New House Gift Ideas

A new home is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated. If you are looking for a gift to celebrate a loved one’s purchase of a new house, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will list 19 New House Gift ideas that are far from ordinary and will be sure to leave the new homeowners in awe of the time and effort you put into picking out their perfect housewarming gifts. 

1. Our New Home Bar Tray

Showing up to a housewarming party with a personalized item truly shows the amount of thought and care that you put into picking out their gifts. Show the new homeowners in your life how much you care for them and join in their celebration with this Our New Home Bar Tray. This quaint and adorable tray is made from durable and strong acacia wood. The handles on each side of the wooden tray make it perfect for serving at any event or party. The new homeowners will appreciate the personalized touch of having their names added to the tray.

New Home Gift Ideas - Our New Home Bar Tray

2. P-51 Mustang Decanter

If the new homeowners also happen to be fighter jet enthusiasts, history buffs, veterans, active-duty military, or they just appreciate beautiful glasswork and artistry, the P-51 Mustang Decanter is the perfect gift for them. We love the intricacies of the P-51 Mustang carefully grafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass surrounded by a stunning globe etched glass decanter. The entire decanter is planted sturdily on your choice of acacia wood, oak, or metal base. The stunning decanter not only holds your favorite liquor or wine, but it is also a showstopping piece of décor that will last and impress for years to come.

New Home Gift Ideas - P-51 Mustang Decanter

3. New Home Buyers Coaster Set

This sweet as pie coaster set pairs perfectly with our number 1 pick on our list. The New Home Buyers Coaster Set is made from stunning acacia wood, which has a deep brown color and natural grain markings. The coaster itself features a quaint engraving of a home, with the words “Our New Home” engraved underneath. Add the homeowner’s brand new address to make the coasters an, even more, special and personal touch.

Housewarming Gift Ideas - New Home Buyers Coaster Set

4. Bald Eagle and Flag Decanter Set

There is nothing quite as classic and traditional to Americans as the sacred Bald Eagle. Share in your love for the USA by bringing this masterfully crafted Bald Eagle and Flag Decanter Set to the housewarming party. This set is made for someone who loves Small Batch Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, liquor in general, or even wine. They’ll love the size and quality of the decanter, which holds 900ml and is made from thick and solid glass. The set also comes with two hand-crafted whiskey glasses for the optimum drinking experience.

Housewarming Gift Ideas - Bald Eagle and Flag Decanter Set

5. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter


New House Gift Ideas - Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Gift the feeling of elegance and class with this opulent decanter. The Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is shaped like a diamond, nestled perfectly in its oak base. Holding 1000ml of their favorite liquor or wine, this gift is perfect for new homeowners. The stylish and timeless design will never go out of style and it will be a memorable gift they can use and admire for years to come.

6. New Home Candle

New House Gift Ideas - New Home Candle

A new home is a blank slate with endless possibilities. Fill the air with a lovely, light, fresh scent to make that blank slate your own. The New Home Candle from Homesick has notes of jasmine, cedarwood, lime, and sandalwood. This candle is reminiscent of fresh linens and musk. Your gift recipients will love the stylish and sleek, but simple design of this candle. Make memories from the start with this bright, delightful scent.

7. Home State Love Bar Tray Design

If your friends or loved ones have moved to a new state it can be hard to adjust. Make the transition a bit earlier with a sweet a memorable gift. This Home State Love Bar Tray is customizable. Add their new home state to the engraved word “Love”. They will appreciate the craftsmanship and durability of this acacia wood tray and the time and thought that you put into this special and personalized gift.

New House Gift Ideas - Home State Love Bar Tray Design

8. Star Chart Whiskey Glass

Don’t settle for less when purchasing a housewarming gift. Reach for the stars! Bring a truly unique and elegant gift to the housewarming party with this stunning Star Chart Whiskey Glass Set. These delicately etched glasses feature a map of constellations and stars, a truly phenomenal gift for anyone who is into astrology or just loves an eclectic style. These glasses are made from durable and thick glass, making them perfect for everyday use, or just for special occasions.

 New House Gift Ideas - Star Chart Whiskey Glass

9. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Add an elegant and one-of-a-kind piece of décor to your friend or family member’s new home. Our Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger is the perfect gift for the wine lovers in your life. This hanger is made from reclaimed old barrels from Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries and California Wine Distilleries. Because each piece is made individually, you can guarantee that the hanger given is perfectly unique and one of a kind.

New House Gift Ideas - Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

10. Dagny Salt & Pepper Shakers

New House Gift Ideas - Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ensure that the new homeowners in your life don’t sweat the small stuff! These charming Dagny Salt & Pepper Shakers from Anthropologie, add a touch of quaint décor to any new home. This hand-painted set comes with three items, a salt shaker, pepper shaker, and a love white tray to hold them both. Your loved ones will appreciate the tiny floral designs and the attention to every little detail.

11. Nautical Star Bar Sign – Rectangle

If the new house in question has its own at-home bar, it will absolutely need a sign to christen it. We love our number 11 pick, the Nautical Star Bar Sign for any at-home bar. The natural wood grain markings of the acacia wood used to make this sign add a hint of rustic style to any home décor. Personalize the sign by adding the names of the homeowners to the sign.

 New House Gift Ideas - Nautical Star Bar Sign

12. Copper Colored Liquor Infuser

New House Gift Ideas - Copper Colored Liquor Infuser

Spoil the new homeowners in your life with a completely unexpected, but always appreciated gift. Our Copper Colored Liquor Infuser easily and conveniently mixes a variety of your favorite flavors into the spirit of your choice. This infuser comes equipped with an instruction booklet, and even some recipes to get you started right away. This infuser is incredibly easy to use and the simplistic design adds a touch of style to their countertop!

13. Constellation1797 Decanter

New House Gift Ideas - Constellation1797 Decanter

Bring a gift to the housewarming party that is far from ordinary, a gift some may call extraordinary. The Constellation1797 Decanter is an intricately designed glass decanter; inside of which is an intricately designed glass shit. This decanter is perfect for the homeowners who want to add a bit of elegance to their lifestyle; one who appreciates fine liquors and making sure that they are kept to preserve and enhance their quality.

14. Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

New House Gift Ideas - Prestige Classic Decanter

If your loved ones are avid fans of entertaining guests, this Prestige Classic Wine Decanter is a must-have for their new home. This masterfully crafted, handblown wine decanter makes pouring wine an absolute breeze. This decanter is more than a vessel for your favorite wine, it is a piece of art, a talking point at every party or get-together. Guests will love this unique way to bring out the flavors and aromas of their favorite wine.

15. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

New House Gift Ideas - Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

Gift the new homeowners a truly unique set of glasses to add to their glassware collection. Our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses are specially designed with a rounded bottom to represent the spinning of the earth. Although they almost seem to topple over at any minute, they don’t, and we love the sense of fun that this creates with every drink.  Here at Prestige Haus, we believe that even the smallest parts of life should be special, memorable, and enjoyable.

16. Glass Diamond Wine Stopper

New House Gift Ideas - Glass Diamond Wine Stopper

You’d like to shower your friends and family in opulence to celebrate their first home. However, this is not always in the budget. Show the new homeowners that you find them as rare and as special as a diamond with our Glass Diamond Wine Stopper. This stopper is masterfully crafted and one of a kind, definitely not a bottle stopper for someone who wants to go unnoticed. This stopper is meticulously detailed and will leave everyone in awe over how something small can also be so grand.

17. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Nothing says celebration quite like a cigar. The wooden tray is made from exotic zebrawood and has 4 grooves to comfortably hold 4 of their favorite cigars. This cigar tray is beautifully crafted, and a piece that will be an eye-catcher wherever it is. Every cigar tray is made in the USA, so you can feel pride in the gift you give and know that you’re supporting quality craftmanship right in your home country.

New House Gift Ideas - Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

18. Home is Where the Heart Is Coaster Set

New House Gift Ideas - Home is Where the Heart Is Coaster Set

Keep your loved one’s brand-new furniture safe and protected with this adorable Home is Where the Heart is Coaster Set. These acacia wood coasters make the perfect addition to any coffee or dining room table. Their natural grain markings and dark brown color enhance any home décor.  They protect your household furniture pieces while also reminding you of the heartfelt say that home truly is where the heart is.

19. Homeowners Bar Tray

New House Gift Ideas - Homeowners Bar Tray

Here at Prestige Haus, we feel that personalized gifts are so important when celebrating a loved one. This personalized Homeowners Bar Tray is 16" x 12" and made with sturdy acacia wood that is perfect for resisting liquids and scratches. Add a customized touch of flair by adding the new home owner’s names to their brand new serving tray. They will always remember the beautiful gift that you purchased for them and their home every time they use their new and beautiful bar tray.

We hope that this list of 19 New House Gift Ideas helps you find the perfect housewarming present for anyone in your life who is purchasing a new home. This mix of unique, memorable, and heartwarming gifts will be sure to put a smile on their faces and leave them feeling your love and joy for them in this new venture. Which gifts would you pick for your friends or family members?