19 Impressive Marine Retirement Gifts

When it comes to the people who deserve some recognition when retiring, for many of us, Marines deserve the best of the best. What better way to show your appreciation of their sacrifice than with a high-quality, one-of-a-kind gift they’ll treasure for years to come? At PrestigeHaus, we’re confident you’ll love the attention to detail our artisans put into everything they do.

Check out our curated list of 19 retirement gifts for a Marine.

1. Large Acacia Bar Cart

After serving our country for so long, your retired Marine Corps member deserves to show off their impressive bar collection in a stylish way. This large acacia bar cart is entirely American-made with sustainable and beautiful acacia wood, making each cart unique. It’s capable of holding up to forty bottles of liquor and wine, as well as glassware, decanters, bar tools, and more. It’s equipped with a shopping cart-style handle and wheels for easy transport throughout your home.

 Marine Retirement Gift - Large Acacia Bar Cart

2. Semper Fi Bar Sign

Always faithful – the rallying cry of the Marines! Every bar needs a sign, and this Semper Fi customizable bar sign christens your home bar to turn it into everything you hope it can be. Made of naturally smooth acacia wood, the sign is cut, carved, and engraved in-house by master artisans in Kentucky, so you’re guaranteed the highest quality. Hang it easily with the built-in keyhole rather than fumbling with multiple tools and screws. 

Marine Retirement Gift - Semper Fi Bar Sign

3. Eagle and Flag Decanter Set

A classy way to display your favorite liquor is by decanting it into…well, a decanter! And why use a boring decanter when you can personalize this piece of home decor with custom engraving? Our eagle and flag decanter set comes with a classically shaped and intricately etched decanter and two matching whiskey tumblers. The decanter is capped off with a ground-glass airtight stopper, protecting the spirit within and keeping it as pure as the first day you opened it. Add up to four lines of your custom text to further personalize this gift!

Marine Retirement Gift - Eagle and Flag Marine Gift Set

4. Marine Corps Murphy Bar

Functional and gorgeous? The best of both worlds! Murphy bars are great for folks who are low on floor space or prefer to keep their bar collection tucked away. Our Murphy bar embodies qualities Marines are known to value: packing light and conserving space! This one includes a metal 3D Marine Corps emblem attached to the front, which is the door that folds down to form a bar where you can pour and mix drinks. Various compartments are built within for all your bartending needs.

Marine Retirement Gift - Marine Corps Murphy Bar

5. Valet Tray

Show off your US Marine Corps pride with this catchall valet tray! Proudly handmade in the USA by American craftsmen in small batches to ensure quality, this valet tray is perfect for organizing your keys, pens, mail, sunglasses, or whatever you need to keep handy in one spot. It’s carved with the USMC eagle, globe, and anchor insignia to wow anyone who sees it. 

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC EGA Valet Tray

6. Preamble Bar Sign

Hang a reminder of what their military service was for in the den, home bar, home office, or wherever else could use some sprucing up. Our acacia wood Preamble bar sign is a stylish addition to your home decor. It lets every visitor know that in your house, you believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The sturdy and attractive bar sign is sturdy and water-resistant with a built-in keyhole for easy hanging.

Marine Retirement Gift - Preamble Round Bar Sign

7. USMC High Seas Glass (Set of Two)

Our engraved High Seas line of glasses tilt and rock without spilling a drop! This handmade set of two whiskey tumblers is carefully etched with the US Marine Corps insignia – the anchor, the globe, and the eagle, all with incredible attention to detail. Made of 100% lead-free, durable borosilicate glass, this is a gift that’s built to last. Enjoy a drink in style with a friend! You’ll feel a sense of history and pride with every sip.

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC High Seas Glass

8. Marine Corps Bullet Bottle Opener

What a neat and useful way to crack open a cold one! 100% American-made of the finest materials and emblazoned with the US Marine Corps emblem, this eye-catching premium bullet-shaped bottle opener will get the job done, every time! With its distinctive look, it’s less likely to get lost than an ordinary bottle opener, and it’ll inspire a touch of jealousy in fellow veterans and supporters. Made by Americans, for Americans, you know it’s of the highest quality.

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Bullet Bottle Opener

9. Engraved Wooden Mug (Set of Two)

Sometimes you just want to relax with a beer and feel transported to a different time – say, a country pub or German Biergarten. That’s where this engraved wooden mug set comes in. This handmade wooden mug is a rustic reminder of simpler times, made unique with its USMC insignia engraved on the bottom. Sip a lager with friends or use the mugs as desk organizers, displaying them with pride.

Marine Retirement Gift - Marine Wooden Mug

10. Keepsake Box

Plenty of keepsakes accumulate after years of service. Gather them all into one attractive and durable place, like this keepsake box. Affectionately known as The Vault, this linen box keeps treasured heirlooms safe. Store important documents, medals, dog tags, and anything else that you’d like to keep safe and organized. Comes with hand-illustrated labels, drawers, files, and cubbies to guide you in what to keep and where to find them. A wonderful way to make sure all of your treasured items are in one place.

Marine Retirement Gift - Keepsafe Box

11. USMC Challenge Coin Holder Decanter

Now, this is a truly special gift for the decorated Marine! We’ve upgraded our already spectacularly-made mounted decanter for that special person. Not only do you have the stunning mouthblown decanter with an intricate blown glass USMC insignia inside, but you also have an engravable base outfitted with a ledge to easily display Challenge coins. The decanter sports an intricately etched globe design and is capped off by a ground-glass airtight stopper to keep the spirit within free of debris. Add a stainless steel plaque with up to four lines of engraving to completely customize this outstanding gift.

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Decanter Challenge Coin Holder

12. Marine Corps Pint Glass (Set of Two)

If you’re looking for a stand-out gift, pair this set of two Marine Corps pint glasses with the USMC bottle opener (above!). You know your veteran deserves to relax with a cold beer in their hand, so give them an attractive, lead-free, hand-blown pint glass set for them to do just that! These borosilicate glasses are perfectly sized for any style of beer and engraved with the USMC emblem. They’ll display these glasses proudly among their other glassware!

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Pint Glass

13. USMC Beer Mug (Set of Two)

Here’s an alternative to the pint glass: our USMC beer mug! What sets this beauty apart is the more substantial feel as well as the glass handle, which helps keep your beer colder, longer. By putting some space between the warmth of your hand and the surface of the glass, you’ll also keep your hands dry! This set of two mugs means you’ll always be able to share a drink with a buddy.

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Beer Mug

14. Marine Corps Ashtray

Show some Marine Corps pride with this eagle, anchor, and globe ashtray. Handmade by master craftsmen in the United States, this ashtray has four grooves for cigars and a generously-sized bowl to contain plenty of ash. Attention to detail? We have it in spades! The hand-carved insignia is intricate and eye-catching, making this the perfect gift for a retired Marine who enjoys a good cigar now and again.

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Ashtray

15. USA Great Seal Leather-Wrapped Whiskey Glass

Sourced and crafted in the USA, our Great Seal whiskey glass features a wrap of genuine top-grain, oil-tanned leather that’s then overlaid with a metal Great Seal. The premium leather provides comfort and durability in addition to style. Perfectly insulated, your beverage can be enjoyed at any temperature you desire. This glass can also be displayed in an office or on a bar cart to inspire patriotism all year round.

Marine Retirement Gift - USA Great Seal

16. Glass Top Humidor

This impressively-constructed humidor is a perfect retirement gift for the cigar-smoking Marine! Inspired by military footlockers, the exterior boasts a matte military green color and custom polished gunmetal components. Not to let form outshine function, the humidor is outfitted with a recessed Hydro system, a digital hygrometer, and a slidable storage tray for easy access to every cigar, not just the one on top! Store accessories in the tray below and rest easy knowing your cigars are in good hands!

Marine Retirement Gift - Military Glass Top Humidor

17. USMC Leather Koozie

Keep your beer cold and your hands dry with a stylish and durable leather koozie, like this one embossed with the Marine Corps insignia. Made of genuine top-grain leather sourced and crafted in the United States, this koozie is built to last as you take it with you to the ball game, the barbecue, or the beach. The neoprene interior keeps your drink well-insulated for optimal enjoyment while the leather feels great in your hand. Everyone you know is going to want one of their own!

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Koozie

18. Wooden Bottle Opener

Why waste time tracking down a bottle opener when all you want to do is pop the cap off that beer as quickly as possible? With this mounted wooden bottle opener, you’ll always know where to crack a cold one! Easily hang this bottle opener wherever you’d like – the kitchen, the workshop, the garage – and enjoy the expertly-crafted design of the fine Sapele wood and detailed eagle, globe, and anchor engraving. A conversation starter with fellow service members and veterans alike, this easy-to-use bottle opener will you have reaching for your next beer in no time!

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Bottle Opener

19. Marine Corps Bar Tray

Bar trays are such a useful piece of home decor, able to organize odds and ends, hold decanters and barware, serve drinks, or simply display with pride! This USMC bar tray is made of naturally smooth and water-resistant acacia wood and comes with the eagle, globe, and anchor insignia etched into its surface. This tray adds a personalized and unique touch to any home while honoring the service of your Marine.

Marine Retirement Gift - USMC Bar Tray

When recognizing the years of service your Marine dedicated to our country, which of these gifts will they love the most? Give your Marine a retirement gift they’ll treasure forever!