Best Affordable Scotch - Scotch on the rocks

We’re out to get the scoop on the best affordable Scotch. For so long, Scotch has been viewed as your rich granddaddy’s go-to. But things are changing. Let’s talk about some delicious, affordable options that you can pick up at your local liquor store.

Say hello to our Scotch enthusiasts, @thescotchgirl, @singlemaltsavvy, and @scotch.boy! We’re happy they’re joining us and giving us their smoky and delicious picks. Follow them now for even more recommendations every week.

6 Best Affordable Scotch Recommendations

Which Scotch options are the best when you’re shopping on a budget? Some of the best whisky bottles out there happen to be great deals, too. Let’s have a look at several, shall we?

1) DALWHINNIE 15 ~ $64.99

Dhalwinnie 15 affordable scotch

Recommendation from @thescotchgirl

The Scotch Girl believes in this one: “My definition of a classic Scotch.” She goes on to say, “It pairs well with almost any meal.” We hear ya. Grab this one for your next cocktail hour and dinner party.


Glenlivet Founders

Recommendation from @thescotchgirl

The Scotch Girl is all about the layers here: “For the price, it may surprise you how complex it is.” This one is certainly worth a shot. Great value!


Glenmorangie Original Scotch

Recommendation from @singlemaltsavvy

Single Malt Savvy praises this one: get ready for citrus and fruit! We’ll take it. Sign us up.

4) OLD PULTENEY 12 ~ $44.99

Old Pluteney Scotch

Recommendation from @singlemaltsavvy

For this one, @singlemaltsavvy says to expect “coastal and delicate.” Sounds divine. Pick this one up for a friend or keep it all to yourself.


Johnnie Walker Black Label

You probably recognize this bottle already. You’ve seen it on shelves everywhere. There’s a reason for that. It’s beloved.

6) TALISKER 10 ~ $54.99

Taliksker Scotch

Recommendation from @scotch.boy

Expect great things from this pick. And to be honest, this one’s good whether you’re new to Scotch or a longtime friend.

Keep Scotch & Carry On

You asked for the
best affordable Scotch, and our enthusiasts have answered. We encourage you to
purchase and keep your home bar stocked with a few of these bottles. You could
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