17 Wooden 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Did you know that the traditional gift or a 5th-year wedding anniversary is something made from or with wood? Wood symbolizes the strength and natural beauty of the newly wedded couple. If you're having trouble finding a gift to celebrate the couple's wedded bliss. We've got you covered! We have specially curated a list of 17 5-Year Anniversary Gifts to help you find the perfect wooden present.

1. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

One super fun and indulgent way to celebrate any momentous occasion are with a cigar. If this specific couple loves to puff away at a delicious cigar, then our first gift is perfect for them. Our Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray is made with premium, exotic zebrawood (given its name because of its strongly striped grain that resembles that of a zebra). This ashtray is a bit of a splurge, but we guarantee that after they receive this piece of art, they'll never go back to regular ashtrays again.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Stunning Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

2. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

For as long as we can remember, a diamond has been a well-known symbol of marriage. The diamond is strong, but delicate, classically beautiful, and a poignant representation of wedded unity. Our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is a wonderful way to celebrate the married couple. This decanter is made with thick and durable glass and shaped like a stunning diamond with a ground glass stopper. The decanter sits on top of an oak wood base that comes in your choice of espresso oak, natural oak, or prestige oak. 

 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Best-Selling Cullinan Diamond Decanter

3. Monogram Flower Coaster Set

Handmade, personalized coasters are small, simple pieces of luxury that can be used in this wedded couple's home on a daily basis. Make sure that the coasters that they use are top-notch with our 3rd pick on the list. The Monogram Flower Coaster Set is an adorable addition to any home. The set of four coasters is made using 100% acacia wood which is very durable and long-lasting. Each coaster displays the couple's last initial monogrammed and flanked by precious flower buds.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Beautiful Monogram Flower Coaster Set

4. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Our 4th pick is a gift that is both extremely useful and aesthetically pleasing. Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set includes 6 dense, granite stones that are made specifically for cooling their favorite whiskey. These stones stay colder longer than regular ice and also prevent any unwanted flavors or odors that ice can sometimes bring. The set also includes two classic whiskey glasses, as well as a simply gorgeous wooden tray to hold the stones.

Functional 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Stylish Whiskey Stone Gift Set

5. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

Not only is our 5th gift the vessel for the perfect evening, but it is also a gift that is sustainably sourced and made right here in the USA. Our Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder have space for a classic Glencairn Glass as well as a notch for a cigar. The holder is made with wood that was once used as a barrel stave to age whiskey and wine. Because this piece is completely recycled, each one is 100% unique. 

Unique 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wood Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

6. Monogram Initial Home Bar Tray

Our 6th gift is a fabulous option for those couples who love to entertain guests and host parties at home. Our Monogram Initial Home Bar Tray is a great way to serve beverages and hors d' oeuvres to their guests. This tray is made with acacia wood that has been smoothed and professionally sealed. The face of the tray has been carved with the couple's monogram and name for a completely custom touch. 

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Home Bar Tray with Initial

7. Magellan's Victoria Decanter 

Add a bit of classic, baroque-influenced decor to any couple's home with our 7th gift on the list. Our Magellan's Victoria Decanter is a 1000 ml globe-shaped decanter that has been crafted using hand-blown glass into a globe shape. The inside of the decanter features the main piece of this decanter; an intricately detailed and designed ship made to resemble Magellan's Victoria Decanter. The decanter comes on a beautifully made base of your choice of natural oak, prestige oak, or espresso oak.

Best 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Eye-Grabbing Magellan’s Victoria Decanter

8. Letter Monogram Coaster Set

Although coasters may not be at the top of their list for anniversary gifts, we know every couple will appreciate personalized coasters for anywhere where drinks are served in their home. These gorgeous coasters come in a set of 4. They are 4 by 4 inches in shape and made with naturally beautiful acacia wood. This wood is very durable, as well as liquid and scratch resistant. The face of the coaters features a classically designed monogram etched by our master craftsmen. 

Best 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Coaster Set with Monogram Initial

9. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Our 9th gift is a wonderful present for the married couple who loves a glass of wine (or two or three) in the evenings. Our Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger has space for 4 of their favorite wine glasses, as well as a space to place the neck of their favorite bottle of wine. The hanger itself is made with wood that was once used to make barrel staves used for aging whiskey and wine. Each piece is made with completely recycled material, so everyone is 100% unique. 

Unique 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Elegant Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

10. Acacia Wood Muddler

If the couple celebrating their 5th anniversary takes great pride in their at-home bar setup and all of their cocktail-making accessories, then we highly recommend our 10th gift on the list. Our Acacia Wood Muddler is an essential tool for incorporating fresh ingredients and adding bright and vibrant flavors to a cocktail. This gorgeous muddler is made with 100% acacia wood, which is extremely durable; they will never have to worry about scratching or any liquid damaging this piece.

Unique 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Beautiful Acacia Wood Muddler

11. Round Bar Cart

Give the gift of stylish organization with our 11th gift on our list. Our Round Bar Cart is an essential item for the couple who has an extensive bottle and bar accessories collection without the actual bar itself. This gorgeous piece is made with 100% acacia wood. The bar comes pre-welded and assembled, so it is ready to use right away. Best of all, this cart comes on wheels, so it's completely portable and able to go wherever the party is!

Unique 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Industrial Round Bar Cart

12. Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray

The 12th gift on our list is for the couple that is obsessed with their dog. Our Dog Breed Personalized Wood Bar Tray is a subtle way of involving everyone's favorite family member in all of the household activities, even serving beverages. This tray is made with naturally stunning light-grained wood. The face of the tray features a silhouette of your dog's breed, effortlessly and masterfully carved by our master craftsmen. 

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Dog Breed Bar Tray

13. Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

A long-necked spoon is an essential piece and accessory in everyone's at-home barware collection. Up the ante on this particular couple's barware with our Bar Spoon made with Acacia Wood. This gorgeous piece is made with warm and beautiful acacia wood. The wood is extremely durable and can hold its own against any time of liquid. Use the spoon for adding liquid or stirring up crafty concoctions. 

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Beautiful Bar Spoon Acacia Wood

14. Personalized Wooden Clock

For a love that can withstand the test of time, we highly recommend our 14th pick on the list. This gorgeous Personalized Wooden Clock Features interlocking hearts, the couple's first names, and their official wedding date. The clock is perfectly sized at 11 inches in diameter and is carved from 3/4” thick premium pine so that the text and features are raised from the rustic background!

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Wood Clock

15. Custom Design Wooden Mug

The 15th gift on our list is an ideal one for the couple who appreciates a more rustic style in their home. Our Custom Design Wooden Mugs are made with genuine hardwood and are perfect for sharing a frothy beer together. The bottom of the mugs features space for a custom design or logo made to completely represent the couple themselves

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Sturdy Custom Wooden Mug

16. Personalized Anniversary Ornament

With Christmas being only a few days away, we had to include a holiday-inspired gift. This gorgeous Personalized Anniversary Ornament is a wonderful and sentimental way for the couple to commemorate their fifth year of marriage. Each ornament is sized 4 inches in diameter and 1/4th in thickness. The engraved section is natural Baltic birch with a dark stained frame. This ornament includes your choice of red or white ribbon and two decorative beads for hanging.

 Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Anniversary Ornament

17. Custom 3D City Street Map

Our final pick on our list is a wonderful way to commemorate a place that is near and dear to the couple’s hearts. Our Custom 3D City Street Map beautifully portrays the intricate details of the city of their choice. These maps are precisely made to include all of the streets in your area and have a 3D layered effect. The base layer has cutouts for major bodies of water and parks. The second layer has all of the minor streets accurately engraved into the wood. The final layer includes all of the major roads and highways.

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Custom 3D City Street Map

Love is a beautiful, wonderful thing, and we are so glad that we here at Prestige Haus can help you celebrate that love with those close to you. From Street Maps to ornaments, there are so many different wood-themed gifts to give to anyone celebrating their fifth anniversary. Which gift will you be purchasing? Did you receive a wooden gift on your 5th wedding anniversary?