17 Favorite Unique Corporate Gifts

They’ve done great work and nailed the quarterly projections. Your employees deserve more than a pizza party – they deserve their unique corporate gifts! We know it can be hard to shop for a whole team of employees sometimes. You want to give them something meaningful that’s also high quality; we get it! At PrestigeHaus, we’re thrilled to offer premium handmade future heirlooms to inspire and celebrate your team. From bar trays to decanters, our personalized gifts are perfect for saying “thanks for all you do”.

Check out our 17 favorite unique corporate gifts that perfectly reward your team’s efforts.

1. Personalized Tray

Whether it’s used to organize small daily items like pens, sunglasses, and keys, or it’s serving up happy hour cocktails, a personalized bar tray is a useful and unique corporate gift. When you buy one from PrestigeHaus, it’s guaranteed to be beautiful, too. Our acacia wood bar trays are handcrafted by artisans to bring out all the distinctive variations of the water-resistant wood. We do all engravings in-house, so your personalized gift will arrive exactly as you envision it.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Olive Branch Tray

2. Customizable Coasters

Here’s another opportunity to completely customize a corporate gift to your exact needs. Our customizable coasters are hand-cut, carved, and etched by our master craftsman of sustainable and water-resistant acacia wood. No more water damage to your employees’ furniture! Available in sets of four, these coasters can be personalized to your exact specifications. Reach out to our team today –they’re happy to work with you to bring your vision to life!

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Coaster Gift Set

3. The Constellation Decanter

Looking for a showstopping unique corporate gift? Our Constellation whiskey decanter fits the bill! Crafted in honor of the USS Constellation first put to the ocean by the Navy in 1797, the Constellation fought and captured the fastest ship in the French Navy, L'Insurgente. This made the Constellation the first US ship to defeat an enemy. Our expertly made decanter features a beautifully designed replica of the ship, with delicately swooping sails. With a leak-free spigot and an airtight stopper, up to 1150ml of your chosen liquor will remain fresh and pure within its mouthblown glass. Sturdily mounted on an oak base, it’s a piece they’ll cherish forever.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Constellation1797

4. Compact Bar Cart

Some offices have all the fun! Whether you’re looking for a gift that can stay in-house or will go home with the recipient, this compact bar cart is a can’t-lose consideration. Made of solid acacia wood with welded steel, the rolling cart is sturdy enough for multiple bottles, glassware, and bar tools on its double-shelved frame. It’s small enough to tuck into a corner or move around the room, but with its small stature comes a ton of character! A classic, efficient piece of furniture.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Round Bar Cart

5. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Anyone that enjoys a cool drink will tell you that the watered-down last quarter of their beverage is a huge bummer. This whiskey stones gift set solves that problem with odorless, tasteless granite stones that work to chill a drink without diluting it. Simply place the stones with their wooden tray in the freezer for a few hours and use them in place of ice. The rounded edges prevent the stones from scratching up glassware. We’re so confident that they’re safe for glass, we threw in two of our handmade whiskey tumblers to round out this gift set!

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Whiskey Stones Gift Set

6. Golf Ball Decanter Set

They say most business gets done on the golf course. Our golf ball decanter set can help clinch the deal when you can’t head out to the greenway. With a faux grass tray and a carved wooden tee, the crown jewel of this set is the golf ball-shaped decanter, complete with realistic dimples and a brilliant shine! The decanter holds a generous 1000ml of your favorite liquor, which is protected from the air and debris by an airtight stopper. Two mouthblown golf ball-shaped glasses are included in the set – you can choose to add two or four more at checkout.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Golf Ball Decanter Set

7. Professional Bar Tool Set

There’s something so satisfying about using expertly-made bar tools to craft the perfect cocktail. This professional bar tool set is more than appropriate for the novice and expert alike. The stunning set comes with a stainless steel two-part shaker, a cocktail strainer, a bar spoon, a double-sided jigger, a bottle opener, a walnut wood muddler, and ice tongs. The set also comes with a stand to collect all of these tools in one convenient place. Adorned with copper accents, it’s a beautiful and memorable gift.

Unique Corporate Gifts Corporate – WS Bar Tool Set with Stand Cocktail Shaker

8. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

Whiskey and scotch enthusiasts often like to try flights of their favorite spirit to compare and contrast vintages, expressions, and regions. Our artisans have taken reclaimed bourbon and wine barrel staves and crafted them into an eye-catching flight rack. Accented with metal repurposed from barrel hoops, the flight rack doubles as a display piece as well as a useful addition to any bar set. Three Glencairn glasses sit atop the rack in style.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Barrel Flight Rack

9. Baseball Decanter Set

Honor America’s favorite pastime with this personalized baseball decanter set. We’ve taken our classic square decanter, made of mouthblown borosilicate glass, and paired it with two handmade baseball-shaped whiskey tumblers. Furthermore, our artisans have etched a baseball into the 900ml decanter and left room for up to four lines of personalized text. The glasses hold a generous ten-ounce pour! This is a great gift for the person that loves whiskey and baseball (what an American duo!).

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Baseball Decanter Set

10. Women in Science Pint Glass (Set of Two)

Raise a toast to inspire STEM women with these Women in Science pint glasses! Featuring game-changers like Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, and Florence Nightingale, these two-pint glasses are perfectly sized and shaped for any style of beer. They can also be used as desk organizers for pens and the like. The glasses are constructed of the finest materials by master craftsmen and have detailed graphics of each of these honorable women.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Women Science Pint Glass

11. Aficionado Whiskey Glass (Set of Two)

Like our flight rack above, whiskey enthusiasts get into the entire culture surrounding whiskey. That includes specially-made glasses that bring out the best in their libation. Enter our Aficionado whiskey glasses, perfectly crafted to enhance the subtle nuances and aromas of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and more. These glasses have been mouthblown of lead-free borosilicate glass, creating a durable and safe set that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Unique Corporate Gift - Corporate Aficionado Whiskey Glass

12. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

It feels like you can pick up an ashtray just about anywhere – but when you’re shopping for a unique corporate gift, you want one that screams luxury. Our Bubinga wood cigar ashtray is made of highly-polished exotic wood, carved with two grooves for cigars, and beset with an eye-catching cabochon stone in the center of the large bowel. This ashtray is a wonderful addition to any office or lounge, evoking sophistication and a time long past.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

13. Custom Engraved Pint Glass (Set of Two)

A custom engraved pint glass is a great gift to show appreciation for a job well done. Our pint glasses are made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, with thick rims and sturdy bottoms for less breakage. They can be etched with your company’s logo, your recipient’s name, a special message…you name it! Our artisans are happy to work with you to make this set of two-pint glasses unique to your needs.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Custom Engraved Pint Glass

14. Weekly Action Planner

Give your employees the gift of organization with this weekly action planner, a smart and attractive tool to keep your team on the same page. With a page for every week of the year, the planner helps maximize output, meet deadlines, and invigorate action plans. It’s a one-page success story of efficiency, productivity, and synergy. Made with fountain pen-friendly ivory acid-free paper.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Weekly Action Planner

15. Scales of Justice Bar Sign

Let’s not leave lawyers off the list! We have beautifully handmade acacia wood bar signs of every kind, including this bespoke Scales of Justice sign that’ll make any lawyer, judge, paralegal, or law clerk happy to hang on their wall. Engraved in-house by our craftsmen, the sign can include two lines of custom text (up to 25 characters per line) for that special touch. The sign hangs easily with a built-in keyhole, so no fumbling with faulty hanging mechanisms!

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Lawyer Scales Round Bar Sign

16. Compass Decanter Set

Set your employees on the right course with our classic square decanter set engraved with a compass design. The mouthblown set features our 900ml decanter (which can fit a full fifth of liquor!) and two matching whiskey tumblers. The decanter is outfitted with a ground-glass airtight stopper, ensuring freshness and purity of the spirit within. The glasses have thick, less-fragile rims, and share the same compass design as the decanter. Add on two or four more matching glasses at checkout if desired.

Unique Corporate Gifts Corporate - Compass Design Square Decanter Set

17. Customizable Wooden Mug

Does your office keep the vibe a little more rustic than decanters and glassware? Our customizable wooden mugs are a perfect fit for that aesthetic! The mugs are made of premium materials with your design etched into the bottom. It could be your company’s logo, your employee’s name, or an inside joke – our artisans are prepared for just about anything! These mugs are great for toasting to the weekend. They can also be used as flower vases or pen organizers.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Custom Wooden Mug

Which of these unique corporate gifts will you hand out at bonus time?