19 Best Golf Gifts for Men

Is there anything quite as wonderful as spending your day in the sunshine; the luscious green grass, the bright blue sky above you, as you tee off? Golf is truly an ancient sport, dating back to as early as the 15th century. We’re almost certain that, if you’re reading this, there’s a guy that totally loves golf in your life. You may or may not be stumped by the desire to get them the perfect gift. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our list of 19 Golf Gifts for Men is perfectly tailored to have a gift for every golf lover on your list.

1.  Golf Decanter Set

There is nothing that screams “golf lover” quite like our amazing Golf Decanter Set. The gentlemen in your life will go gaga over this Golf Ball-shaped, 1000ml decanter and accompanying 4 golf ball-shaped whiskey glasses. The decanter and glasses are all handblown to perfection by our in-house glass artisans to create a truly unique drinking experience. The presentation of this decanter set also adds to its allure; the decanter and glasses come on a faux grass display for the straight from the golf course feel.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Ball Decanter Set

2. Golf Wine Charms

Our Golf Wine Charms are a unique and cost-effective gift for the man in your life who thoroughly enjoys sharing a bottle of his favorite wine amongst friends. This bundle of wine charms is made with natural cork and features 8 different golf-themed pictures emblazoned into the cork. They come with a simple hook that seamlessly hooks onto any wine glass stem so that it's easy and aesthetically pleasing to tell your wine glasses apart.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Wine Charms

3. 19th Hole Golf Coasters

Did you know that the 19th hole in golf is not an actual hole at all? It refers to the nearby favorite pub, restaurant, or golf clubhouse itself. Celebrate the feeling of success, relaxation, and comradery with our 19th Hole Golf Coasters. These coasters are made from scratch-resistant and naturally smooth acacia wood. The beautiful markings of the dark wooden coaster will compliment almost any style of interior design.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - 19th Hole Coasters

4. Golf Glasses

These heavy bottom and dimpled glasses are almost an uncanny likeness of his favorite golf ball. These unique and handblown glasses are made from the finest borosilicate glass. These glasses are thick and durable, which makes them perfect for daily use or just for special occasions (like a successful day on the course). They will most definitely be the talk of any get-together where drinks are served.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Glass Set

5. Golfers Bar Tray

You’ll be considered an expert gift giver and “on par” with the best of the best with this Golfer’s Bar Tray. This tray is engraved with your choice of four different golf terms “par, eagle, birdie, and bogie” engraved onto a beautiful acacia wood tray equipped with handles for easy usage and featuring a smooth and natural finish. These trays are perfect for the man who loves to host parties, especially parties after golf events.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golfer Bar Tray

6. Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

The golf fanatic man in your life can keep score in style with our number 6 pick. The Personalized Leather Golf Score Card Holder is designed to fit a 5.5" x 7 " golf scorecard. This holder is made with stunning black leather and its sleek design stands out with its gold foil sheen. The back of this scorecard holder is sturdy and comes with a loop for a pencil or pen. It truly is both stylish and ergonomic.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Personalize Leather Golf Scorecard

7. Golfer Bar Sign – Rectangle

Christen his man cave with our Golfer Bar Sign. This handcrafted, wooden sign is fully customizable. Add his name and the date the man gave was officially established for a personalized feel. He will love the deep brown color and stunning and distinctive natural grain markings of the acacia wood used to make the sign. Every sign is made in the USA by the master craftsman. They are made in small batches, so they will always arrive at your door in pristine condition.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golfer Bar Sign

8. Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves golf, but is simultaneously hard to buy for, look no further than our number 8 pick. Our Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter Set is an awesome set that will last for years to come. The decanter comes with an airtight seal to prevent his favorite alcohol from evaporating and to ensure it stays at top-notch quality for as long as possible.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golfers Emblem Crest Decanter Set

9. Golfers Serving Tray

Simple is vastly underrated. Surprise the man in your life with a simple, yet sophisticated, gift to assist him in his bar organization. Our Golfers Serving Tray is a great favor for any party or get-together. The bar tray is 16" x 12" and comes equipped with a handle built into the lovely acacia wood. The tray is engraved with a simple golf design, so it is perfect for a guy looking for something a bit less flashy.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golfers Serving Tray

10. Golf Ball Decanter

Our number 10 pick is sure to “score” big time with your husband, father, brother, or any man in your life who is obsessed with golf. Our Golf Ball Decanter Is truly a gift that will have his guests asking “where did you get that”? This super unique decanter is classically designed so that, despite its shape, it is easy to pour. The seal is air-tight to preserve their favorite spirits.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Ball Decanter

11. Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

Is your husband, dad, or brother on the up and up with all of the golf terms? Does he and his buddies all seem to speak a different language at a time? Show them you can speak their language with our Golf Terms Square Decanter Set. This creative and unique decanter set comes bundled with two-shot glasses also etched with the golf terms design. They will love the great quality and style that they experience with every sip from this set.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

12. Golf Ball Coaster Set

Creative coasters are truly a novelty item. And this Golf Ball Coaster Set does not disappoint when it comes to protecting its furniture in style. Get the special man in your life this coaster set that he will actually use. The deep brown color and the natural acacia wood accentuate the simple, but awesome golf design on each one of the four coasters. You’ll never have to remind them to use a coaster again!

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Tee Coasters

13. Men’s Socks, Golf Crew

Sometimes a cozy gift is the best kind of gift. The golf-loving man in your life will love these crew socks from Hot Sox. These socks fit men’s sizes 6-12 and come in either navy or green to go with any outfit. They’ll love the soft cotton and polyester blend that allows them to be snug but still breathable and comfortable. Plus, the cute golf pattern definitely adds a personal flair to even the most basic outfits.

Best Golf Gifts for Men Hot Sox Men’s Socks Golf Crew

14. Golf Ball Bar Sign – Rectangle

Every golfer’s bar needs its own sign. Make his tailored exactly to him. Our Golf Ball Bar Sign is fully customizable. Add his name to the sign so that everyone knows exactly whose bar they’re in! He will love that the sign is sustainably sourced and made from fast growing acacia wood. Prestige Haus is adamant that all of their products are made using renewable forestry or that they give back to the earth by planting even more trees for every product sold!

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Ball Bar Sign

15. Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses

Our Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses is the ultimate gift for any golf-loving man in your life. The golf ball decanter is perfectly shaped and crafted with dimpled glass to resemble a golf ball. The set comes with four glasses etched with 4 golf scoring phrases. They will love the awesome presentation of this decanter set; the decanter is set perfectly on top of a tee and both the decanter and glasses are set on top of a faux grass tray.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Ball Decanter Set Engraved

16. Square Engraved Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set

Everyone is a fan of the 19th hole. Bring the excitement and comradery of the 19th hole home with our Square Engraved Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set. This decanter set is an absolute treasure and truly a work of art. The thick glass protects the spirits held inside and the air-tight ground glass stopper creates a seal that will literally last a lifetime. This decanter set also has the option of personalizing 4 lines of text, so you can truly get creative with your gift-giving.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Personalize Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set

17. Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug (Set of 2)

This is the perfect gift for your dad or any man in your life who loves golf. Our Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug Set is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys a frosty beer after a day out in the hot sun on the golf course. These mugs are made from lead-free borosilicate glass, which always ensures that these mugs are made from the thickest glass, perfect to keep their beer cold and ready to enjoy!

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug

18. Home Bar Golf Decor - Bar Tray

The golf-loving guy in your life can’t pass up the opportunity to host a great party. Assist them in their post-golf party planning by gifting them our Home Bar Gold Décor Bar Tray. This beautiful bar tray will compliment any home décor with its stunning natural markings and simplistic golf-themed design. The handles built into this tray makes it the perfect accessory for hosting the perfect get-together.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Home Decor Bar Tray

19. Golf Club Father's Day Whiskey Glass (Set of 2)

Don’t worry, this gift isn’t only for dads. Our Golf Club Father’s Day Whiskey Glasses make the perfect gift for any golf aficionado in your life. These perfectly sized glasses are meticulously handcrafted with thick glass to ensure a top-notch experience with every sip. We love the golf club design on the glasses, so they’re always reminded of one of their favorite places to be: the golf course.

Best Golf Gifts for Men - Golf Club Father’s Day Whiskey Glass

We know that this list will score you a hole-in-one with any man on your list who’s obsessed with golf. This list of 19 Golf Gifts for Men covers a bit of everything, so you’ll be sure to find something for the golf-loving man in your life. Which gift do you think will “score” with your friend or family member?