happy father's day

Exactly What Dad Wants This Year

So, it’s Father’s Day. Maybe his birthday. Or the holidays. Retirement? Promotion at work? Lots of milestones or celebrations call for gift giving. But what do dads really want on these special occasions? We’re here to give you some ideas. At the very least, we’ll get you thinking in the right direction. We’ve got some fail-proof gift guidance you don’t want to miss.

Keep reading to discover the truth. What do dads really want? What’s on that wish list he’s keeping to himself?


What Do Dads Really Want?

We’re breaking it down this way: types of dads. It’s just the simplest way to brainstorm as we ask ourselves, “What do dads really want?” Hopefully, your father fits into one of the molds here. If not, no worries. You’ll see how to put our strategy to work for you.

And these “types” aren’t meant to be offensive. We know your daddy-o is a man with multiple talents and hobbies. He has many interests. And perhaps he enjoys something we haven’t mentioned. Let your mind continue along these lines, though.

We understand. He could be a gamer, a collector of sorts, a golfer, a dog dad, or a cosplay dude. Poker king, workaholic, music guy, motorcycle rider, craft beer lover, coffee or wine connoisseur, major prankster. Whatever he is, he’s awesome. And he deserves a sweet gift he’ll remember and treasure.


10 Types of Dads

Here’s our list of 10 types of dads. The ones below are common, but this rundown is not all-inclusive. Our list could go on and on. As we said, be inspired here. Soak up some ideas and tips. You might see something you hadn’t thought of before. Most importantly, keep the main question in mind: What do dads really want? What will they really appreciate? It’s likely they’ll dig something practical. Something that they can use doing whatever they enjoy. Or something they can actually do!

Real talk? It’s time to say goodbye to boring neckties and “Best Dad” coffee mugs. (That is, unless your papa bear likes that kind of thing.) Check out this brief gift guide as you make a solid plan for your dad-o this year.

By the way, gift cards are acceptable in the realm of what do dads really want. It’s not our top choice. But they’re all right. Gotta nail it, though. They need to be for a particular store/brand he likes. Don’t just grab a reloadable Visa on the run. Make it special. (And you better write one hell of a note if you settle on gift certificates.)

(Just a heads-up about our list. When we at Prestige think, “What do dads really want?” we have some special gifts in mind. So, we’ve linked to some of our favorite decanters we know your pops would flip for!)



1. The Traveler/Adventure Seeker

He’s been all over, and for him, nothing beats a new adventure. He’s ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Think about getting him a giant map to track his travels. Or he could need a new luggage set, organizational app, carry-on-sized electronics, or boots. Or even a plane ticket for an exciting trip you’ve planned just for him! Sailboats, hot air balloons, safaris, wine country – any of these could be up his alley.

Check out this decanter: Atlas with the world on his shoulders! These spinning globe glasses are cool, too.



2. The Outdoorsman

Whether he’s a gardener, fisherman, hunter, camper, etc. he’d probably love some new gear, outerwear, or our favorite idea – an experience! Take him out on a boat ride or fly-fishing excursion. Plan a trip to the closest botanical gardens, or organize a family tent or cabin adventure. The main thing? Focus on what this wonderful guy loves most about nature, and make one of his wishes come true.

 Get a load of this Sailfish Decanter! What a prize beauty.



3. The Sports Fanatic

Soccer, baseball, hockey, boxing, golf? Or is it basketball? Bet he’d love some tickets to see his favorite team play. Or a jersey. Maybe even a photograph of his favorite moment in sports history. Pro tip: If he’s in a Fantasy league, ask yourself again. What do dads really want? And check out this perpetual trophy decanter we can’t get enough of.



4. The Home Chef/Foodie

He either loves being at the stovetop himself or going out. Or both. Whether he’s grilling or hitting up the newest restaurants every week, that’s his zone! Do some shopping for this fabulous man in your life. He’d love a morning with you at his favorite cafe. Then again, maybe he’d like some new

 cookware for his outdoor kitchen or baking obsession. Serve him up something great!

 This classic, stunning decanter looks great in any home.



5. The Tech Geek

We mean no disrespect. Some of us are computer nerds ourselves here at Prestige. The terms “techie” and “geek” don’t bother us. We’re proud of the label. And we get the coolest stuff, too. If you’re wondering what’s out there, a simple search can lead you to the latest gadget that’s blowing minds! Trust us: it’s going to blow his mind that you knew him enough to get it. Too expensive? Check out accessories for the gadgets he already owns.



6. The Tool Man

What do dads really want, you ask? We know it seems he has every tool already. But we promise: he doesn’t. There’s something new out there that he has his heart set on. This might require a little online research. Or a call to his best buddy. But you can make this happen. The latest and greatest tool of his dreams is waiting out there. Imagine the smile on his face when he sees that you took the time to get him something super useful.



7. The Exercise Buff

He practically lives at the gym. Or he’s constantly talking your ear off about his new Peloton. Whatever the case, he’s into working out. So, what do dads really want? The ones who love to grind and sweat? The ones who dig lifting weights and leg day? Think about these: workout gear, activewear, athletic shoes, or a new bike. Perhaps some accessories for the home gym, or memberships to online apps, clubs, or diet programs. Or sign your dad up for a 5K and run it with him! Shared experiences can be the most meaningful.



8. The Book Worm

History? Sci-fi? Biographies? Thrillers and mysteries? Poetry? If your father loves to read, you’re likely aware. He’s confessed he’s a nerd, and he owns it! And you don’t have to go far to get him a best-seller he hasn’t read yet. A simple online search can show you which books are ranking highest on Amazon. Check out your local bookstore. Or you can look at some book club or magazine subscriptions.

This globe decanter would look awesome in his library, study, or office. I mean, right?


9. The Liquor Enthusiast

Amazing barware is a must for these fathers. We’re talking glasses, stones, bar trays – you name it. Also, amazing bottles are stellar gifts. If you can splurge, reach for something rare. Something that’s difficult to get but that he’s dying to try. What do dads really want? You can really, really knock it out of the park if you land a sought-after bottle. No worries if cash flow is low, though. There are some outstanding inexpensive whiskeys, bourbons, and Scotches. Not to mention rums, tequilas, gins, vodkas, and more out there. He doesn’t have to have “top shelf” for a top-tier party.



10. The Ultimate Man Cave Dweller

The increasingly popular “man cave” comes in all shapes and sizes (just like our dads themselves). It’s common for these caves to have themes, so look around. What’s he missing? Movie projector and screen? Popcorn machine? New pool sticks? A few vintage signs? Framed autographed jersey? Sweet set of coasters or a unique whiskey decanter set? Bar accessories?



What Do Dads Really Want? (Bonus Tips)

It all started with a simple question. What do dads really want? And here we are. Catch some extra tips before you go.

Maybe your father is looking to begin a new hobby. Perhaps he’s expressed interest in something surprising, but he’s serious. You can tell he legit wants to give it a go. You can help him by purchasing a gift that’ll motivate him. Challenge him. Assist him with his endeavor. People change. And it can be so encouraging when your kids acknowledge that and want to see you grow. Try new things. Be different. Step out of your comfort zone.

And finally, consider your dad’s personality. What do dads really want? They want you to notice who they really are and to really think about that.


Go BIG for the Big Guy

Now, you’ve gone from asking, “What do dads really want?” to “I know exactly what he really wants!” At least, we hope you’re feeling that way.

He’s part of the reason you’re on the planet. He’s half responsible for your very life. That in itself is amazing. He’s definitely worth honoring. It’s tricky, though. Lots of men are secretive. Some tend to hold back their wants and wishes. Others are outright blunt about it. Either way, there’s something perfect out there for your father.

Join the conversation below. Tell us what you think. If you’re a dad, we’d especially love to hear from you. Please share the details with us. What do dads really want?