Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man

Shopping for the man who has everything can be difficult – especially if it’s for an important celebration, like a fortieth birthday! At PrestigeHaus, we have so many expertly crafted, thoughtfully detailed, and customizable gifts that are perfect for a forty-year-old man. He’ll know you wanted him to have the highest quality present once he unwraps one of our products. From decanter sets to bar carts to personalized glassware, we’ve got it – and it’s the best in the industry.

Below are 18 of our favorite recommendations for gifts for a forty-year-old man. Happy shopping!

1. Golf Ball Decanter Set

The man that’s happiest when he’s swinging a club needs a decanter set like this one that’s sure to put a smile on his face. The tray is constructed like a fairway, with the dimpled handblown decanter sitting atop a carved wood tee. Capable of holding 1000ml of your chosen spirit, it’s the perfect size for his home office or bar cart. The spout is cleverly hidden on top to keep that distinctive golf ball shape. Paired with two matching glasses, you can opt to add on two or four more at checkout.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Golf Ball Decanter Set

2. Stemless Martini Glasses (Set of Two)

A forty-year-old man needs elegant, classic glassware. That’s where these martini glasses come in. Beautifully handcrafted, they’re perfect for martinis and feeling distinguished. The stemless design allows for greater stability and less chance of knocking over delicious gin or vodka and breaking the glass in the process! The bottom of the lead-free glass is thick and durable. Sold in a set of two so he never has to drink alone.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Stemless Martini Glasses

3. American Flag Leather Koozie

Keeps his hands dry? Check. Keeps his beer cold? Check. Shows off his patriotism and looks great doing it? Check and check. This American flag leather koozie is made of top-grain leather sourced and constructed in the USA to ensure the highest quality for our customers. The koozie is lined with neoprene for excellent insulation. The intricately tooled American flag design will have every patriot wishing they’d bought this koozie. Simply tuck this koozie into a bag or a back pocket and it’s ready any time you feel like cracking open a cold one.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man – American Flag Leather Can Bottle Koozie

4. Spirits Infuser

Why let the craft cocktail bars and fancy mixologists have all the fun? This compact spirits infuser is an easy and efficient way to impart new and exciting flavors into your favorite liquors. Simply place your chosen ingredient, whether that’s fruit, herbs, spices, or whatever else is calling you into the filter before pouring a spirit into the reservoir to marinate. You decide the intensity you’d like to achieve! Comes in silver or copper to fit any decor. 

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Silver Spirits Infuser

5. Baseball Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

Fans of America’s favorite pastime won’t be able to resist this set of two baseball-shaped whiskey glasses. Handblown lead-free glass is shaped and detailed by our master craftsmen to uncannily resemble a baseball, right down to the stitching! Made of thick, durable glass for daily use, enjoy some whiskey after playing a game of catch or simply reminisce about days spent out in the diamond til dusk.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Baseball Shaped Whiskey Glasses

6. Tomoka Gold Decanter

At one time or another, we’ve all fantasized about being an outlaw! That’s what our Tomoka Gold decanter illustrates – this occasional desire to be on the wrong side of the law. The Tomoka Gold was a rum-running ship during Prohibition, anchoring miles off the East coast to avoid the feds. Our decanter honors the enterprising Tomoka Gold with intricate mouthblown glasswork creating the ship inside the decanter. Comes outfitted with a leak-free spigot and an airtight stopper, and it’s mounted on a solid oak base for stability and grandeur.

 Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Tomoka Gold Decanter

7. Reclaimed Barrel Stave Flight Rack

Whether he likes to entertain or enjoys comparing his whiskey in side-by-side tastings, this rustic reclaimed barrel stave flight rack is the perfect 40th birthday gift for him! Crafted of ex-bourbon and -wine barrel staves and repurposed metal, the flight rack comes with three classically-shaped Glencairn glasses for optimal whiskey evaluation. Beautiful to display and convenient to use, no two flight racks are exactly alike.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Barrel Flight Rack

8. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

The worst thing about chilling whiskey with ice is that the final sips are so watered down it’s no longer an enjoyable experience. These whiskey stones provide the chilling effect without watering down or altering the taste of your whiskey, meaning every sip is as good as the last. The set comes with two rocks glasses to add to your collection, and the stones feature rounded edges to prevent scratches or damage to your glassware. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a couple of hours before use and then place a stone or two in your drink to cool it down.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Whiskey Stones Gift Set

9. Whiskey Making Kit

The do-it-yourself type of guy who also enjoys some good whiskey now and again will love this whiskey making kit. The kit includes three flavors of wood chips, various botanicals, two glass bottles with wooden stoppers and labels, and stainless steel whiskey cubes. Simply buy some all-grain whiskey, age with your choice of wood chips and botanicals, bottle, and enjoy! It only takes three to four weeks before you can try your own creation.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Whiskey Making Kit

10. Aficionado Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

This is another great gift for the man who loves whiskey. These aficionado whiskey glasses are the perfect shape for examining the nuances and complexities inherent in whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. Made of 100% lead-free glass and crafted by master artisans, these glasses are made to the highest standards in addition to being beautiful works of art. This unique gift will be treasured for years to come.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Aficionado Whiskey Glass

11. Barrel Stave Cigar Holder

Some evenings call for a stogie and some scotch. This unique and rustic barrel stave cigar holder is the perfect solution! Crafted of repurposed bourbon and wine barrel staves, the holder has an appropriately-sized groove cut into it to hold a cigar as well as another cut-out for a Glencairn glass. This is a little piece of sophistication and convenience that’s sure to delight him on his fortieth birthday. (Glencairn glass sold separately).

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Barrel Cigar Holder

12. Dog Breed Bar Tray

Man’s best friend deserves some recognition from time to time! Our customizable acacia wood bar trays are wonderful pieces of home decor that double as organizers, serving trays, or spots to hold decanters, glassware, and bar tools. Honor Rover by engraving his likeness into one of our sustainable, durable, American-made trays. Just let us know your dog’s breed and up to two lines of additional text, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Dog Breed Bar Tray

13. Personalized Last Name Whiskey Glasses

Sometimes the ‘man who has everything’ has overlooked the fact that he doesn’t have wholly personalized glassware. These expertly crafted and etched rocks glasses can display his last name tucked within a larger font of the first letter of his last name for a classy, entirely customized gift. He’ll love getting a present that is uniquely HIS! These handblown glasses come in a set of two with thick bottoms and rims for durability.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Last Name

14. Outdoor Wine Table

This clever collapsible table is designed to hold everything you need for a little alfresco drinking: two stemmed glasses, a wine bottle, and a plate full of your favorite snacks!  The Baltic birch plywood design conveniently folds flat, which makes it easy to keep in a car trunk or closet. Outfitted with a fiberglass spike for secure planting, the tip is strong enough to pierce grass or sand but not skin. Enjoy a day in the sun without spilling wine in the grass!

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Outdoor Wine Table

15. Zebrawood Ashtray

Could his desk or workbench use an ashtray that doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece? Look no further. Our handcrafted exotic zebrawood ashtray is beautifully made with four cigar grooves and a wide ash bowl. It’s been polished to a high sheen and has a cabochon stone set in the center, drawing attention and delighting anyone who sees it. Made in the USA, this ashtray knocks all others out of the park! Its size and shape are perfect for parties or solo smoking.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Zebrawood Ashtray

16. Deer Huntin’ Beer Mug (Set of Two)

After a long day of hunting, he probably wants to kick back with a beer. This set of two hefty beer mugs – similar in style to those used in German beer halls – is etched with a detailed stag and the phrase ‘gone huntin’. It’s a distinctive and fun set, made of handblown glass and etched by skilled artisans. He’ll enjoy any style of beer in this mug, and be able to keep the beer cold for longer by using the convenient handle.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Deer Huntin Father’s Day Beer Mug

17. Charging Bull Decanter

Grace, style, and determination wrapped up in one glass decanter. This charging bull decanter is mouthblown of 100% lead-free glass by master craftsmen, shaping and bringing to life the bull’s readily apparent intensity. Made of both clear and colored glass, the bull can hold a full fifth of your favorite spirit protected by an airtight stopper (his whipping tail). A one-of-a-kind centerpiece, this is a captivating gift whether it has liquor in it or not.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Charging Bull Decanter

18. Three-Tiered Bar Cart

Rather than storing bottles and glassware just any old place they’ll fit, dedicate a space just for your cocktail habit – a gorgeous three-tiered bar cart equipped with casters for easy mobility. Made of solid and water-resistant acacia wood, the three shelves can hold up to forty standard-sized bottles of liquor and can be used to hold decanters, glasses, and bar tools for easy use. With its shopping cart-style handle, you can easily move the bar cart from room to room, whether you’re hosting a party or need the extra floor space in one area.

Gifts for a 40 Year Old Man - Large Acacia Bar Cart

Which of these will the forty-year-old man in your life love the most? Let us know on social media!