Bulleit rye review

Ladies and gentlemen near and far, it’s time for the Bulleit Rye review roundup! Gather around and get the scoop on this pour. Bulleit is a bar staple here at Prestige. We often say: Bulleit was good enough from my great-great granddaddy, and it’s good enough for me. Of course, we’re talking bourbon when we say this.

But when
Bulleit Rye made its debut in 2011, there was no hesitation from us. And today,
we’re still talking about it. We sip it neat, and we certainly use it in
cocktails. (The Manhattan is our jam something serious.)

We headed into the wilds of Instagram to snag a few reviews. So, that’s what we’re sharing with you today. Hope you enjoy. And we hope you’ll enjoy this particular bottle in your whiskey glass very soon!

Bulleit Rye Review Time!

We’re people on the go today. Chances are, you’re standing in a liquor store right now. You’re on the move, wanting to know the best rye in the room. Get your quick Bulleit Rye review notes here. Your decision-making just became easier! Cheers.

Bulleit Rye Rundown

Proof: 90 Proof (45% ABV)

Mashbill: 95% rye and 5% malted barley

Age: 4+ years

Price Range: $20-$30.00

Reviews Are In (Plus Quick Tasting Notes!)

From @northern_bourbon

“I got to be honest. I had low expectations, but it’s pretty good… It’s gonna be great for party shots and long weekend celebrations!”

From @whiskeyconsensus

“Ain’t fancy or nothing, but I’m always satisfied when bars make a house Manhattan with it.”

From @firewaterxo

“Nose: An explosion of notes of vanilla and cherry, with subtle tobacco tones. Palate: Delicious and spicy with peach flavors, cherries, oak, honey, and a drop of orange. Finish: Long, slightly smoked, spicy... It’s a nice option, comes in at a very good price. And I can tell you this will kick ass as a mixer.”

From @eaglelovingbaconeater

“For economical rye, this one never disappoints. I think it often gets overlooked, but I’m a fan.”

From @bourbonwithasideofwhiskey

“Considering what most ryes go for these days, it really is amazing that you can get something so good for this price.”

A little history from @empirebrickofgin

“There are various styles out there of making whiskey. While bourbon, made mainly from corn, became the bigger style after the American prohibition, rye whiskey was the bigger one before 1920. And because of that, most whiskey-based classic drinks were built with rye.

Rye offers a deeper and more complex taste than corn-based whiskey. A logical conclusion if you ever compared bread made out of different grains. It’s more fruity and earthy, having hints from spices to vanilla and an overall more dry profile.

Our rye of choice is a classic instead of a craft one... Bulleit Rye. Don’t get fooled by the low price point... And please don’t draw the comparison to the big names in bourbon you see everywhere with a similar price tag. We’re talking about a very different spirit here.”

From @bourbonr

“Bulleit Rye is still very tasty for the $$$.”

From @williamswhiskydatabase

Nose: Spicy black pepper and black licorice set the main tone. There’s pine plus a hint of basil. It’s herbal and grassy. There’s also some vanilla sweetness and a hint of oak peeking through. After opening up in the glass, the whole thing turns to dill pickle juice.

Mouth: The pine and the dill pickle juice are dominant. There are spicy flavors such as mustard and anise, and fruitiness with some green grapes and apples. When the oak arrives, it’s very dry and astringent. It’s still herbal and grassy and the vanilla is hanging on. A faint sour lemon note hides in the background and comes forward after a few sips.

Finish: The pine note is prominent with the green grapes and apples now accompanied by honey sweetness. It’s still grassy and peppery, but soon a very heavy oak note takes over everything. It turns very astringent and now it tastes like dry soil and weathered oak. After a second or two, the dill pickle juice returns and keeps the oak company all the way to the finish line. The mustard spiciness builds up in the end.”

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