Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Can you believe that the holiday season is just around the corner? Get a jump start on your gift shopping with our list of 17 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men. From decanters to wine charms, we truly have a gift for every man on your lift.

1. Atlas - Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter

If the man in your life appreciates the finer things when it comes to décor, then our first pick on the lift is the perfect pick for him. Our Atlas- Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter is more than just something to contain their favorite spirits, it is a work of art. The 1000ml decanter is formed using hand-blown glass by our master craftsmen to resemble the globe. The stunning bronze-inspired base is made to look like Atlas, bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Atlas Bearer Worldly Spirits

2. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Keep his whiskey cool without any of the pesky ice cubes and other tastes and odors that come along with them. Our Whiskey Stones Gift set includes a wooden tray and 6 of our dense, granite stones. The granite is sourced from the North East Portion of the United States, and it is rounded edges ensure that their glasses are protected always. Speaking of glasses, this set comes with two of our classically designed whiskey glasses to complete it.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

3. Fancy Initial Decanter Set

You can never go wrong with a customized decanter set. Our number 3 pick on the list is the perfect gift for any man you’re looking to surprise this Christmas. The Fancy Initial decanter set comes with a 900ml, 100% lead-free square decanter as well as two 10-ounce whiskey glasses. Both the decanter and the glasses come monogrammed with the initials of the gift recipient, for a fancy and personal touch.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Personalized Fancy Initial Decanter Set

4. EGA Marine Corps Cigar Ashtray

Our number 4 pick on our list of Christmas Gift Ideas For Men is perfect for the active service member or veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Our stunning EGA Marine Corps Cigar Ashtray truly embodies the Semper Fi Spirit. This beautiful, deep brown, hardwood ashtray comes engraved with the USMC Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.  Not only does this ashtray come in handy when they are enjoying a premium cigar, but it is also truly a piece of art and a talking point in any home.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – EGA Marine Corps Cigar Ashtray

5. Santa Claus Bar Tray

Santa Claus is coming to town! And he will be hanging out at your loved one's home bar with our Santa Claus Bar Tray. This awesome tray is made with naturally beautiful, scratch-resistant, and liquid-resistant acacia wood. The tray comes engraved with an adorable vintage-style Santa, and the words “Ho Ho Ho” in cursive underneath. They can use this tray anywhere where storage and organization are needed, or for serving drinks at their holiday parties!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Wooden Santa Claus Bar Tray

6. Golf Decanter Set

Our Golf Decanter Set is the optimal gift for the golf lover in your life. The set includes a Hand-blown, lead-free decanter that holds a perfect 1,000 ml of their favorite liquor or wine. The decanter is shaped impeccably like a golf ball, even down to the individual dimples. The two accompanying whiskey glasses are also rounded and shaped to resemble golf balls. The entire set is stunningly presented on a faux grass tray, to bring the golf course home!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Customized Golf Decanter Set

7. Ember Mug 2

If your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, etc. are always leaving their coffee cups in random places, only to find a cold cup of coffee later on, then our number 7 pick is perfect for them. The Ember Mug 2 is the world's first temperature-controlled mug, designed to keep coffee and other hot beverages at your ideal sipping temperature. The mug comes with an app to control the temperature and the smart mug's integral battery maintains your chosen temperature for 80–90 minutes.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Personalized Ember Mug

8. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

The smell of a cigar can bring back a wave of memories, especially around the holidays. Gift your loved one the elite cigar smoking experience with our Bubinga Cigar Ashtray. This beautiful ashtray is made with warm, rich, and exotic Bubinga wood. The center of the ashtray features an eye-catching cabochon stone and also has two grooves, for the special guy in your life to rest his favorite cigars.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

9. Christmas Wine Charms

Is your loved one less of a whiskey or beer drinker and more of a wine aficionado? Then our number 9 gift is an awesome addition to their wine glasses and accessories. Our Christmas Wine Charms come in 8 adorable Christmas designs, each one different. The designs are etched onto all-natural cork, for a rustic, but charming look and feel. The charms are attached to a simple, dainty hoop, and attach easily to any wine glass stem.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Christmas Wine Charms

10. Firefighters Decanter

Honor the firefighter in your life with our number 10 pick. Our Firefighters decanter is a poignant and lovely tribute to the men (and women) who keep us safe. The decanter is made using hand-blown, borosilicate glass, and features the Fireman’s Maltese Cross in the center. The decanter is held up by a stunning hardwood base, for a look and feels that will compliment any home décor.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Customized Firefighters Decanter

11. Science of Whiskey Glass Set

Is your loved one a science guy? Are they always looking for explanations of how things work, where they come from, or how they are made? Then they will love our Science of Whiskey Glass Set. These whiskey glasses are truly unique. They are made from extremely durable and thick borosilicate glass. The glasses feature the molecules and other components that combine to create everyone’s favorite amber-colored beverage.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Science of Whiskey Glass Set

12. Silver Colored Liquor Infuser

Everyone loves trying out a new hobby or activity. Start your loved one’s year off with a unique Christmas gift that can possibly be beginning a budding craft for them. Our Silver Colored Liquor infuser is a chic and simple way to infuse your favorite flavors into your tried and true liquors. The infuser is made with an ultra-fine stainless steel filter that seamlessly brings the infusion together, and keeps unwanted particles out of the glass.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Silver Spirits Infuser

13. Loftie Clock

No more hitting snooze or missing deadlines with our number 13 pick. The Loftie Clock is a Two-phase alarm that first brings you out of sleep, then lifts you back to consciousness. The alarm tone, time, and volume are completely customizable, and can even be adjusted to your regular weekly schedule. This alarm clock is more than your average clock, it also includes Updatable wellness content, including breathwork, sound baths, and guided meditation.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Loftie Clock

14. Monogram Diamond Coaster Set

These are not your ordinary coasters! Our Monogram Diamond Coaster set is actually a set of coasters that he will want to use! These beautiful coasters come in a pack of 4. They are 4x4 inches and made of naturally rich, warm, and stunning acacia wood. Acacia wood is both liquid resistant and fungus resistant, so it is perfect for setting any type of beverage onto. Add your loved one's initials for a truly custom touch to any room.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Monogram Diamond Coaster Set

15. Custom Engraved Pint Glass

Can you ever have enough pint glasses? We don’t think so. Surprise the special man in your life with a set of our Custom Engraved Pint Glasses. These pint glasses are skillfully crafted by our artisan-level master craftsmen. They are made using borosilicate glass, which is very thick and resilient. They will be so impressed with the intricate and meticulous design of these glasses. Add their name, favorite logo, or any design you can think of for a fun touch to any pint glass collection.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Customized Engraved Pint Glass

16. American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

We always like to include a stocking stuffer on our lists for Christmas. Our American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener is a truly wonderful present to add to the man in your life’s stocking on Christmas Morning. This bottle opener is not only useful, it is eye-catching as well. It is 100% American-made and has a distinct bullet design and American Flag engraving. They will never forget a bottle opener again!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

17. Custom Design Wooden Mug

Our final gift on our list is truly one of our most unique. It is so unique that it just about flies off the shelf when it comes available. Our Custom Design Wooden Mug is not only a charming, old-world style gift, it is versatile as well. This wooden mug brings you right back to the good old days, sitting around a candle-lit pub, sharing tales with your friends. He can use this mug for drinking, or even for holding smaller objects like pens or tools.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Customized Wooden Mug

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? We know we are! You will truly make any man in your life feel special with one of the gifts from our specially curated list of gift ideas for men. Which gift will you be purchasing first?