Best Personalized Golf Gifts

Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine the feeling of the warm sun on your back, the smell of freshly mowed grass, and the warm summer air wafting gently through your nostrils. You’re at the first hole and you’re ready to tee off. The feeling of being out on the course is nothing like anything you’ve felt before.  Gift the exhilaration of a beautiful day of golf with our list of 17 Personalized Golf Gifts.

1. Golf Ball Bar Sign

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golf Bar Sign

This Golf Ball Bar Sign is the ultimate in personalized golf gifts. It is made from durable and scratch-resistant acacia wood that is sustainably sourced. The sign is totally customizable, and you can add your friend or family member’s name to the sign adorned by two classic style, engraved golf balls.  The sign also has an option to add an  “established”  date, so you can include the date their at-home bar was officially open for entertaining.

2. Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter Set

Personalized Golf Gifts - Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter Set

If you’re looking for a gift for the person who enjoys the finer things in life (which we know they do if they enjoy the luxurious sport of golf), then this Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter is the perfect present for them! This set comes with a stunning glass decanter that is completely customizable, offering 4 lines of text to write whatever suits the recipient best. The set is made from strong and durable glass and also includes 2 whiskey glasses with the personalized emblem.

3. Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses

Personalized Golf-themed Gifts - Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses


Give the gift of enjoying the golf course at home with this unique Golf Decanter Set with 4 Engraved Glasses. This set features a large, dimpled, golf-shaped glass decanter. The decanter itself holds 1000ml of your loved ones' favorite liquor or wine. The decanter is perched on top of a tee and the tee is set upon a faux turf tray. This decanter comes with 4 customizable, golf-themed whiskey glasses featuring the golf terms “bogey”, “eagle”, “birdie”, and “par”.

4. Golfer Bar Sign

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golfer Bar sign

Every bar needs its own bar sign. With our Golfer Bar Sign, they will also let everyone know walking in that the hot topic of conversation will predominately be golf-related. This made in the USA sign is crafted using renewable forestry. Acacia wood is a sustainable source, so it is truly a gift that you can feel about purchasing. Your golf-loving friend or family member will love the customizable design and rustic feel.

5. Square Engraved Golf Lovers Decanter Set

Personalized Golf Gifts - 2.	 Square Engraved Golfers Emblem/Crest Decanter Set

Golf doesn’t discriminate based on gender, and neither does this customizable Square Engraved Golf Lovers Decanter Set.  This 900ml glass decanter can be personalized with engraved male or female golfer. The decanter itself also has room for 4 lines of your choice of text, making each decanter completely one of a kind. The thick glass of the decanter and the set of two glasses ensure that your liquor of choice is always safe and sound.

6. Titleist White Pro V1 Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Gifts - Titleist White Pro V1 Golf Balls

If your loved one is looking to up their game, start with their ball. The Titleist White Pro V1 Golf Balls are designed to deliver longer distance, even more, greenside spin and control, and a softer feel. These golf balls are also fully customizable. Add your personalized message or your gift recipient's name to this high-quality, yet affordable golf ball for a boost of confidence when they hit the turf.

7. Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, Par Golf Coasters

Personalized Golf Gifts - Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, Par Golf Coasters

Looking to “score” the hearts of your golf fanatic friends? Then we highly recommend this awesome and unique Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, Par Golf Coasters. This set of four, high-quality, wooden coasters pay homage to the traditional scoring terms in golf. They are made with highly durable and water-resistant wood. These coasters are more than furniture savers, they are a conversation starter and a piece of personalized décor that the golf fan in your life will be sure to love.

8. Personalized Wooden Hole in One Ball Display Plaque with Crossed Clubs

Golf gifts - Wooden Hole in One Ball Display Plaque with Crossed Clubs

Celebrate their “hole in one” with this Personalized Wooden Hole in One Ball Display Plaque with Crossed Clubs. This stunning white birch with a walnut-stained alder wood frame holds the plaque to display the prize ball that scored your friend or family member their “hole in one”. Add their name and the date of this momentous occasion so that they will have a tangible way to always remember their special game.

9. 19th Hole Golf Bar Tray

Personalized Golf Gifts - 19th Hold Golf Bar Tray

The 19th hole is a favorite insider term for the beloved watering hole nearby the course or the golf clubhouse itself. Your golf obsessed loved one will appreciate the “secret” message of the 19th hole that is proudly and classically displayed on this 19th Hole Golf Bar Tray.  This wooden tray is made using renewable forestry and durable acacia wood. Each tray is made in the USA and carefully crafted for the utmost in quality.

10. Golf Glasses

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golf Glass

The whiskey aficionado on your list will definitely appreciate these cleverly designed Golf Glasses. This set of two golf ball-shaped glasses perfectly emulates the texture and shape of the classic golf ball. These glasses are an ergonomic dream and fit perfectly in your hands, making for an enjoyable drinking experience. These meticulously hand-crafted and durably made glasses are the perfect design for a golf fan who is looking to add some pizazz to their whiskey glass collection.

11. Golf Wine Charms

Personalized Golf Gifts - Wine Charms

Golf is a sport of the elite, of those who enjoy the finer aspects of life. There is nothing that those who enjoy a leisurely game of golf enjoy more than a glass of their favorite wine after a long day on the turf. Personalize their at-home wine glass collection with these adorable Golf Wine Charms. This set of 8 natural cork wine charms features different golf-themed pictures that will add personality and charm to any party or get-together.

12. Golf Ball Decanter

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golf ball Decanter

Our number 12 gift on this list is sure to be a show stopper. Surprise your family member or friend with a gift they will definitely never have received before. Our Golf Ball Decanter will definitely exceed their expectations of what a decanter should and could look like. This hand-blown borosilicate glass is shaped and dimpled to resemble a golf ball almost exactly. The air-tight, ground glass stopper is blended in with the decanter as to not ruin the integrity of the design and the tight seal will keep your liquor of choice completely safe.

13. Golf Lovers Coaster Set

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golf Lovers Coaster Set

Keep it simple with our Golf Lovers Coaster Set. These classic, deep brown, acacia wood coasters are a great addition to any home décor. These coasters feature golf clubs, a flag, a hole, and a ball, and really, when it comes down to it, that is all you need. This gift is not only budget-friendly, but good for the environment as well. Prestige Haus takes advantage of renewable forestry when creating these awesome coasters from renewable resources.  Your friends will definitely appreciate this practical, yet still a personal gift.1

14. Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golf Terms Square Decanter Set

This Golf Terms Square Decanter Set may just be the perfect gift for the man or woman in your life who is serious about golf. The decanter holds 900ml of your favorite liquor, spirit, or wine. The golf terms are etched on, and not painted, to ensure that this decanter and the two accompanying glasses, stay looking just like new. You’ll feel a sense of history and quality in every sip you take using this decanter set.

15. Home Bar Golf Decor - Bar Tray

Personalized Golf Gifts - Home Bar Golf Decor Tray

Sometimes the perfect gift is one that will be an everyday staple in the gift recipient’s life. This 16" x 12" bar tray is made with acacia wood and engraved with a sleek and simplistic golf design that they will definitely love. Each tray comes with handles and is water and scratch-resistant, which is perfect for serving up some ice-cold glasses of lemonade after a day of golf.

16. Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug (Set of 2)

Unique Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug

Don’t let the name of this mug fool you into thinking this item is not the gift you are looking for. Whether this is for your father or not, the Golf Club Father’s Day Beer Mug (Set of 2) will be sure to put a smile on the face of whoever is receiving it. Made with thick and durable glass, this mug will be sure to keep their beer frosty and satisfying. They will definitely appreciate the simplistic, etched golf design on the mug, which makes it stand out from all of their other beer glasses.

17. Golf Ball Decanter Bundle

Personalized Golf Gifts - Golf Decanter Bundle

We wanted to finish this list off with a gift that will “wow” whoever is receiving it. Our Golf Ball Decanter Bundle is truly more than a set to adorn your home bar or dining room table, it is a piece of usable art. The decanter and four glasses are all shaped like golf balls, while still being comfortable to use and pour. The decanter itself holds more than a fifth of their favorite whiskey, bourbon, wine, or whatever their drink of choice may be. The air-tight seal of the decanter ensures that each sip of their drink will be nothing less than perfection.

Whether you are an avid fan of golf, or you just love someone who is, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift that is something they haven’t received before. Consider this list of 17 Personalized Golf Gifts your personal shopper. We know you’ll find something perfect for your golf-crazy loved ones, and they will truly appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into finding them something as unique and fun as they are.