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Updated for 2019: The following are selections by James Ashcraft, The Bourbon Enthusiast, follow him on Instagram: @BourbonEnthusiast 

Bourbon Recommendations for 2019

1) Eagle Rare ($29)

Distilled by Buffalo Trace, aged at least 10 years, barrels are hand-selected and then bottled at an easy-sipping 90 proof. It’s a well-aged, classic bourbon that is consistently a solid pour and a good value to boot. Eagle Rare is a bottle that should definitely hold a place in your whiskey cabinet.

2) Wild Turkey Rare Breed ($40)

For Rare Breed, Master Distiller Eddie Russell and his team blend together barrel selections of bourbon aged 6 to 12 years and bottle it without adding any water (barrel proof). Rare Breed is a terrific blend of flavor and proof and represents some of the best high-octane bourbon to ever come out of the (great) Wild Turkey Distillery.

3) Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style ($59)

This bourbon pays homage to the distillery’s longevity and celebrates the brand’s continued distillation during the Prohibition era. The 115 proof expression reflects what would have been close to barrel proof during that time period. It’s a seriously good bourbon that offers a deliciously unique drinking experience. Its complexity and balance make it a standout in the premium bourbon category.

Best Value: Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond

Bottled-In-Bond means it’s aged at least four years, bottled at exactly 100 proof, and from one distillery and one distillation season. This is a tasty bourbon at an incredible price. It is versatile enough to be sipped neat, or on ice and it even holds up well in a cocktail. Evan Williams BIB is a bottle that makes for a great “house” bourbon or for filling the ol’ decanter. When it comes to value, I’m not sure there’s a better, more accessible bourbon under $20.

Under the Radar Bourbon To Try: Noah’s Mill

This is a boutique, small batch offering from the good folks at the Willett distillery. The bourbon is very complex and exceptionally smooth for 114 proof. It’s a rich and well-rounded bourbon that offers a distinctly different flavor profile. For those that prefer a more mellow drinking experience, try adding a few drops of spring water to tame it a bit. Highly recommended if you can locate a bottle.

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