6 Awesome Fantasy Football League Trophy Ideas

Fantasy Football leagues are coming to a close soon. If you are organizing your group’s football league, then you’ve got a few options for a trophy for the winner.

Do you go classy, or sassy?

Do you go practical or get something whimsical?

If you have a recurring league, do you get something where you can mark the winners on a single trophy, year after year?

Regardless of what you choose, getting bragging rights over your friends and coworkers is one of life’s pleasures. And we’ve got some great options for you to consider, below. The right trophy will allow the winner to really rub their friends’ noses in their victory all year long. Choose wisely!

1. Fantasy Football Trophy Decanter

Fantasy Football Trophy Decanter

The fantasy football trophy decanter is classy and practical. It’s fun but you won’t actually mind displaying it on your shelf or cabinet for the entire year.


This awesome decanter combines all the best things into one finished product. It’s classy with its beautiful lead-free glass design and wood base. It’s practical—fill it with your favorite bourbon, and delight in returning to it over and over again. It has great personalization and customization. And it also allows you to track multiple years of winners.

In fact, this decanter has room for 32 plaques—that’s 32 years of winning. That’s literally less than $8 per year for the cost of this stunning trophy! Good luck finding another awesome trophy that is so cost-effective.

Prestige Haus sells individual plaques at the conclusion of each fantasy season, so you can buy updated name plaques each year. Or, if you prefer, you can order extra blank plaques and have a local business engrave the names each year.

Imagine inviting your friends over, six months later, for a BBQ or pool party. You bring out this winner’s decanter and pour them a glass of delicious bourbon, while you subtly and deftly taunt their loss. Oh yes, they will notice! And they will laugh at their awkward humiliation. This trophy will be a championship announcement that will just keep on giving all year round.


2. Fantasy Football Loser Wall of Shame

Fantasy Football Loser Wall of Shame

The Toilet Bowl Wall of Shame is a wall-hanging placard to commemorate several years’ worth of league losers.


This is another excellent way to commemorate your fantasy football league. This wall-mounted plaque combines humor with the ability to leave a legacy of past winners (or losers).  This trophy holds a total of 20 plaques. The Wall of Shame is made of acacia wood, which makes it a stunning deep brown color and water-resistant. This is an excellent way to humiliate your closest friends for the entire year.

3. 64 Ounce Fantasy Football Beer Growler

64 Ounce Fantasy Football Beer Growler

This is a black and stainless steel fantasy football growler.


This fantasy football beer growler is a really useful gift! The customized plaque announces the award of the “Fantasy Football League” and the year. The growler itself holds 64 oz. of beer. It is stainless steel on the inside and has a black powder coating. This is for a league of beer-loving football fans and is good for a single-year gift.

4. Fantasy Football Championship Ring

Fantasy Football Championship Ring

A fantasy football championship ring is a great way to celebrate a league win.


Maybe you and your friends can score some free drinks at the local pub when you walk in wearing these sparkly championship rings. Complete with fake gems and a Heisman Trophy on the front, this stunning ring will awe any onlooker. Plus, it will put to shame your friends who don’t have a Fantasy Football title. This ring comes in sizes 7-13. Reviews from real humans say, “It looks and feels expensive, and it’s heavy just like a real championship ring.” For something that is a long way from the real deal, this is a trophy that’s a lot of fun!


5. Traditional Fantasy Football Trophy

Traditional Fantasy Football Trophy

This towering trophy is hilariously gaudy and allows for 19 years’ worth of winners to be included on the base.


This monster, 26”- 56” trophy has all the elements to shock and awe your family when they come over for a house party. For the reigning winner of your fantasy football league, this is going to look absolutely marvelous on your bookshelves. It has lots of room for yearly winners on the base, with spots for 19 years’ worth of winners. You can also customize this item by adding your league name. And it comes in a variety of colors. 

6. Fantasy Football Jock Resin Trophy

Fantasy Football Jock Resin Trophy

A 7” fantasy football trophy for a single-year winner.



This single-winner trophy beautifully captures the level of effort it takes to craft the perfect football team. This trophy depicts a competitor, sitting in front of field goalposts, hard at work on his/her computer (yes, this is a gender-neutral trophy!) to build the perfect fantasy team. It has a single-year plaque on the front where you can inscribe the winner’s name, league name, and year won.