Best Whiskey For Hot Toddy Lovely Drinks

You need the best whiskey for hot toddy drinks, and here’s why. Fall and winter are upon us. And the hot toddy may just be the official comforting, feel-better cocktail. It warms you from the inside out. It’s a bear hug. It’s a shoulder to lean on. It’ll rock you to sleep, baby.

Next time you’re picking up whiskey, keep your eyes peeled for these bottles. They’ll get you through the shorter days. They’ll soothe you when your team misses a last-second field goal. Whiskey is the best medicine, y’all. Our Kentucky mamas taught us that long ago. And we’re sticking to it.

Quick Hot Toddy Recipe

First up, let’s
look at a basic hot toddy. Plenty of folks have their own spin. But what are
the classic toddy ingredients? Here you go, folks:

  • ¾ c hot water
  • 1 ½ oz whiskey
  • Honey (a few teaspoons, to taste)
  • Fresh lemon juice (a few teaspoons, to taste)
  • Lemon slices
  • Cinnamon sticks

You work this magic until you get it just as you like it. Make it more citrus-forward. Or, if you love the sweet taste of honey, no one’s stopping you. We’ve heard of tea and so many other ingredients being added to these cocktail treasures. Be creative. You do YOU!

What’s the Toddy Good For?

Well, honestly, some of us just love it. It’s the “soul food” of the cocktail world. It’s home. Put your feet up. Read, watch a movie, chat by the fire. The hot toddy is the picture of coziness. When it’s snowing during the holidays, you’re not doing snowy nights right without your toddy. This is a fact, people.

Aside from all that hype, though... The hot toddy can heal your heart and body. Water, lemon, and honey are amazing for coughs and cold symptoms. And with the whiskey, you’ll relax and rest easy. If you are looking for relief, don’t overdo it on the whiskey, though. It’s tasty, but hydration is key.

Best Whiskey for Hot Toddy Sipping

This cocktail
isn’t really a party drink very often. But what the hell? If you like it, serve
it. Most of the time, it’s a drink you snuggle up to. It’s why we’re mentioning
it now, with the fall weather approaching.

If you have the best whiskey for hot toddy drinks, then you’re set. With the right spirit, you’ll be on your way to fine flavor, health benefits, and just warmth in general.

3 Hot Toddy Whiskey Picks That Are Sure to Please

Tip: For the optimal hot toddy experience, you need whiskey glasses that speak your language -- that represent something unique about you. And we have a ton. Great for gifts to yourself and others. Go snag a couple today!

1. For a Bourbon Hot Toddy

Woodford Reserve - Bourbon Hot Toddy

Woodford Reserve | $26.99

We’re a
Louisville crew here at Prestige. So, you already knew we were going to suggest
bourbon for your hot toddy recipe. It’s our number one selection. There’s
something about that vanilla goodness that marches right in line with honey and
lemon. Then that cinnamon and alcohol kick? Top-notch.

You might sit back with Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, etc. We respect your decision. For our pick, we’re nodding in Woodford Reserve’s direction. It’s already bringing some mighty citrus and cinnamon notes. It makes sense to us. We like it. Definitely a solid option.

2. For a Rye Hot Toddy

Old Overholt Rye - Rye Hot Toddy

Old Overholt Rye | $19.99

A buddy of ours
swore by this rye hot toddy for years. We finally tried it, and we’ve been
spreading the rye hot toddy gospel ever since. This hot toddy is special.
Instead of cinnamon sticks, try fresh ginger. The spicy rye and spicy ginger
are an amazing match.

Old Overholt is
easy on the wallet. That’s its charm. That nose is crazy for twenty bucks! And
there’s something about breathing a toddy in on a chilly night. The rye dabbles
in the cinnamon and citrus elements itself, which we like. Plus it’s readily
available in most liquor stores.

Rittenhouse Rye Bottled-in-Bond is also excellent. It’ll take things to another level on the palate. And we love it for $24.99.

3. For a Scotch Hot Toddy

Glenmorangie Original - Scotch Hot Toddy

Glenmorangie Original | $34.99

What’s more
toasty and cozy than a little smoky Scotch? If you’re a Scotch lover, maybe
you’re already aware of this fine mix. If you’ve never tried Scotch, this could
be a great intro for you. Want to learn more about Granddaddy Scotch? Check out
Best Scotch for Beginners right here on our blog!

This one is a no-brainer for us. It’s a Glenmorangie Original every time. Why? We like the sweet and floral palate paired with all that drippy honey. And this Scotch even gives us a hint of lemon. It’s agreed. This warm cocktail is happening soon.

Holler At Us Hotties!

In your
opinion, what’s the best whiskey for hot toddy cocktails? We’d like to know
your thoughts on the matter. Share your signature recipe in the comments below.
Our community loves to check out what others are up to in their drinking game.

Oh, and your
whiskey needs a stable, safe, and well-designed environment. Don’t you think?
Have a look at our whiskey decanters, and you’ll see what we mean. They’re
beautiful, handcrafted homes for your liquor. Air-tight seal, tons of unique
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admitting it.

Stay warm,
Prestige family! Put on some ridiculous fuzzy socks. Throw a log on the fire.
Wrap up in a worn quilt, and sip your toddy. It does a body good, but it does
the soul even better. Cheers!