Unique Gift Ideas for Husband

Whether it’s his birthday, a holiday, or you just want to show you care, sometimes you need a little help with gift ideas for your husband. With so many options out there, we know it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re pleased to present our curated gift guide to help you find the exact right gift for him! 

Check out our 18 unique gift ideas for husbands. Surprise him with something he never even knew he wanted – and he soon won’t be able to live without! 

1. Atlas the World Bearer Decanter

If you and your husband are each other’s worlds, show it with this decanter depicting the god Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. Atlas himself is an intricately handcrafted bronze-colored base holding the handblown globe decanter aloft. The glass is etched with a globe design, and you can add on four or more matching glasses to make a complete set. The decanter can hold up to a full fifth of liquor and comes with our airtight glass stopper. 

 Gift Ideas for Husband - Atlas Bearer Spirits Decanter

2. Octopus Bar Tray

All of our distinct bar trays are handcrafted by master artisans of sustainable acacia wood, which looks great with engraved designs. In the case of this tray, it’s an intricately etched octopus design. Whether your husband enjoys a nautical theme or likes all things octopi, it’s a conversation piece that can be used as an organizer, displayed on a coffee table, or serve breakfast in bed.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Octopus Bar Tray

3. Constellation ‘1797’ Decanter

The USS Constellation was the first naval vessel put to sea by the United States, taking its maiden voyage in 1797. It’s a reminder of the journey you and your husband have shared and the adventures that still await you. Mounted on an American-made wooden base, the intricate handblown decanter’s inner ship is proudly displayed amongst the liquor of choice dispensed inside. Comes fitted with a leak-free spigot and can be adorned with a stainless steel plaque to engrave a customized message.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Constellation 1797 Decanter

4. Compact Bar Cart

This bar cart makes quite an impact despite its small size! Mounted on rollers for easy movement, it’s compact enough for any area but has enough space between the shelves to store multiple bottles, bar tools, decanters, and glassware. This cart is perfect for those with little space to spare and a burgeoning bar collection! Move it from room to room with ease depending on your needs, whether that’s a party or spring cleaning. 

Gift Ideas for Husband - Round Bar Cart

5. Diamond Wine Stopper

You two share everything: your lives, your dreams, and your bottles of wine. Some nights, the rest of the bottle needs to be saved for a later date. So why settle for a boring wine stopper when you can top your bottle with an eye-catching and unique stopper! This diamond-shaped glass wine stopper is a shimmering jewel, made to protect your vino and display your precious love. Handcrafted and packaged in a thoughtful gift box, it’s a present that will really show you care.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Diamond Wine Stopper
6. Customizable Whiskey Glasses

What says “I truly understand you” more than a customized gift? For the man that could use a stylish set of whiskey glasses, consider giving them a personal flair. Engrave whatever you’d like on these handblown whiskey glasses, like his nickname, a joke the two of you share, his company’s logo, or whatever else will set these glasses apart for him. Send your ideas over to us before you order; we’re happy to work with you on your bespoke design!

Gift Ideas for Husband - Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses

7. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

This is such a unique way for him to display his favorite bottle of wine and four glasses! Our handmade wine glass hanger is an authentic barrel stave reclaimed from ex-bourbon and -wine barrels. It’s a rustic, one-of-a-kind gift that your husband is sure to adore. To really knock it out of the ballpark with your husband, gift him that bottle of vino he’s had his eye on alongside this easy-to-use, unique hanger!

Gift Ideas for Husband - Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

8. What is Bourbon? Checklist Decanter

If your husband is a bourbon enthusiast, then this decanter is for him! Classically shaped and perfectly sized to hold a fifth of bourbon, our handmade decanters are durably made and capped with an airtight stopper to keep the spirits within fresh. This particular decanter is etched with everything that makes bourbon, bourbon! These requirements are engraved by our artisans in a fun and stylish font, making this a display-worthy gift.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Bourbon Decanter Checklist

9. Leather Can/Bottle Koozie

Keeping his beer cold has never looked so cool. This handcrafted leather koozie made of top-grade leather comes in a variety of designs or can be entirely customizable for the love of your life. Like all of our quality products, this koozie will last a lifetime. Keep it handy by slipping it into a golf bag, beach bag, purse, backpack, or glove compartment so he’s always ready to keep his beer cold and his hands dry.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Lady Justice Leather Can Koozie

10. Double-Walled Cocktail Shaker

Is your husband a home bartender, whipping up martinis left and right? Then he needs a beautiful and sleek cocktail shaker. Choose between a small shaker and a large one, both of which are made from polished stainless steel and feature an insulated design to keep condensation at bay. The silicone seal between the lid and shaker prevents leaks, and it’s equipped with a built-in strainer for ease of use.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Williams Sonome Encore Bar Double Wall Shaker

11. Charging Bull Decanter

Sometimes you want a decanter that doubles as a piece of art. Our charging bull decanter fits the bill! Mouthblown of both clear and colored glass and expertly formed into this feisty bull, the decanter is useful in addition to stunning. It’s able to hold a full fifth of his chosen libation, kept pure and free of contaminants with our airtight glass stopper. It’s sure to inspire conversations among any who see it!

 Gift Ideas for Husband - Charging Bull 1000ml Decanter

12. Kentucky Derby Coaster Set

For the man that wants to commemorate the 2021 Kentucky Derby in a stylish and functional way, gift him this set of four coasters. Made of sustainable and distinctive acacia wood, the coasters are cut, carved, and etched by our master artisans in Kentucky (it just so happens!), so you know this set is of the highest quality. Why use boring coasters to protect your furniture when you can have beautiful coasters that show off an aspect of your life? 

Gift Ideas for Husband - 2021 Kentucky Derby Coaster Set

13. Beautiful Zebra Wood Ashtray

If your husband likes to unwind with a cigar in the evenings, gift him this exotic zebrawood ashtray. A handmade centerpiece, the highly polished sheen of the wood is eye-catching. With four convenient grooves and a generously-sized bowl, it’s a useful present in addition to being beautiful. A beautiful cabochon stone sits in the center of the bowl for a jewel-like effect.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Zebrawood Ashtray

14. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

There’s nothing like a useful bar tool being exactly where you need it when you need it – and with this bottle opener, you’ll always know where to crack open a cold one! Made of fine Sapele wood by master craftsmen, the bottle opener has two keyhole hangers on the back for easy wall mounting. Easily install it where you most frequently enjoy a bottle of soda or beer. Etched in-house by our master craftsmen, we can personalize this bottle opener to suit your husband!

Gift Ideas for Husband - USMC Bottle Opener

15. Pirate-Themed Decanter Set

Yo ho ho and a decanter of rum! Or whatever spirit tickles his fancy – this decanter won’t discriminate. Convenient in both size and shape, our pirate-themed decanter set can be engraved with up to four lines of custom text and sports a jolly skull and captain’s hat within a ship’s wheel. The matching glassware is as durable and masterfully made as the decanter. Protected by our airtight stopper, the spirit within is kept fresh and pure.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Buccaneer Decanter Set
16. Barrel Stave and Glencairn Holder

Perfect for the husband who loves to relax with a stogie and some scotch, this barrel stave two-in-one holder is efficient and attractive. Made of reclaimed bourbon and wine barrel staves, it’s a rustic, American-made gift accented with galvanized metal hoops from the barrels. Each holder is unique, but all are guaranteed to perfectly hold a Glencairn glass and a cigar in the groove. Charming and convenient, it’ll surprise and delight your husband! 

Gift Ideas for Husband - Barrel Cigar Holder

17. Ultimate Old Fashioned Box

This kit is perfect for Old Fashioned enthusiasts and whiskey novices alike, with its eight unique craft spirits hand-selected by professional mixologists, as well as eight servings of demerara syrup, bitters, and organic orange slices, and maraschino cherries. The top-shelf ingredients ensure excellent cocktails, every time. Explore new whiskies and new flavor combinations in the comfort of your own home with this kit. Don’t miss out – you won’t find these same ingredients in stores.

Gift Ideas for Husband - New Ultimate Old-Fashioned Box

18. Last Name Rocks Glasses (Set of 2)

We’re known for our high-quality, customizable glassware, and we’re pleased to offer this set of two rocks glasses that can be engraved with your husband’s first letter of his surname in oversized font, overlaid with his entire last name in a classic, smaller-sized font. It’s a distinguished gift designed for a special someone. Our glasses are 100% lead-free and crafted of durable borosilicate glass. These high standards translate into a present he’ll enjoy for years to come.

Gift Ideas for Husband - Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Last Name

Which of these caught your eye as the perfect gift for your husband? Let us know on social media!