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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Women You Love Most


On this designated day to celebrate the mothers in your life, we have some gift ideas that will bring joy to those that you love. This Mother’s Day, give them the gifts that help them relax and celebrate themselves. You know they deserve it. It could be a personalized gift, a piece of useful decor, or a bottle of their favorite beverage. Whatever you choose, she’ll love it. Here are five Mother’s Day gift ideas for the women you love most.


A Bottle of Port Wine

Port wine is a fortified wine from Portugal produced in the Douro Valley. There are variations perfect for cooking and others to enjoy on their own. If the mothers in your life enjoy preparing delicious dinners, look for ruby port, a fruity young wine, or tawny port, a port wine aged in wood barrels. These are the two best cooking ports that will add flavor to their favorite dishes.

For the wine lover in your life, think about her tastes. Does she love red wines and richer flavors? If you answered yes, the gift of a bottle of port wine will make her day. There are several types of port, the most common being a rich red with a sweet flavor. This is commonly served as a dessert wine. For wine lovers with a sweet tooth, this particular type is fantastic on its own or paired with an equally rich dessert.


Wine Decanter

Give a little class this Mother's Day by gifting a wine decanter to the mothers in your life. For the women that are wine lovers and hostesses, a classic wine decanter will make their favorite beverages more enjoyable. Be sure to buy a bottle of their favorite wine to give along with the decanter. The beautiful decanter adds flair to their bar or dinner party table.

You may wonder what decanting wine does to the wine itself. When decanting wine, you pour the wine slowly into the decanter without disturbing the sediment at the bottom. Wine, red wine particularly, can have a fair amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Decanting the wine separates the sediment and makes the wine more pleasant. It also brings out the aromas and flavors that aren’t allowed to breathe when in the bottle. Once the wine is poured into the decanter, you allow it to sit for some time. Doing this makes the wine more flavorful so all its notes can be enjoyed. Older port wines have the most sediment, so if your loved one enjoys an old port, a decanter is the perfect gift.


Whisky Tasting Kit

If you need the perfect gift for a whisky lover, a whisky tasting kit gives the recipient choices. Bring the whisky tasting home with a whisky kit of multiple Scottish whiskies. Depending on the kit you purchase, it may include anywhere from three to twenty-four glass tubes of premium whisky. The kits come with a booklet that contains illustrations and descriptions of the whiskies. If they don’t already have a Glencairn Glass to enjoy their tastings, be sure to add that to the list.

There are tasting kits to enjoy For those that enjoy other whiskies, too. The Spirit Company has a large number of tasting kits, including Scottish and Irish whiskies, Japanese whisky, and others across several regions. You can purchase a kit with whisky specific to the Highlands or a tasting kit that narrows the choices to Islay whiskies. Bring joy into a whisky lover's life with a tasting kit they will enjoy any day of the week.


Personal Engraved Glass

Engraved glassware is the best of both worlds for whisky lovers who appreciate a personalized gift. You could have their name engraved, or even an inside joke that will make them laugh every time they take a drink.

If the recipient has Scottish ancestry, a saying such as Alba Gu Brath (Scotland Forever) is a personalization that may bring a tear to their eye. Or tug on their heartstrings with a nickname or something sweet. Personalized gifts are extra special. Pick out the glass that best suits your loved one's taste and add a personal note that will bring happiness to their special day.


Wine or Spirit Tasting Subscription

From bourbon-of-the-month clubs like Mash & Grape to vodka-of-the-month from Taster’s Club, alcohol subscriptions are a fun gift for the whisky and vodka lovers closest to us. Or wine tasting boxes like VineBox will help them find a new favorite wine or enjoy a wine they’ve never tried before.

This Mother's Day, give the women in your life an experience. Monthly subscriptions allow your loved ones to enjoy a wine tasting from the comfort of their couch.

Whether you give them the gift of a subscription that they will enjoy for the year or a bottle they’ll have for the night, they will remember the thought that went into it.



Gifts are meant to be enjoyed, savored, and special. All the options above make it easy for you to find something for that special someone. These five Mother’s Day gift ideas give you a variety of options, including the gift of experience. You can’t go wrong. Whatever you choose this Mother's Day, the one you love will be happy to be on the receiving end.


What’s the gift you would like to open on your special day?