18 Memorable 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

40 is a really big birthday, and at PrestigeHaus, we know big birthdays require special gifts! That’s why we’ve come up with this curated list of 18 memorable 40th birthday gift ideas for men. We want you to be able to just enjoy this monumental birthday with him without sifting through dozens (if not hundreds!) of mediocre gift ideas. This list includes handmade treasures he’s sure to cherish for years to come. Our artisans work hard to coax excellence from the finest materials, and we believe that effort is immediately apparent.

Check out this list for easy 40th birthday shopping for him!

1. Monogram Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

There’s nothing more classic than an elegant set of whiskey tumblers with their monogram to celebrate the 40th birthday! He’ll love the bold and simple script and the timeless design. Our mouthblown lead-free borosilicate glass whiskey glasses are great birthday gifts. With a generous ten-ounce capacity, he’ll reach for this glass time and time again. Durably made with thick rims and bottoms, this set of two tumblers is built to withstand the test of time.

Monogram Whiskey Glass

2. USA Great Seal Leather Glass Wrap

Made of hand-tooled top-grain leather, our USA Great Seal Leather Wrap adorns a beautifully handmade whiskey glass. It’s embossed with the Great Seal to display his patriotism while keeping his hands dry. The wrap has also been lined with neoprene to keep his drink at the perfect temperature! If you’re looking for unique 40th birthday gift ideas for men, look no further – everyone who sees this will want one of their own!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Elegant Leather Embossed USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass

3. Silver Spirits Infuser

Does he consider himself a mixologist? Does he try to come up with his own special cocktails for any occasion? Help his hobby with our beautiful and useful spirits infuser. Made of the finest materials, this easy-to-use infuser will have him whipping up bespoke cocktails in no time! His creative juices will be flowing as he adds the ingredient of his choice (herbs, spices, fruits, you name it) to the filter. He’ll then fill the reservoir with his favorite liquor before allowing the two to steep for as much or as little time as desired – voila! A new cocktail!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Stunning Silver Spirits Infuser

4. Motorcyclist Decanter

Sometimes only a jaw-dropping gift will do for a birthday as important as the big 4-0! Our customizable mouthblown motorcyclist decanter is just what he needs to make this birthday truly memorable. Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, the decanter’s details gleam in the light. He’ll be shocked by the meticulous attention to every little detail of the motorcycle within! Capable of holding 1150ml of his favorite libation, the decanter is outfitted with both an easy-pour leak-free spigot as well as an airtight stopper for optimum freshness.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men – Eye-Grabbing Motorcyclists Decanter

5. Crafthouse Cocktail Shaker Set

Here’s another one for the bartender's birthday boy! This professional Crafthouse cocktail set comes with a Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, a jigger, and a wooden muddler. Everything he needs to complete his home bar! Made of shiny and easy-to-clean stainless steel, the tools are perfect for crafting delicious cocktails. The muddler s made of walnut with a flat bottom for great flavor expression. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Crafthouse Cocktail Shaker Set

6. Golfer’s Beer Mug (Set of Two)

Is the fairway his happy place? For this celebration, honor his golf fame with a set of two golfer’s beer mugs that are expertly crafted for the most enjoyment possible! He’ll get a kick out of the detailed engraving on the masterfully made glass. With durable rims and bottoms, these mugs are made for frequent use. They’re also perfectly sized for any style of beer, whether he prefers an IPA, a pilsner, or a stout!

 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Sturdy Golf Club Beer Mug

7. Barrel Stave Cigar and Glencairn Glass Holder

Truly unique 40th birthday gift ideas for men can be difficult to find. That’s why our artisans strive to create one-of-a-kind treasures that he’s sure to love! Our Cigar and Glencairn Glass Holder is fashioned from reclaimed bourbon- and wine-barrel staves, accented by steel rescued from the barrel hoops. This one-handed solution for enjoying a stogie and a dram is unlike anything he’s ever seen; a rustically elegant tool that he’ll want to hurry home to!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Stunning Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

8. US Military Decanter Set

If he’s sacrificed other birthdays in service to America, then he needs a spectacular decanter set that honors his military career. Our US military decanter set is fully customizable, with room on the 900ml decanter for up to four lines of your choice of text. Mouthblown of lead-free borosilicate glass, the entire set is beautifully shiny and engraved with the finest attention to detail by our master artisans. Comes with two matching whiskey tumblers that hold a generous ten-ounce pour.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Beautiful United States Military Square Decanter Set

9. Bond Martini Glass (Set of Two)

If he fancies himself the next 007, he needs the glassware to back it up. Great 40th birthday gift ideas for men are the ones that help them live out their fantasies, like this set of two martini glasses! Hand-crafted to perfection, these glasses eliminate the fragile stem that’s often the downfall of traditional martini glasses. Instead, you’re left with two elegant martini glasses that come with none of the worries about them easily breaking.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Exquisite Martini Glasses

10. Zebrawood Ashtray

We know ashtrays rarely make the cut when buying a gift for such an important birthday, but when it comes to our exotic zebrawood ashtray, we feel strongly that you should reconsider! Hand cut, carved, and crafted by our master craftsmen, this ashtray is made of the finest materials and with the greatest care. The wood is polished to a high shine and features an attractive cabochon stone in the center of the large bowl. This is no ordinary ashtray, but instead a beautiful work of art he’ll happily use.

 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Unique Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

11. Custom Engraved Bar Sign

Every home bar needs a personalized sign, and we are proud to offer dozens of designs for you to choose from! All of our signs are handmade of sustainable acacia wood, a material that’s both water- and stain-resistant. With all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can fully customize the kind of sign you want to celebrate his 40th birthday. All of the signs come with a built-in keyhole for easy hanging (no fumbling around with faulty hanging mechanisms!). Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Let us know and our artisans will work with you to bring your vision to life!

12. Patterned Whiskey Glasses (Set of Four)

The man that throws a lot of parties knows how easy it is for his guest’s glasses to get mixed up. This set of four patterned whiskey glasses not only looks great, but they help folks keep their drinks straight! Made of lead-free borosilicate glass, each of the glasses in this set is engraved with its own unique geometric design. Sized to hold a generous ten-ounce pour, these glasses can be used for lemonade or sweet tea as easily as a cocktail.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Exquisite Pattern Whiskey Glasses

13. American Flag Flask

For his 40th birthday, give the man on the go our rustic, classy all-beverage American flag flask! Made of stainless steel and wrapped with genuine wood, this is a no-brainer of a gift. It includes an attached cap so he’ll never have to worry about it going missing. Slips easily into a back pocket, a car console, a beach bag, a backpack, and more so he’ll always be ready for a drink.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Classy American Flag Engraved Wood Flask

14. Gone Hunting Pint Glass (Set of Two)

After a long day of hunting, he deserves a nice cold beer. Our Gone Huntin’ Pint Glasses are exactly what he needs! Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, these pint glasses are safe and durable. He’ll adore the meticulous engraving. Classically designed for any style of beer and available in a set of two, he’ll want to use these glasses at every opportunity – especially after snagging a buck or two!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Beautiful Gone Deer Hunting Pint Glass

15. Large Bar Cart

By 40, he probably has a pretty impressive bar collection! Give him one organized spot to keep all his bottles, decanters, bar tools, and more with our large bar cart. Made of naturally-smooth acacia wood, the cart features welded steel for stability and three shelves for optimum storage options. Capable of holding upwards of forty or more bottles, the rolling cart is a great solution to a growing collection!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Industrial Large Acacia Serving Bar Cart

16. The Traveling Bar Cart

Maybe he could use something a little more compact for his bar needs. Look no further than this traveling bar cart. Styled after vintage travel cases, this mobile ‘bar cart’ features two aluminum cups, two aluminum jiggers, a swizzle spoon, a travel-sized bottle, and even a deck of cards. Everything has its place in this vegan leather case! He’ll feel like an old-school mixologist (and the coolest guy on the trip) with this traveling bar cart!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - The Traveling Bar Cart

17. Football Season Coaster Set

If you can’t pry him away from the TV during football season, then he needs these  to protect your furniture from his kick-off beers! Made of water-resistant acacia wood and masterfully etched by our artisans, these are no ordinary coasters. The quality and craftsmanship blow every other coaster set out of the water. Upgrade your decor and keep your wood finishes water-damage-free with our football season coasters!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Engraved Football Wood Coaster Set18. Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy and Decanter

Some of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men are the ones that he can share with his other guy friends. Our stunning Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy and Decanter fits the bill! Let’s start with the base: made of solid oak, the base was crafted with yearly winner’s plaques in mind. It securely holds the impressive football-shaped decanter, which was mouthblown by our glassworkers. Choose what color you’d like the LED light that illuminates the decanter will be – it can be his favorite team’s colors or a brilliant and classic white! He’ll feel like a winner every year with this decanter and trophy in his life!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Stunning Perpetual Fantasy Football Decanter


Which of these 40th birthday gift ideas for men has you excited for his big birthday?