested material has a beautifully variegated appearance and, because of the wide range of colors acacia wood can produce, no two bar trays are alike.

Customized Gifts for Clients - Wooden Acacia Bar Tray with Engraved Initial

17. Gone Fishin’ Decanter Set

On the other hand, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Celebrate the way your client likes to relax with this detailed Gone Fishin’ decanter set. Complete with our classic square decanter and two matching whiskey glasses, the set is made of mouthblown glass and engraved in-house by our team of craftsmen. Include up to four lines of your own personalized text on the decanter for that special touch. The decanter can hold a full fifth of spirit, capped off with a ground-glass airtight stopper.

Customized Gifts for Clients - Engraved Gone Fishin’ Decanter Set

18. Acacia Wood Cocktail Muddler

This muddler is a great gift on its own or a fun add-on to other bar tools, like the hammered shaker on this list. Made of water- and stain-resistant acacia wood, the muddler is designed to bring out the essential oils and complex flavors of fruit, herbs, and more for delicious cocktails. Easy to use and easy to clean, the muddler is a must-have tool for making juleps, smashes, and more!

Functional Gifts for Clients - Acacia Wood Muddler

Which of these business gifts for clients will you buy this year?